Top 5 Reasons Why IT Companies Should Get IT AMC (Plus 5 Bonus Tips)

In Dubai, competition is intensifying in the IT sector. This means every time one or some of the systems/servers break down in an IT company, it is losing potential customers and the opportunity to stand out in the market. Whether it needs repair, installation, replacement, upgrade, or removal of a system or a device, having an instant backup and support is quintessential. IT AMC Dubai is the most suitable solution an IT business can look for ensuring well-maintained and updated IT infrastructure. 

A Brief Discussion on IT AMC

An IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is a legal agreement that covers terms and conditions and specifies the services, the service provider will perform for the business for a specific period. 

During the contract tenure, the service provider caters to the regular IT maintenance needs of a business at a fixed fee (mentioned in the contract). The duration for AMC is generally six months, one year, or three years. Each contract varies slightly based on what a business needs in particular from the service provider. 

5 Solid Reasons Why IT Businesses Should Have IT AMC

1. Cost-effective and Easy Budgeting

When a business pays for IT AMC services (it availed) in a specific period (such as one year or three years), it saves more money. It’s because hiring an IT professional every time it encounters some IT issues costs significantly more than paying at once. Besides, paying the bill one time rather than many times makes budgeting and maintaining financial records far much easier. Plus, there is no uncertainty that prices will unexpectedly rise within that duration. 

2. Properly maintained and updated IT infrastructure 

The best way for an IT company to ensure that it gets the most out of hardware and facilities is to properly maintain and upgrade them on time. IT AMC is a practical way to make this possible. The professionals pay visits regularly and inspect whether each system in the IT department (included in the contract) is working properly or not. There is nothing to worry about inefficiency problems with regular and proper maintenance of IT systems. 

3. Frees up the company employees from tackling IT-related issues

If the company’s IT department doesn’t get assistance to resolve hardware and software issues, it spends a lot of time identifying problems and troubleshooting them. However, when a company purchases IT AMC, they can focus on other important aspects of business and become more productive in achieving goals. Plus, signing IT AMC is much cheaper than hiring an in-house professional to take care of stuff on a full-time basis. 

4. Access to Expertise 

What is more beneficial – hiring one in-house professional or having several IT professionals at disposal for IT maintenance needs? The answer is obvious. Knowing that a range of IT experts will be available to solve IT problems whenever the company needs is a big relief. Most IT AMC service providers have a pool of talented IT professionals who are tech-savvy and have years of experience and in-depth knowledge in their area. 

5. Emergency Support

Emergencies are inevitable and always come at unexpected times in the world of IT businesses. Thus, companies need IT AMC to stay prepared at all times and combat all IT problems that may arise due to faulty, malfunctioning, or outdated equipment, software, or human errors. IT AMC providers take care of all the problems a business might be having and restore the operations. 

5 Bonus Tips to Customize an IT Annual Maintenance Contract

A company (that is purchasing IT AMC) can be very specific during the creation of the contract. For instance:

  • It can delineate the equipment and devices for regular servicing.
  • It can require the service provider’s professionals to come with their tools and materials for servicing.
  • It may mention whether the company will or will not provide extra hands to servicing professionals.
  • It can ask the service provider to have the replacement parts and equipment available instantly when there is a breakdown.
  • It can specify what happens in case of a breakdown between scheduled service visits and how it will pay for it. 

Planning everything in advance and having a reliable IT AMC provider in touch means taking business one-step ahead from its competitors.  

Why you must opt for IT AMC for your business??

Today, modern businesses all over the globe completely depend on IT infrastructure- whether it’s the servers, printers, routers, desktops, etc. All these tools are very essential to your business’ core workings, and that is why any unexpected damage to any of them can cause great problematic situations. So, when facing such a scenario when the crucial support systems aren’t functioning, why not simply sign an IT AMC Dubai (annual maintenance contract) with a professional service provider? With an annual maintenance contract by your side, you’ll have the advantage of a regular maintenance schedule and access to emergency repairs of your systems. 

What does AMC include?

AMC mainly refers to the Annual Maintenance Contract and generally includes OS installation, data storage, and desktop support, telephone systems, back up, system configuration server management, software upgrades, equipment management and computer hardware and so on. The service you choose completely depends on your business’s needs, and the concerned company offer packages of AMC for the amount of service you want. 

Most commonly, AMC contracts are made for 1 year which can further be expanded or renewed up to 3 years or 5 years as per the need of the business. 

What benefits does it offer?

IT AMC offers several benefits to businesses. A few of the major ones are discussed below. 

  1. You get expert technicians for your service:

One of the best benefits that AMC offers is that you get professional services from trained and skilled technicians. Building a positive rapport with a technician who has full knowledge of your business and is familiar with your tools is quite valuable for both parties. When you opt for AMC, the team won’t have to waste its time learning your systems and requirements, and additionally, they can also familiarize themselves with your business’s functioning and systems beforehand. 

  • AMC is a cost-saving contract:

A contractual agreement for your business’ maintenance needs will likely save you lots of money in the future. This is because when you sign this contract you don’t have to assign different companies for different damages, instead, you just have to call your chosen provider and rest assured all the break downs will be handled professionally, thereby saving you a good amount of money that you would have spent. Besides, many companies also offer discounts to their contract clients, and with this benefit, you can set a budget for your overall repairs. 

  • You get emergency services:

IT emergencies can create even the most professional business owners to panic. But, when you have an agreement with an AMC provider, you know whom to contact when needed. When your computers and networks are down unexpectedly, the major thing is time and you won’t want to waste even the most valuable second searching for a new service provider to help you. All you need to do is call your AMC provider and get the services you want in no time. 

Hence, if you are running a business and regularly spend hefty costs on the maintenance of your IT infrastructure then now is the time to consult a professional AMC provider and attain all the benefits that come with it. 

Reasons why you must use managed IT support services!!

