Major Benefits of Acronis Backup Solution!!!

Acronis backup solution is a powerful and flexible system for recovery of data. It provides the much-needed assistance to corporations in restoring, retrieving, and backing up all types of data- be it separate files or images of all the drives. This backup solution also proves highly beneficial in performing differential, incremental, or complete backup of data to any required location. Needless to say, Acronis backup solution is a highly capable solution for data recovery and its competence in protecting and recovering data has been tested in various scenarios, such as virus attack, mechanical failure, corrupted drive, and breach of network security.

The biggest pillars of strength of Acronis backup solution are its exceptional recovery and backup tools, over the top backup capabilities, and simple data restoration. These benefits have been discussed below in detail.

Exceptional recovery and backup tools- Undoubtedly, the Acronis backup solution is the best choice as far as solutions for data backup and recovery are concerned. This is owing to its excellent backup capabilities and outstanding features which find their support in customer support executives who have immense knowledge and experience in this field. Not just this, Acronis backup solutions come with numerous advanced tools which can easily live up to the needs of an owner of a small business requiring data backup and recovery. 

Over the top backup capabilities- No other backup and recovery solutions offer capabilities such as file filtering, numerous levels of data compression, and ability to create a complete image backup of a system. When the tools of Acronis backup solution are utilized, complete data from all the network devices and also from the computer will be continually backed up on its own. What this means is that in situations of virus attack, power shortage, or other physical damage, the users can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the affected devices are all secured and properly stores. On payment of some additional fee, this backup and recovery solution can be integrated with the cloud server which proved highly beneficial for those users who wish to safeguard their data from and to an offsite platform.

Simple restoration and recovery of data- The users of Acronis backup solution report that it can recover and restore not just individual files, but also huge amounts of data. The best part is that the tool enables the users to restore data to various locations in case that do not wish to recover the data in just one system. The alternative to recover data to new hardware or location which has not been used in the past is also available.

These are some of the best benefits of Acronis backup solution. In this technology-driven world, securing data from losses is very important and so, Acronis backup solution is what you should opt for.  

How To Choose The Right IT Solutions Provider For Your Certain Business Needs?

With the uncontrolled growth of technology, the demand of businesses to keep on updating their tools has also increased tremendously. Why? In order to remain competitive and alive in today’s tech savvy scenario, businesses need to provide unmatchable service to their clients and customers so that they may not consider moving to their rivals and may maintain a longer bond with the same company. To provide unmatchable service at pleasing price and at the quickest time possible, businesses need to keep updated with their tools and technology.

A short delay in the service delivery may cause your customers to make business with your competitors. For instance, a delay in loading website may irritate the visitors and cause them to switch over your competitors’ websites. With that said, taking assistance of an IT Solutions provider emerges as the prime reasonability of the business owners these days.

However, hiring the services of an IT Solutions provider is not that much easy. Since the success of your business revolves around an IT Solutions provider, you need to be very attentive and picky while relying on one for your certain needs. It means you need to join hands with a professional one and make sure that the technology will meet your business requirements. In order to choose the right IT Solutions provider for your business needs, certain considerations must be taken into account.

  • Area of Functionality –

IT solutions providers have distinct strengths. Some excel at providing some different solutions while some are competent at some other fields.   Pretty obvious, not all IT Solutions providers can best fit to your certain needs. Therefore, it is advisable for you to list down what are your specific requirements from service provider. Your list may include capturing commercial data, improving your operational efficiency or even trading online. Once you define your needs clearly, you can be a in a position to choose a right partner for your business.

  • Business Profile –

The profile of the IT Solutions provider is the other significant aspect that you should never overlook when choosing the one for your business needs. Checking the profile means, being sure on the point since when they have in the business and what is their market position. Being sure on this point will give a clear picture of their competence and suitability, which will further help you determining your decision.

  • Data Recovery & Safety system –

Network bugs or system shutdown can be a huge loss for your business. It may cause severe damage on the information stored on your database. In order to stay safe from such threat, the services of an It solution provider can be a big help. So, make sure that the IT service provider you prefer to count on can implement disaster recovery system that can ensure that all your data is secure and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Choosing the right IT solution service provider will make sure that all business activities are stabilized and you can perform expectedly in the foreseeable future.

