All You Need To Know About Fortigate Firewall Solutions!!

If you want to ensure complete protection and safety that detects all the hidden threats, you should surely select a firewall very carefully. As one of the key components of your company’s IT security, a firewall acts as a guard against traffic, safeguarding your data as well as preventing any unauthorized access.

FortiGate firewall solution is particularly a very good option for IT and other businesses that are coming to a conclusion that enterprise level, intrusion detection systems, as well as anti-virus solutions, are not that appropriate and suitable for today’s high-level network security attacks.

But what exactly is a FortiGate firewall solution?

A next-generation firewall, FortiGate provides super threat protection for businesses of all types and sizes. Using the purpose-built security threat intelligence from FortiGuard, the FortiGate firewall provides unmatched protection and performance while simplifying your IT network. It offers different models to satisfy any requirement from the entry level FortiGate 20 series for small offices and business to FortiGate 1500 series for large industries.

Some important features of FortiGate firewall solutions

There are plenty of features that come with FortiGate firewall solutions. Mentioned below are a few of them.

–    Web filtering

–    Data leak prevention

–    Intrusion prevention system

–    Email filtering

–    ICAP

–    Application control and so on.

What does this firewall solution protect against?

The FortiGate firewall solution can eventually protect against plenty of security threats such as:

–    Spyware

–    Malware

–    Email and intrusions

–    Instant messaging threats and viruses

–    Pharming attacks

–    Peer to peer network threats

–    Phishing

–    Blended network attacks and so on.

Working of FortiGate firewall solution

A FortiGate firewall solution mainly works by determining the data that flows into your network and further verifying if the data is safe to pass through your business workings. The lower specification firewall solutions typically figure out this data by different information such as its source and location. The information received then is evaluated against a set of permissions in order to assess whether or not it can be allowed through.

A firewall offers a front line defense against different cybersecurity threats, however, as cyber crimes become more sophisticated and challenging, it becomes equally more complicated for a firewall alone to provide protection against the myriad of cybersecurity issues.

Why choose FortiGate firewall solutions?

IT security and network threats are rapidly evolving, and your business needs to grow with them too. As we go deep in any business environment that is more sophisticated and connected as compared to before, one threat could be enough to create serious consequences and issues for your entire organization. So, in order to avoid these situations in the workplace, there is an absolute need for a firewall solution.

A FortiGate firewall solution thus can offer you and your business the peace of mind and satisfaction that your entire business is safeguarded and protected from the latest harmful threats and cyber attacks. 

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