4 Major Reasons Why You Should Hire An Audio Video Service Provider!!

Most conferences and events consist of entertainment, presentations and slide shows accompanied by the speech. All these aspects of an event require easy to use and top quality audio video solutions that will offer a reliable and smooth experience throughout the event. While most of the conference and event venues offer their in-house audio and video arrangements, it’s a better idea to hire an external Audio Video Solutions provider to handle all the related tasks.

That being said, audio and video arrangements are one area in which a qualified Audio Video Solutions in Dubai is always preferable: there are various more reasons you should hire an experienced and professional company to assist you in your next event.

Here are some of the major reasons why you should leverage an external Audio Video company for your upcoming event or conference.

1.    Professional audio video company has all the latest technology and equipment:

Reputed and experienced audio video solution providers constantly buy new and advanced equipment for processing their work, and with this, you’re more likely to get advanced equipment and technology when you partner with them. Even if you don’t require the latest laptops or projectors for your event, a third party AV Company will have a number of different options so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

2.    They will offer last-minute services:

Regardless of how much you prepare and arrange everything for your event, last minute issues and changes can certainly happen. You might require additional tools, technicians, more projectors, etc. While your in-house AV provider will be able to handle some of these issues, a reputed and professional audiovisual company is far more productive. An external company can quickly arrange for all the additional facilities so you don’t need to stress at the last minute to make further arrangements. This definitely isn’t possible with an in-house service provider.

3.    Professionals have good experience in coordinating and arranging multiple events:

Though the in-house audio and video providers sometimes offer the best support and assistance for different events, yet the best way to ensure you are attaining consistent and efficient services is to hire a third party AV company that specializes in multiple event coordination and arrangements.

4.    They don’t have any hidden cost or additional fees for their services and facilities:

One of the most troublesome aspects of working with an in-house AV provider is the hidden costs and additional fees included at the end of the event, which can throw your total budget off track and also cause a lot more trouble. A professional audio video service provider in Dubai, on the other hand, will disclose all the related costs in the starting itself so you don’t have to deal with any unexpected hidden costs and other charges at the end. The pricing of these companies is also consistent so there is absolutely no concern for hidden costs and additional fees on the score as well.

As you can see there are several reasons why you should consider opting for a third party audio video solution provider in Dubai instead of picking the in-house one. However, just remember to research well and make sure you hire the one that is worth.

Choosing The Best Audio Video Solution Provider In Dubai: Important Factors To Consider!!

The demand for Audio Video Solutions has been rapidly growing day by day and especially in the educational, commercial and healthcare industries. But the question here is, why the demand is growing and what is the importance of Audio Video Solutions to your specific industry?

The answer to these questions is very simple. Audio Video Solutions make things easier and more convenient. In the previous times, you might have faced issues like PPT not displaying correctly on the screen or the voice of your client was not audible. So, for such issues, Audio Video Solutions played an important role and tackled all these problems.

How to choose the right Audio Video Solutions provider in Dubai?

When it comes to choosing the right Audio Video Solutions in Dubai, you must remember that not all AV companies are made equal, and their technology, services as well as working capabilities are all different. So, due to this, selecting the most suitable Audio Video Solutions provider in Dubai will be one of the most crucial and challenging decisions you’ll need to take. But there are certain considerations with the help of which you’ll be able to choose the right company.

Mentioned below are a few factors that you must look for when making your final decision on choosing the best Audio Video Company.

The reputation of the company

The reputation of the audio video company itself is a mark of trust and is one of the right ways to know about the company’s approach, ethics, and working style. Based on the reputation of the company, you can easily decide whether you ought to hire them or not.

How can you check the company’s reputation? You can do this by:

–    Reading their online reviews and feedback

–    Visit their website and go through their portfolios

–    Try and talk to their previous clients and ask whether they were fully satisfied and happy with their services.

If it’s a well established and reputed solutions provider in Dubai, they’ll proudly show off their portfolio and also provide you with a list of good references. All in all, this will give you the confidence to take a firm decision.