What Factors Define The Trait Of A Trusted IT Solution Provider?

With the relentless growth of technology and the world turning to be digital at a pace that we have never witnessed before, the need of businesses to consistently update their tools has also increased. This need asks the businesses to provide instant services to their clients at a pleasing price in order to remain competitive. A delay in the service delivery can easily make your clients consider doing business with your rivals. With that said, hiring the quality service from a trusted IT Solutions provider in UAE can never be underestimated. Taking the assistance of an IT solution provider will make sure that you are providing the ace service to your clients and the technology is meeting your business needs. Hence, certain considerations must be taken into account when getting in contact with an IT solutions provider.

  • Business Profile –

First and foremost thing, you must reflect on while choosing an IT solution provider is to check their business profile. For instance – make sure since when they have in the business and what is their market position? Being sure on their business profile will give a clear picture of their track record which will help you determine whether or not they will rightly fit to your business requirements.

  • Functionality –

IT solutions providers have distinct strengths. They excel at several different fields. With that said, while you may hit on several good options, there would be very few that can be best placed to fulfill your particular requirements. So, you should first list down your certain requirements that you want to get from the IT solution provider and once your needs are clearly defined, choose a partner that can prove to those needs.

  • It Support –

Support is the key trait of an IT solution provider. Hence, make sure that the partner you choose to count on excels at giving quick and effective responses to all your concerns whenever the need arises.

  • Trusted Advisor –

The IT solution provider you choose to make business with should be able to expand your business operations. They should clearly comprehend your business needs as well as give good advice on how to improve it. For example – they could recommend what technology can best suit to your business needs, what version you should use and so on.

These are just a few points that you must keep into consideration while choosing an IT solution provider. These points will help you find the best IT partner for your business and a right partner will not only make sure that your business activities are stabilized but also determine how you will perform in the foreseeable future.

Switching To Microsoft Office 365 From Google Apps Is A Profitable Move!

Do you dream of expanding your business but don’t have enough finance to pay for more servers?  Do you find yourself compelled to turn away some certain projects as your IT can’t keep up with the needs of these advanced projects? If you are nodding in Yes, you will be glad to know that there is a solution to the situation! Now you no longer need to turn away of the coming projects. Now you can expand your business and keep pace with today’s technologically advanced age. Thanks to Microsoft office 365! This cloud based technology will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Microsoft office 365 –

Microsoft Office 365 is simple to use as well as provides you with ‘virtual’ anywhere access to your documents, emails and people. Consequently, you can respond quicker to your clients and customers. With Microsoft office 365, you can work even on the move with greater ease than ever before.

Microsoft Office 365 provides –

  • A secure environment for your business to operate.
  • A low maintenance approach to your IT provision.
  • A cost effective way to run your IT services by only paying for what you use.
  • Powerful tools that can be scaled up or down as per on your business needs.
  • The support you need to handle any problems that may arise.

The Difference between Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps –

While both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps provide the same sorts of tools, there are some significant differences between these two.

  • Microsoft Office 365 offers different versions at various prices to fit into everyone’s needs and pockets as well as a wide variety of businesses from the large corporations to small startups.
  • Office 365 has more powerful and useful features such as Word and Excel as compared to Google Apps.
  • Microsoft Office 365 provides larger storage space like 25GB on Skydrive and 50GB on Outlook, which is an integral consideration for businesses that regularly deal in large files.
  • The provision of Office 365 offers a more robust privacy policy than Google Apps. Office 365 does not use any of the information or data you store for third parties. On the other hand, Google may use your information for advertising purposes.
  • Office 365 can be installed and accessed on any desktop whereas Google Apps is entirely online based.

A cloud-based office environment is now the product of choice for many businesses. So, being aware of the various benefits of the cloud-based technology, make your move to Microsoft Office 365 now!

Mobile Device Management (MDM): What is it and why should a company use it?