Managed IT support services have been on a tremendous rise nowadays. When small businesses fall behind to obtain proper network management because of limited resources, putting the organization at risk of a breach, it’s the IT outsourcing or the Managed IT support services that comes to their rescue. Many businesses, however, solely depend on their in-house IT teams, but let me remind you that immediate advantages can be gained by outsourcing this service.

So are you unsure if or not managed IT support is right for your organization? Let’s take a look at the significance of outsourcing IT services and how they can benefit your business?

1.     Outsourcing reduces the overall labor cost:

Hiring and then training a team of IT staff can be very challenging and expensive. Also given the fact that temporary employees don’t live up to the expectations, outsourcing will let you focus on your core business while they’ll handle all the IT operations on your behalf that too at a very less cost as compared to the in-house team.

2. with the outsourcing team by your side, you can keep pace with the needs for IT expertise:

Businesses around the world are struggling hard to fill their IT vacancies, but are failing to a great extent. Outsourcing these functions to an experienced and skilled partner, on the other hand, will alleviate the pressure to fill the positions and offer peace of mind.

3.     You can expand your business ‘capacity and expertise:

Working with an experienced and reputed Managed IT service provider also gives you access to a larger expertise team. Though many businesses still depend on their in-house staff for their IT needs, they lack some major benefits that an outsourcing team can offer. A good outsourcing service has trained and skilled staff who are up-to-date with all the IT technicalities and other related credentials.

4.     Outsourcing can help focus on your core business:

Businesses, these days have limited resources, and business owners too, have limited attention and time. Outsourcing your IT needs can help your organization stay focused on its core business and not get disturbed by challenging IT decisions and requirements.

5.     You can establish your overall IT budget:

IT costs can be very expensive. Computers can break, data can be hacked, and systems can slow down anytime resulting in an unexpected and sudden cost. Meanwhile, the in-house staff can be costly to train as well. So, in addition to preventing the issues of in-house hiring costs, most of the Managed IT support services have fixed monthly fees for their services. Also, the regular repair and upkeep costs are included in the contract, so you don’t even have to stress about any hidden charges popping up.

Finally, larger and experienced staff can also offer a greater amount of responsiveness and flexibility. With a skilled team monitoring your IT operations 24/7 rest assured you’ll receive their help and support at any time of the day. Besides, if you have a very big and important project, you have full flexibility to avail outsource help and assistance as needed, that too without having to multiply your permanent in-house IT team.

Top 2 Trends in Managed IT Services: Standardization and Customer Success Function

Managed IT services continue to be the fastest-growing area in the technology industry. More and more companies in Dubai are indulging themselves in offering managed services as they comprehend its significant link to technology-as-a-service and the Cloud. On the other hand, for some companies in Dubai, these services are a natural extension of their cloud solutions and vice-versa. 

Not only are manufacturers embracing this new approach but also many IT outsourcing professionals are adopting this innovative way of handling IT infrastructure and its different operations. In this post, today, we are going to share a couple of trends that are emerging across all managed IT service providers and explain what they might mean to your business. So, let’s take a look at them. 

  1. Standardization

At the end of 2016, about 43% of managed IT service providers were offering standard managed IT services but at the beginning of 2018, the percentage has risen to 68%. The trend is followed this year too, as 2019 is also witnessing a considerable hike in the numbers. The OPI (Observed Performance Improvements) revealed that offering a standard set of Managed IT services has a direct impact on the financial success of a business.  

There are certain services that help in strategically positioning your business such as:

  • Monitor services
  • Operate services
  • Optimize services
  • Transform services
  • Managed XaaS

More than two-thirds of managed IT service providers even provide XaaS as a part of their standard package. Thus, this is also something to consider while devising standard offerings. 

  • Customer Success Function

Managed IT services are distinct from every other product and service line in a portfolio because the customer isn’t just interested in buying technology but the operation of technology. In other words, they are not just investing in solutions but they prefer to have peace of mind. Therefore, they want the assurance that their managed service providers (MSPs) understand their business in addition to their tech. 

Though general sales reps are good at selling technology and solutions, they are not in accordance with the customer’s day-to-day issues, long-term objectives, or financial challenges. But, this can be achieved through customer success rep. Thus, having a dedicated customer success manager for managed services is a must in today’s time. Their job is not just to understand the technology being used but also act as a trusted advisor to the customer on helping them achieve their ultimate goals and identify potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 

In fact, in many cases, the Customer Success team is becoming the front-end interaction for customers. Therefore, more and more companies are investing in dedicated customer success roles for managed services. It is a fact that managed IT services that have a dedicated customer success function not only help in attaining higher contract renewal rates but also experiencing higher recurring revenue retention and revenue growth from the existing customer base. 

In the IT outsourcing industry, dramatic growth is recorded in the demand and supply of managed IT services in Dubai and this momentum is continuously building. If you also want to be on the top of these trends, seek expert advice to learn more about managed IT services.  

IT AMC: Why you should consider signing IT AMC with a reliable service provider

Can you imagine operating your business without the use of technology? In the current scenario, the computers and various IT peripherals have become a crucial aspect of overall business operations and even imagining downtime is enough to leave the business owners sweating. To ensure that your computers and other hardware of the office keep functioning efficiently without any breakdowns, you will need to hire managed IT services. Thus, it becomes important to sign IT AMC with a reliable service provider.  

An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is a contract between the company availing the service and the service provider who is made responsible for routine maintenance of IT infrastructure and tending to emergencies on an annual basis. Such technical support services will maintain your IT infrastructure and ensure that it keeps working without any glitches.

IT AMCs are of the following two types:

  • Comprehensive. These are usually a bit pricier than the others as the service and replacement of spare parts is done without any charge. These include the cost of every bit of service that you may require relating to your IT infrastructure. 
  • Non-comprehensive. Such an IT AMC only includes the cost of services that you specifically require relating to your IT infrastructure. If there are any additional services that you require at a later point, you will have to pay for them separately. Simply putting it, routine service is a part of the contract, but you will have to pay for spare parts separately. 

