Mobile Device Management: Why it should be a top priority for modern businesses?

Next time you walk through a company, just stop for a while and take a note on how many mobile devices are being utilized. Nowadays, mobility is getting fused in the workspace with subtleness and technological advancements are fueling this trend to grow more and more. Consequently, mobile devices are rapidly sneaking into business environment. All of this is changing the way people are doing business, communicating with clients and accomplishing their tasks. 

Several studies have found that employees prefer to bring their own devices to work with subtleness use them for work and it also increases their productivity and efficiency. Nevertheless, the use of personal mobile devices at work and for work also brings concerns about security, integrity, and privacy for the IT department. That is where mobile device management solution emerges into the picture. 

But, why do businesses need mobile device management solution when there is an IT department to handle such problems? 

In the current era, IT professionals are already having their hands full with their entire day tasks such as maintaining a secure environment, ensuring internet connectivity and continuity, catering to help desk requests and resolving issues of data centers and maintaining them. Entry of mobile devices in the workspace is adding another layer of complexity into their already long list of responsibilities and leaving narrow scope for innovation, project planning and growth. 

In small business enterprises, IT staff resources are limited as their IT department usually consists of five to ten employees. So, handling mobile devices and ensuring their security can be quite difficult, even impractical for some SMBs. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by mobile device management solution. 

So, what exactly is this solution? What is mobile device management? 

Mobile device management solution allows IT department to streamline the management and use of mobile devices. It is devised for the administration of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers within an enterprise as well as outside, wherever its employees are scattered.

Are there benefits of using Mobile Device Management? How will my company benefit from this solution?

Benefits of Structured Cabling, And Finding a Cabling Supplier

The word networking or structured has become synonymous with PCs and Laptops. Computer has become an integral part of our life – be it professional or personal. Firms, where innumerable computers exist, need a good network cabling system to work flawlessly and improve productivity. Data cables used for networking are the only resources that allows for data sharing between numerous computers at a moment.

Nowadays, networking is hailed as the pillar of strength for any enterprise as it is the best way to communicate for all types of computers and phone infrastructures. It also supports in attracting possible customers and retaining precious existing clients. Setting up a good networking system is not easy. You will need many resources that are used for networking such as service cables, software, hardware components such as interface cards, switches, routers, bridges, etc. In addition, you will also need Ethernet network cables, optical fibers, wireless LAN, power communication etc.

Structured cabling is the essence of networking as it is the way network infrastructure is structured. This has many benefits: a well organized network system helps design, systematize, and keep up actions in a large organization. Also this is inexpensive, flexible and easy to remove without any hassle.  It can also be fiddled with in order to accommodate any changes needed in the infrastructure and all that without disturbing the exiting work flow.

A good quality network cabling significantly boosts data transfer rate, which leads to the decline in costs and time saving. But when you need to choose a structured cabling supplier, you should know the company properly and their services. Choosing the wrong cabling supplier may cost significantly in terms of productivity, and the likes.

Choose a cabling supplier who has long been catering to the needs of organizations and is capable of fulfill all sorts of communication requirements. It should deal in high quality of cabling components used for structuring network.

Setting up a structured cabling infrastructure is a good choice for large organizations. It has many a benefit for those firms –whether they are small or large, towering buildings, housing complexes or storehouses. Whatever your business do or how big it is, a well known trustworthy data cables company or structured cabling supplier like VAS Technologies can help you can set with that. It can provide you with several alternatives to select from, like services for data cabling, Barrie cabling, etc.

How Call Centers Are Important to Run a Smooth Business?

Do you want to increase brand awareness of your business? If yes, then you need call center services that can take care of your customers and also provide streamline services. The delivery of customer service plays an important role in the success and growth of any company. It is a wise decision to run a customer care department where people are responsible to listen to complaints and grievances of the customer.

Call centers are an important channel through which customers solve their problems related to the product and services of the company. After all, you might have heard people saying that this company’s call center is efficient in providing you the right details regarding a product which they do not know how to use. Nowadays, call centers services are not only limited to providing telephone services to customers, but you can also interact with them through chats, social media, and email. Small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit a lot by running call center services, this way they can figure out how it impacts their business and other factors that will make them different from the competitors. However, sometimes it is difficult to manage or establish a call center within the company.

Why You Should Outsource Call Center Services?

1.    If you want to cut down the prices by reducing labor costs, you will find a company that can provide the services at a better price. Though it is the most important factor, you also need to put emphasis on the quality of service.

2.    Some industries witness spike in call volumes in particular season and they need trained staff to manage that volume. If you operate a hotel business or deal in the traveling business, you must hire a dedicated Call Center Service Provider to handle large call volume in the holiday season. Your annual sales or profit depend largely on the way you have handled your customers where they enquired about your packages and deal offered by the company.

3.    Call center service providers are specialists and have enough staff to support your business. Years of experience of managers and industry knowledge can help managing clients whom an in house team cannot do sometimes due to limited skills and knowledge. They know how to retain customers and provide an effective solution for their problems.

