Why Choose Hikvision CCTV Cameras Over Standard Ones?? Benefits They Offer!!

As one of the world’s greatest suppliers of video surveillance devices, Hikvision is the leading forefront of the CCTV industry. Their advanced approach to manufacturing surveillance devices has made them a major feature of different types of areas, including education, retail, government, finance, residential and so on. And with this top-quality technology becoming more reasonable, it’s now the time that you consider upgrading your residential or commercial’s CCTV devices to Hikvision.

Hikvision produces a wide variety of CCTV cameras and tools, including HD analog cameras, alarm systems, IP cameras, analytics software, and much more surveillance equipment. You can choose any of the HIKVISION Camera Supplier in Dubai and get your surveillance systems upgraded with any of these. What makes Hikvision cameras stand out is their dedication to development and research, allowing every customer to take advantage of this advanced and upgraded camera system.

What are some advantages of using Hikvision CCTV cameras?

Hikvision CCTV cameras are available in different choices:

The HIKVISION Camera Supplier in Dubai offers their customers with a wide variety of choice on a range of characteristics, including camera design and style, price and image quality. This means that your Hikvision device can be customized to your requirements and budget if you want, allowing you to have a security system that completely suits your preferences.

They are easy to use:

If you don’t know much about technology then Hikvision cameras could certainly be the perfect choice for you. This is because these CCTV cameras are very easy to use and their features are also not that complicated.

They have advanced and upgraded lenses:

The lenses of Hikvision CCTV cameras have a wider coverage as compared to other cameras. So, while they are a bit more costly than the standard surveillance cameras, you’ll need to buy less of them for the coverage of the same area.

They have better resolution:

Since Hikvision cameras have a greater amount of megapixels, they give a better resolution of an image. Furthermore, this allows a superior clarity of image when zooming in and out on your recorded footage.

Hikvision cameras have simple installation steps:

Typically, the products from Hikvision are very easy to install as compared to other brands, meaning that your new security measures can be up and working in no time at all.

They have inbuilt analytics ability:

Almost all the Hikvision CCTV cameras come with an inbuilt analytics ability which means that you don’t need to make any extra investment for analytics software.

So, these are a few advantages that Hikvision camera offers to its customers. However, to ensure you get all these benefits, make sure to choose the right and professional HIKVISION Camera Supplier in Dubai that can guarantee high quality and superior services. So, if you are planning to upgrade your business or home’s security systems, go for Hikvision cameras, but ensure to consult the right supplier.

Time Attendance System Is An Integral Element For The Successful Survival Of A Business!

Corporate offices often find themselves stuck in a tug of war between client demands and workforce efficiency. Due to fierce competition in the business arena and the wish to surpass everyone in the race, companies can’t say ‘NO’ to clients and they have to agree upon tight deadlines to meet clients’ needs. They accept the offer and commit to fulfilling the needs within the set timeframe but things often don’t go as expected due to the inefficient workforce. Delivery of the work may get delayed, deadlines may be missed, your commitment may not be fulfilled and your image will be ruined. Of course, you will never want it to happen with you.

While facing such scenarios is not uncommon in the business world, it can be efficiently managed by ensuring the disciplined and dedicated workforce management practices.

Let’s dig little deeper — What workforce management is and how biometric technology can assist it.

What is workforce management?

Workforce management is all about managing workforce efficiency. It is about making sure that your workforce is punctual with the time, remains productive at its best during the working hours as well as is able to meet demands on time. Workforce management is also about managing many activities like checking employees’ performance record, scheduling their attendance record, tracking their entry and exit time, keeping track of leave and absent records and so on.

In simple words, having efficient workforce management is a key element to the productive and renowned business. Workforce management can provide extraordinary benefits if done right and the easiest way to do it right is to implement time attendance system in the offices. Installing time attendance system is one of the most efficient ways to ensure having efficient workforce management among the organizations of the same shapes and sizes.

Installing time attendance system can provide many benefits like:

  • Accurate capture of employee time and attendance
  • Efficient scheduling of workforce
  • Saves businesses from impact of absenteeism and leaves.
  • Remote management of off-site employees
  • Ability to accomplish tasks with less numbers of employees
  • Increased per employee productivity
  • Efficient and accurate payroll due to an increase in per-employee productivity
  • Forecasting saves from surprises and saves money that could go wasted managing them

Time attendance system in the workplace can make all the differences between a successful and a struggling organization. So, it is an integral aspect that can never be turned a blind eye for the successful survival of a business.