Expertise and knowledge of the team

When finding the best audio video solution company, you should go for the one which has a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts. This is because a team with the right expertise as well as technical knowledge can provide you with innovative solutions that’ll prove to be good for your overall business.

Technical certification of the company

Needless to say, technical certifications are very important for any organization whether it’s an audio video solution provider company or any other business. Having all the required certifications mean a company offers on-time delivery, long term, and reliable quality services, and also uses standard and suitable equipment for accessing their work.

So, if an audio video company has all the above-mentioned qualities then you can definitely put trust in it and hire them for your business.

FortiGATE Firewall Solution: It’s Amazing Features And Effective Advantages!!

If you want to safeguard your business’s local network then FortiGate firewall solution is one of the topmost solutions to opt for. FortiGATE has a firewall comprising of a nice web management interface that’ll protect each and every aspect of your businesses’ local network. It has a UTM (unified threat management) feature that makes its hardware devices extremely strong and powerful.

Characteristics and features of FortiGATE firewall solution

There are a good number of features that a FortiGATE firewall solution has. Mentioned below is a list of all those features that come along with this firewall solution.

–    It has WAN optimization and VoIP security features

–    Virtual private networking (VPN), Intrusion Prevention, and web filtering

–    Email filtering that also includes protection against gray ware and spam

–    Application control features

–    Data leak prevention

–    ICAP

All these above-mentioned features of FortiGATE firewall solution give the users the ability to view the applications that are acting as a threat and are crossing the network. These features enable the administrator to make decisions whether or not to allow or deny the traffic solely based on this information. On the other hand, one of the important things that many simplest and common firewall, as well as router-based hardware, misses is the ability to see those applications that are crossing the threat networking and making the right decisions based on these details. Most of the common firewalls are the destination, port-based and simple source firewalls that lack all the features that a FortiGATE firewall solution comprise of.

 Apart from these features, there are also many benefits that a FortiGATE firewall solution offers to its users. Below we’ve listed down a few of those major benefits that you should be aware of.

–    FortiGATE firewall solution has multiple layers of security that make it the most preferred firewall solution.

–    The combination of traffic optimization, VPN technologies, and multi-threat security offers an accelerated, clean as well as secured communications between the networks.

–    This firewall offers you the ability to incorporate VoIP security on your network.

–    It provides you with acceptable and optimized use policies so that you can easily limit your browsing needs to certain sites if required.

–    This firewall solution also provides you with comprehensive protection combined with different and useful business policies.

–    The choice of the right anti-virus in this firewall balances the performance and further offers security options for your required environment.

A few technical benefits of FortiGATE firewall solution

Other than these benefits, there are many technical advantages of FortiGATE firewall solution as well. Some of the benefits are as followed:

–    FortiGATE firewall solution has a leading unified threat management solution that is not common in other protection firewalls.

–    It has a silicon-based ASIC CPU that process firewall transactions faster than its counterparts.

–    It has end to end security solutions that assist in the compliance of PCI-DSS regulations.

All You Need To Know About Fortigate Firewall Solutions!!

If you want to ensure complete protection and safety that detects all the hidden threats, you should surely select a firewall very carefully. As one of the key components of your company’s IT security, a firewall acts as a guard against traffic, safeguarding your data as well as preventing any unauthorized access.

FortiGate firewall solution is particularly a very good option for IT and other businesses that are coming to a conclusion that enterprise level, intrusion detection systems, as well as anti-virus solutions, are not that appropriate and suitable for today’s high-level network security attacks.

But what exactly is a FortiGate firewall solution?

A next-generation firewall, FortiGate provides super threat protection for businesses of all types and sizes. Using the purpose-built security threat intelligence from FortiGuard, the FortiGate firewall provides unmatched protection and performance while simplifying your IT network. It offers different models to satisfy any requirement from the entry level FortiGate 20 series for small offices and business to FortiGate 1500 series for large industries.

Some important features of FortiGate firewall solutions

There are plenty of features that come with FortiGate firewall solutions. Mentioned below are a few of them.

–    Web filtering

–    Data leak prevention

–    Intrusion prevention system

–    Email filtering

–    ICAP

–    Application control and so on.