4.    Call center service providers handle all customer calls professionally to maintain Outsourcing service level agreement (SLAs). They effectively monitor customer query resolution time handled by the agent to keep quality standards high. They have monitoring tools for performance assessment and plans to ensure SLAs are met for dedicated service to your business. On the other hand, in house call centers might not have effective quality monitoring techniques.

5.    Call center service providers offer 24/7 customer support which is sometimes difficult for businesses to have within their operation zone.

In the end, you should choose a reliable call center provider who can provide you all the services and round –the clock support in the most stress-free manner.

How to Choose Best Security Solutions for You

A few years ago, there were not many security solutions, and then there were not as many cases of crimes as today. Then our lifestyle was simple, but today’s lifestyle is more luxury and we want to live a opulence life, which means the involvement of several people and their roles in your life. Take for example housemaid, housekeeping men, repairer, and the likes. You will let different people in your life, and this is even for your benefit, you invite strangers who you cannot trust altogether. Be it personal or professional life, the role of security solutions like CCTV has significantly increased over time.

When it comes to security solutions, there are a number of things that you think of. But what is the most important and that everyplace from residential buildings, businesses to other public places must have is CCTV.  You cannot just record the activities around a place but also with the best CCTV solutions you can monitor workforce in real time. CCTV is not just a device to keep eyes on unwanted activities on a premise and that helps nab any bad doers. But it also acts as a powerful business tool that tremendously helps with the smooth operation of a business.

Over the years, security industry gone through significant changes, with the advent more effective technologies and devices that have made possible ensuring far better security at workplace and on a residential premise. Put simply, there are a wide range of security solutions. Be it CCTV cameras or other security equipment, you have today many options to choose from.

With so many options, it is easy to find a CCTV or any other security device at far competitive price. But at the same, this makes it a bit tricky to decide on the best CCTV solutions that meet your expectations and needs perfectly.

As to make sure you buy the best CCTV solutions in the UAE, you don’t need to be security expert. But you must do a few things such as:

  •  Get to know your needs. Keep in mind the place where you want to buy a CCTV for. It is good to study the place carefully and learn about any possible threats.
  •  Do market research. Once you know your needs and have a better idea of your place. It is time you did some market research. Look for all the options for the best CCTV solutions you can have. This should be a herculean task. Just search for the best CCTV solutions in UAE online, and you will have thongs of options in front of you.
  •  Go through the features and benefits.  If you have come out with a few options, now check for the features and benefits they offer you. Not forget to keep in mind the price. Choose the one that gives you most benefits and is most competitively priced.

Also, it is wise to learn about the post purchase support provided with the product you want to buy. This way, you do not have to worry if the product does not work properly and as per your need.

How to Choose Your Audio Video Solutions Provider

Audio visual solutions providers are trained expert in creating solutions according the requirements of their clients to help them deliver their message clearly. If you are looking for the one who you can rely on, you should be aware of some simple rules that will help you make a decision. Also, it is important to evaluate the team that will create your video solutions and ensure that they possess the right skills and sufficient experience.

Here in this blog you will learn everything you will require to make the right decision when it comes to choosing an audio video solutions provider.

Professional video and audio producers have the deep expertise and knowledge of the industry. They are aware of every nut and bolt need to make high quality video. They have hands-on the best of the methods and technologies vital to the success of doing video. Audio video is increasingly being used in the marketing today. Videos have high potential attract attention of customers and have a long lasting impact on the mind. High quality audio video solutions will help you create appealing video that best fits to your needs.

The following are some of tips for choosing a video solution provider, and the help you to make to it:

AV planning

 A good AV professional who you can rely should provide priceless support in terms of planning.  You will need to determine the technical support needed for the program. It can be a basic need or something more advanced such as a teleconferencing event or a concert. Note that there may arise some difficulties on the technical side despite you have planned well. So you should have a team of highly efficient audio video professionals during the planning stage and onstage.

Setup of event equipment

 Such professionals also give advice on venues suitable for your event. They should provide all the details of if a place is good for the equipment setup and if presentations will look good given the venue’s lighting. If they will suggest you if there is a need for setting up another lighting equipment to create a dramatic effect for the presentation. Hiring a good audio video solutions provider will help you focus more on your event.

Technical experience

This is a crucial consideration to make when it comes to hiring an audio video professional. Reliable professionals are not just well trained but also sufficient hands-on with audio visual equipment. When you need efficient operation of intermediate event technology equipment, hiring such professional means you have the right person to man equipment properly and attain seamless execution of the event. These specialists also provide proper guidance on the space requirements for the equipment setup.

Better value proposition

It is better to get all the audio visual solutions and events management from one source. Engaging many professionals for different work diverts your attention. And this distracts you from the focus on your event. Also, there is a problem with coordination, and takes to find and fix out if there occurs any problem during the event. So when you hire a audio video solution provider, make sure he is capable and experience of taking care of everything related to the production of video during the event.

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