The companies that provide managed IT services Dubai offers numerous support services such as hardware support, software support, antivirus support, operating system support, printer support, network support, firewall support, and much more. You can get to avail many benefits by signing IT AMC if you find a trusted provider of managed IT services.

  • Pay just once a year and you will get to avail the service many times during the year. 
  • No need to search for a new technician every time there is some problem.
  • You can ensure regular maintenance and service.
  • It will be available quickly in emergency situations.
  • Lower the IT infrastructure costs.
  • Will bring IT issues to your notice much before they escalate to a bigger problem. 
  • Will ensure that your computers, its different parts, and network are in proper working condition at all times.
  • Keep the downtime minimized. 
  • A cost-effective solution for every IT infrastructure problem. 

In spite of there being so many benefits of signing IT AMC Dubai with a managed IT services company, you will not be able to reap any of them if you do not carry out the necessary research in finding a reputed and reliable service provider. Go through the reviews of other clients to get a better picture of the quality of service that you can expect from the company. 

Why Choose Hikvision CCTV Cameras Over Standard Ones?? Benefits They Offer!!

As one of the world’s greatest suppliers of video surveillance devices, Hikvision is the leading forefront of the CCTV industry. Their advanced approach to manufacturing surveillance devices has made them a major feature of different types of areas, including education, retail, government, finance, residential and so on. And with this top-quality technology becoming more reasonable, it’s now the time that you consider upgrading your residential or commercial’s CCTV devices to Hikvision.

Hikvision produces a wide variety of CCTV cameras and tools, including HD analog cameras, alarm systems, IP cameras, analytics software, and much more surveillance equipment. You can choose any of the HIKVISION Camera Supplier in Dubai and get your surveillance systems upgraded with any of these. What makes Hikvision cameras stand out is their dedication to development and research, allowing every customer to take advantage of this advanced and upgraded camera system.

What are some advantages of using Hikvision CCTV cameras?

Hikvision CCTV cameras are available in different choices:

The HIKVISION Camera Supplier in Dubai offers their customers with a wide variety of choice on a range of characteristics, including camera design and style, price and image quality. This means that your Hikvision device can be customized to your requirements and budget if you want, allowing you to have a security system that completely suits your preferences.

They are easy to use:

If you don’t know much about technology then Hikvision cameras could certainly be the perfect choice for you. This is because these CCTV cameras are very easy to use and their features are also not that complicated.

They have advanced and upgraded lenses:

The lenses of Hikvision CCTV cameras have a wider coverage as compared to other cameras. So, while they are a bit more costly than the standard surveillance cameras, you’ll need to buy less of them for the coverage of the same area.

They have better resolution:

Since Hikvision cameras have a greater amount of megapixels, they give a better resolution of an image. Furthermore, this allows a superior clarity of image when zooming in and out on your recorded footage.

Hikvision cameras have simple installation steps:

Typically, the products from Hikvision are very easy to install as compared to other brands, meaning that your new security measures can be up and working in no time at all.

They have inbuilt analytics ability:

Almost all the Hikvision CCTV cameras come with an inbuilt analytics ability which means that you don’t need to make any extra investment for analytics software.

So, these are a few advantages that Hikvision camera offers to its customers. However, to ensure you get all these benefits, make sure to choose the right and professional HIKVISION Camera Supplier in Dubai that can guarantee high quality and superior services. So, if you are planning to upgrade your business or home’s security systems, go for Hikvision cameras, but ensure to consult the right supplier.

Time Attendance System Is An Integral Element For The Successful Survival Of A Business!

Corporate offices often find themselves stuck in a tug of war between client demands and workforce efficiency. Due to fierce competition in the business arena and the wish to surpass everyone in the race, companies can’t say ‘NO’ to clients and they have to agree upon tight deadlines to meet clients’ needs. They accept the offer and commit to fulfilling the needs within the set timeframe but things often don’t go as expected due to the inefficient workforce. Delivery of the work may get delayed, deadlines may be missed, your commitment may not be fulfilled and your image will be ruined. Of course, you will never want it to happen with you.

While facing such scenarios is not uncommon in the business world, it can be efficiently managed by ensuring the disciplined and dedicated workforce management practices.

Let’s dig little deeper — What workforce management is and how biometric technology can assist it.

What is workforce management?

Workforce management is all about managing workforce efficiency. It is about making sure that your workforce is punctual with the time, remains productive at its best during the working hours as well as is able to meet demands on time. Workforce management is also about managing many activities like checking employees’ performance record, scheduling their attendance record, tracking their entry and exit time, keeping track of leave and absent records and so on.

In simple words, having efficient workforce management is a key element to the productive and renowned business. Workforce management can provide extraordinary benefits if done right and the easiest way to do it right is to implement time attendance system in the offices. Installing time attendance system is one of the most efficient ways to ensure having efficient workforce management among the organizations of the same shapes and sizes.

Installing time attendance system can provide many benefits like:

  • Accurate capture of employee time and attendance
  • Efficient scheduling of workforce
  • Saves businesses from impact of absenteeism and leaves.
  • Remote management of off-site employees
  • Ability to accomplish tasks with less numbers of employees
  • Increased per employee productivity
  • Efficient and accurate payroll due to an increase in per-employee productivity
  • Forecasting saves from surprises and saves money that could go wasted managing them

Time attendance system in the workplace can make all the differences between a successful and a struggling organization. So, it is an integral aspect that can never be turned a blind eye for the successful survival of a business.

A Short and Easy-to-Understand Guide for Wireless Access Points (WAP) Installation

When it comes to connectivity, wireless access points are preferred by most companies. But, for those who are new to this term, it is difficult to understand what wireless access points are all about. So, in this blog, we will discuss what exactly a wireless access point is, what benefit it offers and things you should keep in mind during its installation. Having all this knowledge also helps you find and inquiry a wireless access point supplier during purchase and installation. Let’s start without any delay. 