A Short and Easy-to-Understand Guide for Wireless Access Points (WAP) Installation

When it comes to connectivity, wireless access points are preferred by most companies. But, for those who are new to this term, it is difficult to understand what wireless access points are all about. So, in this blog, we will discuss what exactly a wireless access point is, what benefit it offers and things you should keep in mind during its installation. Having all this knowledge also helps you find and inquiry a wireless access point supplier during purchase and installation. Let’s start without any delay. 

What does a Wireless Access Point mean? 

A Wireless Access Point (WAP) is either a hardware device or a configured node to link wireless capable devices and wired networks through a wireless standard within a local area network. In other words, it is a base station which facilitates wireless access to a wired Ethernet network. It is plugged into a hub, switch or wired router to transmit signals (wirelessly) so that all your devices including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets can access the network within your home or office. 

Benefits of Using Wireless Access Point

The major and the most obvious benefit of installing a WAP is that you can wirelessly connect all your devices to the same network. While, in the previous decade, wireless connections were infamous for providing less speed than wired connections, the advances in wireless technologies have made it possible to achieve the speed as close to wired connections. So, with WAPs, you can also enjoy high data speed.

Things to Consider While Installing Wireless Access Point

  • Assess your network requirements – You should know how many people or how many devices you need to link in the LAN and what types of activities the people will be doing online. 
  • Choose the right device for your wireless network – You need to find a reputed wireless access point supplier who can guide you which of the latest wireless access points is best for your networking requirements. 
  • Know the network limitations of your devices – Not only Internet connection and network equipment affect the network performance, but your devices also have network limitations. So, take these network limitations into account as well. 
  • Determine types of cables you need to use – A wireless Internet does contain wires which may sound weird to you but it is true. Every single access point requires at least one cable, either for power or data connectivity. Usually, PoE switches are used to deliver data connectivity and power with a single Cat5 or Cat6 cable. 
  • Check out the network interference in your area – For this, you need to understand how Wi-Fi works. Most often, the biggest interference culprit in your network can be your own wireless access points. Thus, when you deploy two or more access points, you must create a proper channel plan so that they don’t interfere with each other. 
  • Locate the best possible position for your device – You don’t always need to keep your device in the central area of your building. You must place it where most people are going to use their devices to connect to the network. 
  • Measure signal strength before placement – Measure the signal strength of the wireless access point in every room you plan to connect to Wi-Fi. The easiest way to do this is to download a Wi-Fi analyzer app, power up your access point and connect your mobile to it. Walk around and notice the strength of the signal. 

Choosing the right access point from a copper-bottomed wireless access point supplier is important for hassle-free WAP installation. If you want seamless connectivity, you must take note of all the above points while making your area a hub of the wireless network. 

Best HIKVISION Camera Supplier in Dubai Offering Wholesale Price

Whether it is enhancing workplace safety or preventing crimes happening in your office, or nabbing the culprits perpetrating a crime, choosing HIKVISION Camera, though there are many other options to choose from, is really an idea worth considering.

HIKVISION Cameras are widely used for both commercial and residential properties. More and more people as well as business are upgrading their security system with HIKVISION Camera, and this fast surging interest of people has promoted the growth in demand for high quality camera systems.

There are a number of advantages over many other options. With HIKVISION Camera, you can:

  • Keep records: of all activities at your workplace or home, from when employees entering the workplace, checking out, etc.  You can also keep eyes on people entering your building.
  • Monitor activities remotely:  You can monitor activities at your premises in real time. A good choice for a business with multiple offices in different locations!
  • Make far more informed decision: With HIKVISION Camera, you not just keep eyes on activities on your premise, but, as this allows you to keep record of anything happening there, you can have evidence that help make a better decision and with other things as well.

These are just a few of what you can benefit from having the high quality HIKVISION Camera in Dubai.

Where to buy HIKVISION camera for the best price in Dubai

Before you look for a HIKVISION Camera supplier in Dubai offering wholesale price, make sure you have on your mind some models that you can consider buying.

You can find out the most popular models of HIKVISION Camera online. Or contact a local HIKVISION Camera supplier in Dubai and ask them to provide you with a catalogue to have a general understanding, like the models available, features, etc. It is also better to ask for some other options available so if there is any option better than this one, you can go with that.

Do not comprise quality

But don’t go for price over quality.  There are many that provide tempting offers to lure people. They are smart enough to convince you for their products. Keep this in mind. Do not fall for too good prices.