No matter what rules, regulations and policies you set in your company, your employees are going to have and use their mobile devices. Some circumstances may also tempt them to use their mobile devices for business work. While the use of personal mobile devices for business processes was once a concern, now companies are using this tendency as leverage in the form of BYOD i.e. bring your own device strategy. This leads to an increase in the need for an efficient mobile device management solution.

Since all solutions are not created equal, it is a must for you to know what this solution exactly is and why use it. So, let’s check out.

What is Mobile Device Management Solution?

Mobile device management is called MDM in short, which is widely preferred abbreviated form. MDM is simply software that allows the company management and IT administrators to implement certain policies on mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets that are going to be used as productive tools for business related tasks.

These policies are made to protect the business’s network and data from any breach and threats. All an IT administrator need is to install this software on the intended device and then the administrator can easily enforce policies and even add certain applications for company purposes.

Why should a company use Mobile Device Management Solution?

A company needs Mobile Device Management Solution mainly for three primary reasons and all of them promote the business security. They are as follows:

Improved visibility: The biggest advantage of successfully implementing MDM is to create and enforce comprehensive compliance policies related to use of mobile device’s capabilities which usually requires the understanding of other applications that run on the device. This knowledge will help you protect your business by securing your data from both, external as well as internal threats.

Access: Another benefit of using an MDM solution is that your employees can access resources that they need without making your business vulnerable to threats. In fact, this is the main reason why a company needs mobile device management. It helps its employees to use whatever resources needed for work without putting business at risk. Otherwise, there is no point of implementing MDM unless it is effective.

Security: The purpose of using a mobile device management is to implement general security measures so that use of mobile devices doesn’t pose any risk at the data and infrastructure of business. Therefore, it makes sense to use MDM only if it provides baked-in data protection and anti-malware to detect anything that tries to sneak in.

Thus, if you allow your employees to use their personal mobile devices for work or if your employees tend to use their devices even without permit, it is high time for you to use mobile device management solution so that your business security doesn’t get compromised in any way.

All About Acronis Backup Solution: Major Benefits And Limitations!!

Acronis Backup and recovery is mainly a flexible recovery system that incorporates an excellent corporate level power and also has the capability to retrieve, restore and backup any type of data including images, files or the entire drive. Acronis Backup Solution can even perform a full and differential backup of data to any location on the system. Additionally, this recovery system has also been tested to incredibly recover and protect data in situations including virus attack, network security breach, mechanical failure, and corrupted drive or system.

On the other hand, when it comes to the benefits of Acronis backup solution, there are some excellent ones to avail from it.

  1.    It offers an easy restoration of data:

With the use of Acronis backup solution, you will find that both huge data and small individual files are easy to restore and recover. The features of this solution offer the users the option of restoring data to different locations in case you don’t want to recover them in just one system.

  •  It has superb recovery and backup tools:

Acronis backup solution is considered to be one of the best solutions when it comes to backup and data recovery. The reason behind this is that it is loaded with extensive features and capabilities that are backed by a customer support team that is highly experienced and qualified in the field. Additionally, this recovery solution also comes with a different series of advanced tools and features that can easily fill businesses recovery and backup requirements.

  •  It has high backup capabilities:

File filtering, different levels of data compression, creating a full backup of a system- these are some of the many capabilities that Acronis backup solution offers and that the other recovery and backup solutions in the same field lack. When this solution is used, all the data from the network as well as from the computer gets immediately backed up automatically, meaning that in an event of any physical damage, or virus attack, the users can have the peace of mind that the data they had are properly and completely protected and stored. 

Although Acronis recovery and backup solution has become a preferred choice among users and provides several benefits, there are still a few limitations that you should be aware of. Mentioned below are a few limitations of Acronis backup solution:

–    It doesn’t support MAC, mobile phones, and other server platforms

–    There is no way to add 5 systems to an Acronis account

–    It can’t be exceeded past the 250GB allowance that it offers

Regardless of all these limitations, Acronis backup solution, all in all, has produced a very reliable, strong and easy to use backup and recovery system that too at an affordable price. So, now that you know all of its benefits and features take the plunge and buy one of its suites for your business data and recovery needs.

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