What does a Wireless Access Point mean? 

A Wireless Access Point (WAP) is either a hardware device or a configured node to link wireless capable devices and wired networks through a wireless standard within a local area network. In other words, it is a base station which facilitates wireless access to a wired Ethernet network. It is plugged into a hub, switch or wired router to transmit signals (wirelessly) so that all your devices including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets can access the network within your home or office. 

Benefits of Using Wireless Access Point

The major and the most obvious benefit of installing a WAP is that you can wirelessly connect all your devices to the same network. While, in the previous decade, wireless connections were infamous for providing less speed than wired connections, the advances in wireless technologies have made it possible to achieve the speed as close to wired connections. So, with WAPs, you can also enjoy high data speed.

Things to Consider While Installing Wireless Access Point

  • Assess your network requirements – You should know how many people or how many devices you need to link in the LAN and what types of activities the people will be doing online. 
  • Choose the right device for your wireless network – You need to find a reputed wireless access point supplier who can guide you which of the latest wireless access points is best for your networking requirements. 
  • Know the network limitations of your devices – Not only Internet connection and network equipment affect the network performance, but your devices also have network limitations. So, take these network limitations into account as well. 
  • Determine types of cables you need to use – A wireless Internet does contain wires which may sound weird to you but it is true. Every single access point requires at least one cable, either for power or data connectivity. Usually, PoE switches are used to deliver data connectivity and power with a single Cat5 or Cat6 cable. 
  • Check out the network interference in your area – For this, you need to understand how Wi-Fi works. Most often, the biggest interference culprit in your network can be your own wireless access points. Thus, when you deploy two or more access points, you must create a proper channel plan so that they don’t interfere with each other. 
  • Locate the best possible position for your device – You don’t always need to keep your device in the central area of your building. You must place it where most people are going to use their devices to connect to the network. 
  • Measure signal strength before placement – Measure the signal strength of the wireless access point in every room you plan to connect to Wi-Fi. The easiest way to do this is to download a Wi-Fi analyzer app, power up your access point and connect your mobile to it. Walk around and notice the strength of the signal. 

Choosing the right access point from a copper-bottomed wireless access point supplier is important for hassle-free WAP installation. If you want seamless connectivity, you must take note of all the above points while making your area a hub of the wireless network. 

Best HIKVISION Camera Supplier in Dubai Offering Wholesale Price

Whether it is enhancing workplace safety or preventing crimes happening in your office, or nabbing the culprits perpetrating a crime, choosing HIKVISION Camera, though there are many other options to choose from, is really an idea worth considering.

HIKVISION Cameras are widely used for both commercial and residential properties. More and more people as well as business are upgrading their security system with HIKVISION Camera, and this fast surging interest of people has promoted the growth in demand for high quality camera systems.

There are a number of advantages over many other options. With HIKVISION Camera, you can:

  • Keep records: of all activities at your workplace or home, from when employees entering the workplace, checking out, etc.  You can also keep eyes on people entering your building.
  • Monitor activities remotely:  You can monitor activities at your premises in real time. A good choice for a business with multiple offices in different locations!
  • Make far more informed decision: With HIKVISION Camera, you not just keep eyes on activities on your premise, but, as this allows you to keep record of anything happening there, you can have evidence that help make a better decision and with other things as well.

These are just a few of what you can benefit from having the high quality HIKVISION Camera in Dubai.

Where to buy HIKVISION camera for the best price in Dubai

Before you look for a HIKVISION Camera supplier in Dubai offering wholesale price, make sure you have on your mind some models that you can consider buying.

You can find out the most popular models of HIKVISION Camera online. Or contact a local HIKVISION Camera supplier in Dubai and ask them to provide you with a catalogue to have a general understanding, like the models available, features, etc. It is also better to ask for some other options available so if there is any option better than this one, you can go with that.

Do not comprise quality

But don’t go for price over quality.  There are many that provide tempting offers to lure people. They are smart enough to convince you for their products. Keep this in mind. Do not fall for too good prices.

One of the best ways to make you buy the high quality HIKVISION Camera for the best price is to buy from a reputed security solutions provider like VAS TECHNOLOGIES that that also provides the maintenance and installation of IT, Data networking, IP Telephony, Audio Visual Solutions, security and voice solutions.

Here Is How You Can Integrate Microsoft Office 365 into Your Business Operations

Microsoft Office 365 is an advanced office available in today’s time. It has numerous features to enhance business productivity and improve routine operations. Although it has the capability to drastically transform the manner in which business operations are carried out in your organization, it can be a challenging task to completely incorporate it into everyday business operations. However, by putting in the right efforts, it is completely possible to make the best use of Microsoft Office 365. In fact, you can secure Microsoft Office 365 at the best price from a vendor and they can tell you about the ways to implement it in the right manner. 

Make employees aware of the change- For successful user adoption, you must carefully communicate the changes to your employees. If you do not do so with much time to spare, the employees may retaliate because of the quick change. Therefore, you must not resort to just one way of communicating the employees about the implementation of Office 365. You can use channels such as emails, flyers, meetings, announcements, and more. This can make the employees more receptive to adopting the new software for daily operations. 

Lead by example- The best way to make employees aware of the benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 is by first starting to use it on your own. You can begin by switching your weekly conference calls to Microsoft Office 365. This is also a good way to save your money that you had to pay to a service provider for arranging conference calls. Another good way to go about it is by creating shared Word documents. Many of the employees will be able to make changes to the file unlike in traditional files where the file gets locked as soon as it is opened by one of the users.

Excelling employee- An excelling employee is the one who achieves all the targets and improves daily operations. In the process, their visibility in the organization increases by a great margin and when such employees make use of Microsoft Office 365, they inspire others to follow them. Overall, Office 365 tools can greatly help the employees in different projects and across different departments.  