What does this firewall solution protect against?

The FortiGate firewall solution can eventually protect against plenty of security threats such as:

–    Spyware

–    Malware

–    Email and intrusions

–    Instant messaging threats and viruses

–    Pharming attacks

–    Peer to peer network threats

–    Phishing

–    Blended network attacks and so on.

Working of FortiGate firewall solution

A FortiGate firewall solution mainly works by determining the data that flows into your network and further verifying if the data is safe to pass through your business workings. The lower specification firewall solutions typically figure out this data by different information such as its source and location. The information received then is evaluated against a set of permissions in order to assess whether or not it can be allowed through.

A firewall offers a front line defense against different cybersecurity threats, however, as cyber crimes become more sophisticated and challenging, it becomes equally more complicated for a firewall alone to provide protection against the myriad of cybersecurity issues.

Why choose FortiGate firewall solutions?

IT security and network threats are rapidly evolving, and your business needs to grow with them too. As we go deep in any business environment that is more sophisticated and connected as compared to before, one threat could be enough to create serious consequences and issues for your entire organization. So, in order to avoid these situations in the workplace, there is an absolute need for a firewall solution.

A FortiGate firewall solution thus can offer you and your business the peace of mind and satisfaction that your entire business is safeguarded and protected from the latest harmful threats and cyber attacks. 

Benefits Of Installing Structured Cabling System In The Organization

When you visit any modern facility these days- be it a school, residence, office complex, data center, or a multistorey building- there are 100s of network cables intact in place there to keep the communications running smoothly.

The structured cabling system is just what is needed for supporting phone lines, telecommunications, and other network systems. They are responsible for transferring data across different devices and they also connect different rooms or offices to fiber optic networks. Structured cabling is what enables audiovisual communication and the best part is that they do all this with minimal or nil interruptions. This is why structured cabling is highly crucial for seamless networking and communication. Read on to know the benefits of structured cabling for your organization.

Easy manageability- By hiring a structured cabling supplier you can ensure that any changes that are required to be made in the network architecture can be inculcated easily and quickly. An easy to manage structured cabling system is a one-time investment that yields numerous benefits for a very long time. A modern structured cabling system is equipped to support numerous hardware types and applications from many vendors all at once. Furthermore, it will require minimal maintenance efforts from the staff to manage it.

Flexible solution- A properly installed structured cabling system offers much higher flexibility than its predecessors. Modern cabling solutions often come with specialized patch cords which have LED ends for the purpose of tracing connections to devices such as fax machines, PCs, and more. With the availability of patch cords, troubleshooting issues in the cabling network become efficient and easy. For data center environments, you can find specialized and lockable power cables. All in all, this is a future proof investment for your business.

Less risk of downtime- Modern structured cabling systems have made it easy to determine and isolate network issues and also to solve them. Since the entire system is divided into easily manageable blocks, it becomes easier to detect faults without causing interruptions to other devices. A responsible structured cabling supplier will ensure that they provide you the latest technology of the cabling system.

Cost-effective solution- A well engineered and properly installed is one of the most cost-effective decisions that a company can make. This has many tangible and intangible benefits of making daily moves and changes more rapidly. The enhanced productivity, the quick rollout of strategic business applications, and efficient troubleshooting capabilities are truly what is required for an organization to become more successful. Furthermore, with a decline in maintenance charges, productivity enhances considerably.     

These are a few noteworthy benefits of structured cabling system for your organization. Modern structured cabling systems enable to end confusions which were apparently present in earlier network and cabling systems. Hire a reliable and reputed structured cabling supplier so that you can put an end to all your worries in this regard.   

Mobile Device Management: Need and Features to Look For

Mobile Device Management (MDM) term is used in the corporate world for administration of mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. The field of MDM is continuously evolving as more and more professionals are working on their mobile devices and bringing them to their workplaces and interacting to secure corporate networks. There comes the need for solutions that allow employees of a company to access information at any time regardless of the location.

What is the need for Mobile Device Management Solutions?