One of the best ways to make you buy the high quality HIKVISION Camera for the best price is to buy from a reputed security solutions provider like VAS TECHNOLOGIES that that also provides the maintenance and installation of IT, Data networking, IP Telephony, Audio Visual Solutions, security and voice solutions.

Here Is How You Can Integrate Microsoft Office 365 into Your Business Operations

Microsoft Office 365 is an advanced office available in today’s time. It has numerous features to enhance business productivity and improve routine operations. Although it has the capability to drastically transform the manner in which business operations are carried out in your organization, it can be a challenging task to completely incorporate it into everyday business operations. However, by putting in the right efforts, it is completely possible to make the best use of Microsoft Office 365. In fact, you can secure Microsoft Office 365 at the best price from a vendor and they can tell you about the ways to implement it in the right manner. 

Make employees aware of the change- For successful user adoption, you must carefully communicate the changes to your employees. If you do not do so with much time to spare, the employees may retaliate because of the quick change. Therefore, you must not resort to just one way of communicating the employees about the implementation of Office 365. You can use channels such as emails, flyers, meetings, announcements, and more. This can make the employees more receptive to adopting the new software for daily operations. 

Lead by example- The best way to make employees aware of the benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 is by first starting to use it on your own. You can begin by switching your weekly conference calls to Microsoft Office 365. This is also a good way to save your money that you had to pay to a service provider for arranging conference calls. Another good way to go about it is by creating shared Word documents. Many of the employees will be able to make changes to the file unlike in traditional files where the file gets locked as soon as it is opened by one of the users.

Excelling employee- An excelling employee is the one who achieves all the targets and improves daily operations. In the process, their visibility in the organization increases by a great margin and when such employees make use of Microsoft Office 365, they inspire others to follow them. Overall, Office 365 tools can greatly help the employees in different projects and across different departments.  

Employee training- Making employees aware of the benefits and features of Microsoft Office 365 is the best way to integrate it into your business’s routine operations. For the same, you can hold multiple training sessions which helps them to clearly understand the use of different features. This is a great learning opportunity for the employees as well as they get to learn how they can utilize Microsoft Office 365 to its maximum potential. Over time, the employees will willingly adopt Office 365 to achieve their personal and organizational objectives. 

Apart from all of this, you can hold in-person as well as online training so that employees can work as per their own schedule. Ensuring that the employees can access the training videos later as well will prove highly beneficial. 

How To Find A Right IT Solutions Provider for Your Business Needs?

As the name implies IT solution provider is a company that provides software based solutions to the businesses. Hence, IT solution provider is someone who provides solutions to the organizations of their various sorts of problems by helping them out in the implementation of business goals in a more effective, automated and organized way.

There are a number of IT solution providers available online that help out all size companies to ensure having better workplace productivity, business operations and communication. These IT companies provide the highest level of security for sensitive data. But here the crux of the matter is that not all IT solution providers are equal and provide the good quality service at best price. Thus, you need to be vigilant and judgmental while choosing one for your business needs.

How to hire the right IT solution provider?

If you are a small business owner that is looking for an IT solution provider, you would have certainly used one or more of the following methods

  • Asked your friends and family who have used for IT services before.
  • Performed a Google Search with relevant keywords like “IT Solutions provider in UAE”.
  • Used an online directory listing such as Yellowpages.com or the chamber of commerce 
  • Called an IT support company from a flyer or direct mailer you got in the mail.

If you have tried these methods to find a right IT solution provider, you are going in the right direction. Each of these methods is viable and will take you to the right source.

Asking other for ‘referrals or recommendations’ or believing in ‘word of mouth’ is one of the best ways to seek out the best service available in your area. But wait; before you finalize your decision, go and do some research to find out more about the recommended option. Don’t believe blindly on any source. After all, it is the crucial matter of your business operation! You can’t put it in just anyone’s hand.

You are really the luckiest one of you find the right recommendation but don’t dishearten if not. Goggle can be your next trusted advisor. Performing a Google Search is another popular method used by businesses to find the right IT solution provider.

Beyond the common Google search, there are also the directories such as yellowpages.com that can help you hit the right IT solution provider.

As a business owner, you would certainly be receiving a few direct mailers by the leading IT solutions providers or IT consultants. You can respond back to the mail to find the right IT partner for your business needs.

You can try all these methods or prefer to rely on just any of them to find the right IT solution provider for all your IT related issues.

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