Employee training- Making employees aware of the benefits and features of Microsoft Office 365 is the best way to integrate it into your business’s routine operations. For the same, you can hold multiple training sessions which helps them to clearly understand the use of different features. This is a great learning opportunity for the employees as well as they get to learn how they can utilize Microsoft Office 365 to its maximum potential. Over time, the employees will willingly adopt Office 365 to achieve their personal and organizational objectives. 

Apart from all of this, you can hold in-person as well as online training so that employees can work as per their own schedule. Ensuring that the employees can access the training videos later as well will prove highly beneficial. 

How To Find A Right IT Solutions Provider for Your Business Needs?

As the name implies IT solution provider is a company that provides software based solutions to the businesses. Hence, IT solution provider is someone who provides solutions to the organizations of their various sorts of problems by helping them out in the implementation of business goals in a more effective, automated and organized way.

There are a number of IT solution providers available online that help out all size companies to ensure having better workplace productivity, business operations and communication. These IT companies provide the highest level of security for sensitive data. But here the crux of the matter is that not all IT solution providers are equal and provide the good quality service at best price. Thus, you need to be vigilant and judgmental while choosing one for your business needs.

How to hire the right IT solution provider?

If you are a small business owner that is looking for an IT solution provider, you would have certainly used one or more of the following methods

  • Asked your friends and family who have used for IT services before.
  • Performed a Google Search with relevant keywords like “IT Solutions provider in UAE”.
  • Used an online directory listing such as or the chamber of commerce 
  • Called an IT support company from a flyer or direct mailer you got in the mail.

If you have tried these methods to find a right IT solution provider, you are going in the right direction. Each of these methods is viable and will take you to the right source.

Asking other for ‘referrals or recommendations’ or believing in ‘word of mouth’ is one of the best ways to seek out the best service available in your area. But wait; before you finalize your decision, go and do some research to find out more about the recommended option. Don’t believe blindly on any source. After all, it is the crucial matter of your business operation! You can’t put it in just anyone’s hand.

You are really the luckiest one of you find the right recommendation but don’t dishearten if not. Goggle can be your next trusted advisor. Performing a Google Search is another popular method used by businesses to find the right IT solution provider.

Beyond the common Google search, there are also the directories such as that can help you hit the right IT solution provider.

As a business owner, you would certainly be receiving a few direct mailers by the leading IT solutions providers or IT consultants. You can respond back to the mail to find the right IT partner for your business needs.

You can try all these methods or prefer to rely on just any of them to find the right IT solution provider for all your IT related issues.

Major Benefits of Acronis Backup Solution!!!

Acronis backup solution is a powerful and flexible system for recovery of data. It provides the much-needed assistance to corporations in restoring, retrieving, and backing up all types of data- be it separate files or images of all the drives. This backup solution also proves highly beneficial in performing differential, incremental, or complete backup of data to any required location. Needless to say, Acronis backup solution is a highly capable solution for data recovery and its competence in protecting and recovering data has been tested in various scenarios, such as virus attack, mechanical failure, corrupted drive, and breach of network security.

The biggest pillars of strength of Acronis backup solution are its exceptional recovery and backup tools, over the top backup capabilities, and simple data restoration. These benefits have been discussed below in detail.

Exceptional recovery and backup tools- Undoubtedly, the Acronis backup solution is the best choice as far as solutions for data backup and recovery are concerned. This is owing to its excellent backup capabilities and outstanding features which find their support in customer support executives who have immense knowledge and experience in this field. Not just this, Acronis backup solutions come with numerous advanced tools which can easily live up to the needs of an owner of a small business requiring data backup and recovery. 

Over the top backup capabilities- No other backup and recovery solutions offer capabilities such as file filtering, numerous levels of data compression, and ability to create a complete image backup of a system. When the tools of Acronis backup solution are utilized, complete data from all the network devices and also from the computer will be continually backed up on its own. What this means is that in situations of virus attack, power shortage, or other physical damage, the users can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the affected devices are all secured and properly stores. On payment of some additional fee, this backup and recovery solution can be integrated with the cloud server which proved highly beneficial for those users who wish to safeguard their data from and to an offsite platform.

Simple restoration and recovery of data- The users of Acronis backup solution report that it can recover and restore not just individual files, but also huge amounts of data. The best part is that the tool enables the users to restore data to various locations in case that do not wish to recover the data in just one system. The alternative to recover data to new hardware or location which has not been used in the past is also available.

These are some of the best benefits of Acronis backup solution. In this technology-driven world, securing data from losses is very important and so, Acronis backup solution is what you should opt for.  

How To Choose The Right IT Solutions Provider For Your Certain Business Needs?

With the uncontrolled growth of technology, the demand of businesses to keep on updating their tools has also increased tremendously. Why? In order to remain competitive and alive in today’s tech savvy scenario, businesses need to provide unmatchable service to their clients and customers so that they may not consider moving to their rivals and may maintain a longer bond with the same company. To provide unmatchable service at pleasing price and at the quickest time possible, businesses need to keep updated with their tools and technology.

A short delay in the service delivery may cause your customers to make business with your competitors. For instance, a delay in loading website may irritate the visitors and cause them to switch over your competitors’ websites. With that said, taking assistance of an IT Solutions provider emerges as the prime reasonability of the business owners these days.

However, hiring the services of an IT Solutions provider is not that much easy. Since the success of your business revolves around an IT Solutions provider, you need to be very attentive and picky while relying on one for your certain needs. It means you need to join hands with a professional one and make sure that the technology will meet your business requirements. In order to choose the right IT Solutions provider for your business needs, certain considerations must be taken into account.

  • Area of Functionality –

IT solutions providers have distinct strengths. Some excel at providing some different solutions while some are competent at some other fields.   Pretty obvious, not all IT Solutions providers can best fit to your certain needs. Therefore, it is advisable for you to list down what are your specific requirements from service provider. Your list may include capturing commercial data, improving your operational efficiency or even trading online. Once you define your needs clearly, you can be a in a position to choose a right partner for your business.