Especially, if you are a small to medium sized company, it is important for you to understand the importance of using mobile device management solutions so that you can focus on expanding and growing your business rather than worrying about managing mobile devices.

The trend of using mobile devices at work is resulting in the need for new considerations for security, connectivity, privacy and management. Given the consistent advancement in technology and increasing need for mobility, today’s companies also need to operate efficiently outside the four walls of their premises. In addition, they also need to directly interact with customers and employees whenever and wherever they are.

All such issues can be easily resolved through MDM solution which is specially developed for monitoring, managing and securing employees’ mobile devices which are making way into your company.

The best thing about mobility in business is that it increases efficiency as well as productivity of employees. Your business enjoys a competitive advantage by having all time access to information and applications which are necessary to act quickly. Furthermore, managing mobile devices also assists in protecting and optimizing business operations.

When you incorporate mobile device management solution into your business, it will provide you some or all of the following capabilities such as:

  • Even distribution of software updates and necessary patches
  • Easy tracking of software and hardware devices
  • Proper distribution of data and information
  • Tracking software to remain in license compliance
  • Support and control devices for dealing with troubleshoot issues
  • Taking backup and restore critical data
  • Securing wireless communications by encryption
  • Disabling devices which are not in current use, lost or stolen
  • Management of passwords and access security

What to look for in an MDM software?

Since MDM is a type of security software used by the IT department, business owners buy it and implement its usage. Here are a few features with which an MDM software solution should be equipped.

  • Cloud-based so that updates are automatic and hassle-free
  • Should be fully managed and capable of 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote configuration as well as monitoring
  • Enforcement of passwords, blacklists and other security policies
  • To block unauthorized access, passcode enforcement or remote data wiping
  • Geofencing in order to restrict access to specific data applications based on the location
  • Backup and restore capability for corporate data
  • Logging and reporting for compliance
  • Rooting and jailbreaking alerts for users who attempt to bypass restrictions
  • Disconnection of unauthorized devices and applications remotely
  • Scalable to accommodate new users and sophisticated devices

So if you want to take full advantage of the trend of mobile devices and don’t want to diverge your attention from core business operations and planning on how to move the business forward, obtaining mobile device management solutions from a reputed company is the only best way.

Multiple Uses of CCTV Cameras In Today’s Society!

Ever wondered what your children are doing at home in your absence or how your employees are spending their break times? Are your children involved in any wrong doing? Are your employees chatting, relieving stress, taking refreshments or making out with their colleagues in a dark corner? Well, the only surefire way to find out the truth and stay confident about their doing is to install CCTV Cameras for Home and office. By just taking this small step, you can catch them red-handed in their indulgence and check your kids from going astray.

What Are The Places Where The Use Of CCTV Cameras Can Be Proven Useful?

  • CCTV cameras are ideal for surveillance at home and in office spaces to keep tabs on every activity going in and around behind you.
  • Homeowners can use them for spying on their philandering spouses or cheating partners.
  • Also, they can be used at departmental stores to keep an eye on the activities of staff and customers. It will help you to see if any customer gets an itchy palm and stuffs their pockets with goodies, hoping not to pay for them.
  • They can also be installed at clubs and casinos to monitor every nook and cranny to find out feasible fraudsters or any under the table dealings that might be going on.
  • For various security reasons, military also uses CCTV cameras.
  • The use of CCTV cameras at dark streets, crossroads, parks and other public areas can be of great help to prevent crime occurrence. Many developed countries already use CCTV cameras to monitor the public in order to decrease incidence of traffic violations and put a stop to crime.
  • Other places where the use of close circuit television can be of great help are at banks, railway stations and airports where security is a major concern.

Ill witted people are often caught on camera executing their evil activities. Their villainous act is recorded that can be later used as evidence to show in the court. The recorded video can be very helpful to send the culprit behind the bars and bring the victim to justice.

Conclusion –

 So, if you are really serious about the security of you, your loved ones and your employees, you must consider getting CCTV cameras installed at your home, office space and other possible places. CCTV cameras are something we see everywhere we go and it is definitely for good reason.

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