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Aruba Access Point: Create seamless internet connectivity for all

Whether it is a college, hospital or an office, there must be a seamless access to internet.  Majority or you can say almost all of the work depends on the internet connection. But it is time of mobility and you cannot keep glued to a place to use internet. It is time of wireless connectivity which is making a great impact on our lives.

If you are a business organization which has a number of employees, you cannot rely on cable enabled internet. You need to have a powerful wireless internet connect system. Thanks to advances in information technology, today, there are many wireless internet access solutions. Take for example, Aruba Access Point –one of the most sought after wireless WLAN solutions.

For a centralized network, you can use Aruba Mobility Controller that will allow you to set policy enforcement, data encryption, network configuration, network services Wireless WLAN Solutiond even distributed and centralized traffic forwarding.

Aruba Access Point comes with a number of incredible features that make connectivity easier, faster and more reliable.  Aruba Instant Mode is such a feature that allows you to configure an access point and replicate configurations automatically to new access points added in the WLAN.

The best of all, Aruba network devices are available in both single and dual radios thereby providing better connectivity. Pricing options may vary from supplier to supplier. However, there are various other brands providing quality network devices for different purposes.

Aruba, as a leading network solutions provider, has constantly improved its solutions. It also owns a patented technology called ClientMatch which queezes more throughputs for 802.11ac.  The technology continues to gather session performance metrics even from mobile devices. With all the APs in the WLAN, you will get the high connectivity speed from the most appropriate access point to your location. But for this technology, you would more often rely on non-optimal speeds and cutting out to 802.11n.

To protect malicious threats, it uses RFProtect uses wireless intrusion protection inside your network infrastructure. It consists of automatic threat mitigation, customizable security policies, and automated compliance reporting.

If you are looking for a wireless WLAN solution, you do not need to settle for anything provided there are more advanced and sophisticated options available like Aruba Access Point. However, there are other brands such as Cisco, Brocade, Extreme Networks, Juniper, Sonicwall offering quality network devices. All you need to do is find a good reputed supplier of different types of wireless WLAN solutions at competitive price.

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