  • Business Profile –

The profile of the IT Solutions provider is the other significant aspect that you should never overlook when choosing the one for your business needs. Checking the profile means, being sure on the point since when they have in the business and what is their market position. Being sure on this point will give a clear picture of their competence and suitability, which will further help you determining your decision.

  • Data Recovery & Safety system –

Network bugs or system shutdown can be a huge loss for your business. It may cause severe damage on the information stored on your database. In order to stay safe from such threat, the services of an It solution provider can be a big help. So, make sure that the IT service provider you prefer to count on can implement disaster recovery system that can ensure that all your data is secure and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Choosing the right IT solution service provider will make sure that all business activities are stabilized and you can perform expectedly in the foreseeable future.

What Factors Define The Trait Of A Trusted IT Solution Provider?

With the relentless growth of technology and the world turning to be digital at a pace that we have never witnessed before, the need of businesses to consistently update their tools has also increased. This need asks the businesses to provide instant services to their clients at a pleasing price in order to remain competitive. A delay in the service delivery can easily make your clients consider doing business with your rivals. With that said, hiring the quality service from a trusted IT Solutions provider in UAE can never be underestimated. Taking the assistance of an IT solution provider will make sure that you are providing the ace service to your clients and the technology is meeting your business needs. Hence, certain considerations must be taken into account when getting in contact with an IT solutions provider.

  • Business Profile –

First and foremost thing, you must reflect on while choosing an IT solution provider is to check their business profile. For instance – make sure since when they have in the business and what is their market position? Being sure on their business profile will give a clear picture of their track record which will help you determine whether or not they will rightly fit to your business requirements.

  • Functionality –

IT solutions providers have distinct strengths. They excel at several different fields. With that said, while you may hit on several good options, there would be very few that can be best placed to fulfill your particular requirements. So, you should first list down your certain requirements that you want to get from the IT solution provider and once your needs are clearly defined, choose a partner that can prove to those needs.

  • It Support –

Support is the key trait of an IT solution provider. Hence, make sure that the partner you choose to count on excels at giving quick and effective responses to all your concerns whenever the need arises.

  • Trusted Advisor –

The IT solution provider you choose to make business with should be able to expand your business operations. They should clearly comprehend your business needs as well as give good advice on how to improve it. For example – they could recommend what technology can best suit to your business needs, what version you should use and so on.

These are just a few points that you must keep into consideration while choosing an IT solution provider. These points will help you find the best IT partner for your business and a right partner will not only make sure that your business activities are stabilized but also determine how you will perform in the foreseeable future.

Switching To Microsoft Office 365 From Google Apps Is A Profitable Move!

Do you dream of expanding your business but don’t have enough finance to pay for more servers?  Do you find yourself compelled to turn away some certain projects as your IT can’t keep up with the needs of these advanced projects? If you are nodding in Yes, you will be glad to know that there is a solution to the situation! Now you no longer need to turn away of the coming projects. Now you can expand your business and keep pace with today’s technologically advanced age. Thanks to Microsoft office 365! This cloud based technology will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Microsoft office 365 –

Microsoft Office 365 is simple to use as well as provides you with ‘virtual’ anywhere access to your documents, emails and people. Consequently, you can respond quicker to your clients and customers. With Microsoft office 365, you can work even on the move with greater ease than ever before.

Microsoft Office 365 provides –

  • A secure environment for your business to operate.
  • A low maintenance approach to your IT provision.
  • A cost effective way to run your IT services by only paying for what you use.
  • Powerful tools that can be scaled up or down as per on your business needs.
  • The support you need to handle any problems that may arise.

The Difference between Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps –

While both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps provide the same sorts of tools, there are some significant differences between these two.

  • Microsoft Office 365 offers different versions at various prices to fit into everyone’s needs and pockets as well as a wide variety of businesses from the large corporations to small startups.
  • Office 365 has more powerful and useful features such as Word and Excel as compared to Google Apps.
  • Microsoft Office 365 provides larger storage space like 25GB on Skydrive and 50GB on Outlook, which is an integral consideration for businesses that regularly deal in large files.
  • The provision of Office 365 offers a more robust privacy policy than Google Apps. Office 365 does not use any of the information or data you store for third parties. On the other hand, Google may use your information for advertising purposes.
  • Office 365 can be installed and accessed on any desktop whereas Google Apps is entirely online based.

A cloud-based office environment is now the product of choice for many businesses. So, being aware of the various benefits of the cloud-based technology, make your move to Microsoft Office 365 now!

Mobile Device Management (MDM): What is it and why should a company use it?

No matter what rules, regulations and policies you set in your company, your employees are going to have and use their mobile devices. Some circumstances may also tempt them to use their mobile devices for business work. While the use of personal mobile devices for business processes was once a concern, now companies are using this tendency as leverage in the form of BYOD i.e. bring your own device strategy. This leads to an increase in the need for an efficient mobile device management solution.

Since all solutions are not created equal, it is a must for you to know what this solution exactly is and why use it. So, let’s check out.

What is Mobile Device Management Solution?

Mobile device management is called MDM in short, which is widely preferred abbreviated form. MDM is simply software that allows the company management and IT administrators to implement certain policies on mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets that are going to be used as productive tools for business related tasks.

These policies are made to protect the business’s network and data from any breach and threats. All an IT administrator need is to install this software on the intended device and then the administrator can easily enforce policies and even add certain applications for company purposes.

Why should a company use Mobile Device Management Solution?

A company needs Mobile Device Management Solution mainly for three primary reasons and all of them promote the business security. They are as follows:

Improved visibility: The biggest advantage of successfully implementing MDM is to create and enforce comprehensive compliance policies related to use of mobile device’s capabilities which usually requires the understanding of other applications that run on the device. This knowledge will help you protect your business by securing your data from both, external as well as internal threats.

Access: Another benefit of using an MDM solution is that your employees can access resources that they need without making your business vulnerable to threats. In fact, this is the main reason why a company needs mobile device management. It helps its employees to use whatever resources needed for work without putting business at risk. Otherwise, there is no point of implementing MDM unless it is effective.

Security: The purpose of using a mobile device management is to implement general security measures so that use of mobile devices doesn’t pose any risk at the data and infrastructure of business. Therefore, it makes sense to use MDM only if it provides baked-in data protection and anti-malware to detect anything that tries to sneak in.

Thus, if you allow your employees to use their personal mobile devices for work or if your employees tend to use their devices even without permit, it is high time for you to use mobile device management solution so that your business security doesn’t get compromised in any way.

All About Acronis Backup Solution: Major Benefits And Limitations!!

Acronis Backup and recovery is mainly a flexible recovery system that incorporates an excellent corporate level power and also has the capability to retrieve, restore and backup any type of data including images, files or the entire drive. Acronis Backup Solution can even perform a full and differential backup of data to any location on the system. Additionally, this recovery system has also been tested to incredibly recover and protect data in situations including virus attack, network security breach, mechanical failure, and corrupted drive or system.

On the other hand, when it comes to the benefits of Acronis backup solution, there are some excellent ones to avail from it.

  1.    It offers an easy restoration of data:

With the use of Acronis backup solution, you will find that both huge data and small individual files are easy to restore and recover. The features of this solution offer the users the option of restoring data to different locations in case you don’t want to recover them in just one system.

  •  It has superb recovery and backup tools:

Acronis backup solution is considered to be one of the best solutions when it comes to backup and data recovery. The reason behind this is that it is loaded with extensive features and capabilities that are backed by a customer support team that is highly experienced and qualified in the field. Additionally, this recovery solution also comes with a different series of advanced tools and features that can easily fill businesses recovery and backup requirements.

  •  It has high backup capabilities:

File filtering, different levels of data compression, creating a full backup of a system- these are some of the many capabilities that Acronis backup solution offers and that the other recovery and backup solutions in the same field lack. When this solution is used, all the data from the network as well as from the computer gets immediately backed up automatically, meaning that in an event of any physical damage, or virus attack, the users can have the peace of mind that the data they had are properly and completely protected and stored. 

Although Acronis recovery and backup solution has become a preferred choice among users and provides several benefits, there are still a few limitations that you should be aware of. Mentioned below are a few limitations of Acronis backup solution:

–    It doesn’t support MAC, mobile phones, and other server platforms

–    There is no way to add 5 systems to an Acronis account

–    It can’t be exceeded past the 250GB allowance that it offers

Regardless of all these limitations, Acronis backup solution, all in all, has produced a very reliable, strong and easy to use backup and recovery system that too at an affordable price. So, now that you know all of its benefits and features take the plunge and buy one of its suites for your business data and recovery needs.

Mobile Device Management: Why it should be a top priority for modern businesses?

Next time you walk through a company, just stop for a while and take a note on how many mobile devices are being utilized. Nowadays, mobility is getting fused in the workspace with subtleness and technological advancements are fueling this trend to grow more and more. Consequently, mobile devices are rapidly sneaking into business environment. All of this is changing the way people are doing business, communicating with clients and accomplishing their tasks. 

Several studies have found that employees prefer to bring their own devices to work with subtleness use them for work and it also increases their productivity and efficiency. Nevertheless, the use of personal mobile devices at work and for work also brings concerns about security, integrity, and privacy for the IT department. That is where mobile device management solution emerges into the picture. 

But, why do businesses need mobile device management solution when there is an IT department to handle such problems? 

In the current era, IT professionals are already having their hands full with their entire day tasks such as maintaining a secure environment, ensuring internet connectivity and continuity, catering to help desk requests and resolving issues of data centers and maintaining them. Entry of mobile devices in the workspace is adding another layer of complexity into their already long list of responsibilities and leaving narrow scope for innovation, project planning and growth. 

In small business enterprises, IT staff resources are limited as their IT department usually consists of five to ten employees. So, handling mobile devices and ensuring their security can be quite difficult, even impractical for some SMBs. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by mobile device management solution. 

So, what exactly is this solution? What is mobile device management? 

Mobile device management solution allows IT department to streamline the management and use of mobile devices. It is devised for the administration of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers within an enterprise as well as outside, wherever its employees are scattered.

Are there benefits of using Mobile Device Management? How will my company benefit from this solution?

Benefits of Structured Cabling, And Finding a Cabling Supplier

The word networking or structured has become synonymous with PCs and Laptops. Computer has become an integral part of our life – be it professional or personal. Firms, where innumerable computers exist, need a good network cabling system to work flawlessly and improve productivity. Data cables used for networking are the only resources that allows for data sharing between numerous computers at a moment.

Nowadays, networking is hailed as the pillar of strength for any enterprise as it is the best way to communicate for all types of computers and phone infrastructures. It also supports in attracting possible customers and retaining precious existing clients. Setting up a good networking system is not easy. You will need many resources that are used for networking such as service cables, software, hardware components such as interface cards, switches, routers, bridges, etc. In addition, you will also need Ethernet network cables, optical fibers, wireless LAN, power communication etc.

Structured cabling is the essence of networking as it is the way network infrastructure is structured. This has many benefits: a well organized network system helps design, systematize, and keep up actions in a large organization. Also this is inexpensive, flexible and easy to remove without any hassle.  It can also be fiddled with in order to accommodate any changes needed in the infrastructure and all that without disturbing the exiting work flow.

A good quality network cabling significantly boosts data transfer rate, which leads to the decline in costs and time saving. But when you need to choose a structured cabling supplier, you should know the company properly and their services. Choosing the wrong cabling supplier may cost significantly in terms of productivity, and the likes.

Choose a cabling supplier who has long been catering to the needs of organizations and is capable of fulfill all sorts of communication requirements. It should deal in high quality of cabling components used for structuring network.

Setting up a structured cabling infrastructure is a good choice for large organizations. It has many a benefit for those firms –whether they are small or large, towering buildings, housing complexes or storehouses. Whatever your business do or how big it is, a well known trustworthy data cables company or structured cabling supplier like VAS Technologies can help you can set with that. It can provide you with several alternatives to select from, like services for data cabling, Barrie cabling, etc.

How Call Centers Are Important to Run a Smooth Business?

Do you want to increase brand awareness of your business? If yes, then you need call center services that can take care of your customers and also provide streamline services. The delivery of customer service plays an important role in the success and growth of any company. It is a wise decision to run a customer care department where people are responsible to listen to complaints and grievances of the customer.

Call centers are an important channel through which customers solve their problems related to the product and services of the company. After all, you might have heard people saying that this company’s call center is efficient in providing you the right details regarding a product which they do not know how to use. Nowadays, call centers services are not only limited to providing telephone services to customers, but you can also interact with them through chats, social media, and email. Small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit a lot by running call center services, this way they can figure out how it impacts their business and other factors that will make them different from the competitors. However, sometimes it is difficult to manage or establish a call center within the company.

Why You Should Outsource Call Center Services?

1.    If you want to cut down the prices by reducing labor costs, you will find a company that can provide the services at a better price. Though it is the most important factor, you also need to put emphasis on the quality of service.

2.    Some industries witness spike in call volumes in particular season and they need trained staff to manage that volume. If you operate a hotel business or deal in the traveling business, you must hire a dedicated Call Center Service Provider to handle large call volume in the holiday season. Your annual sales or profit depend largely on the way you have handled your customers where they enquired about your packages and deal offered by the company.

3.    Call center service providers are specialists and have enough staff to support your business. Years of experience of managers and industry knowledge can help managing clients whom an in house team cannot do sometimes due to limited skills and knowledge. They know how to retain customers and provide an effective solution for their problems.

4.    Call center service providers handle all customer calls professionally to maintain Outsourcing service level agreement (SLAs). They effectively monitor customer query resolution time handled by the agent to keep quality standards high. They have monitoring tools for performance assessment and plans to ensure SLAs are met for dedicated service to your business. On the other hand, in house call centers might not have effective quality monitoring techniques.

5.    Call center service providers offer 24/7 customer support which is sometimes difficult for businesses to have within their operation zone.

In the end, you should choose a reliable call center provider who can provide you all the services and round –the clock support in the most stress-free manner.

How to Choose Best Security Solutions for You

A few years ago, there were not many security solutions, and then there were not as many cases of crimes as today. Then our lifestyle was simple, but today’s lifestyle is more luxury and we want to live a opulence life, which means the involvement of several people and their roles in your life. Take for example housemaid, housekeeping men, repairer, and the likes. You will let different people in your life, and this is even for your benefit, you invite strangers who you cannot trust altogether. Be it personal or professional life, the role of security solutions like CCTV has significantly increased over time.

When it comes to security solutions, there are a number of things that you think of. But what is the most important and that everyplace from residential buildings, businesses to other public places must have is CCTV.  You cannot just record the activities around a place but also with the best CCTV solutions you can monitor workforce in real time. CCTV is not just a device to keep eyes on unwanted activities on a premise and that helps nab any bad doers. But it also acts as a powerful business tool that tremendously helps with the smooth operation of a business.

Over the years, security industry gone through significant changes, with the advent more effective technologies and devices that have made possible ensuring far better security at workplace and on a residential premise. Put simply, there are a wide range of security solutions. Be it CCTV cameras or other security equipment, you have today many options to choose from.

With so many options, it is easy to find a CCTV or any other security device at far competitive price. But at the same, this makes it a bit tricky to decide on the best CCTV solutions that meet your expectations and needs perfectly.

As to make sure you buy the best CCTV solutions in the UAE, you don’t need to be security expert. But you must do a few things such as:

  •  Get to know your needs. Keep in mind the place where you want to buy a CCTV for. It is good to study the place carefully and learn about any possible threats.
  •  Do market research. Once you know your needs and have a better idea of your place. It is time you did some market research. Look for all the options for the best CCTV solutions you can have. This should be a herculean task. Just search for the best CCTV solutions in UAE online, and you will have thongs of options in front of you.
  •  Go through the features and benefits.  If you have come out with a few options, now check for the features and benefits they offer you. Not forget to keep in mind the price. Choose the one that gives you most benefits and is most competitively priced.

Also, it is wise to learn about the post purchase support provided with the product you want to buy. This way, you do not have to worry if the product does not work properly and as per your need.

How to Choose Your Audio Video Solutions Provider

Audio visual solutions providers are trained expert in creating solutions according the requirements of their clients to help them deliver their message clearly. If you are looking for the one who you can rely on, you should be aware of some simple rules that will help you make a decision. Also, it is important to evaluate the team that will create your video solutions and ensure that they possess the right skills and sufficient experience.

Here in this blog you will learn everything you will require to make the right decision when it comes to choosing an audio video solutions provider.

Professional video and audio producers have the deep expertise and knowledge of the industry. They are aware of every nut and bolt need to make high quality video. They have hands-on the best of the methods and technologies vital to the success of doing video. Audio video is increasingly being used in the marketing today. Videos have high potential attract attention of customers and have a long lasting impact on the mind. High quality audio video solutions will help you create appealing video that best fits to your needs.

The following are some of tips for choosing a video solution provider, and the help you to make to it:

AV planning

 A good AV professional who you can rely should provide priceless support in terms of planning.  You will need to determine the technical support needed for the program. It can be a basic need or something more advanced such as a teleconferencing event or a concert. Note that there may arise some difficulties on the technical side despite you have planned well. So you should have a team of highly efficient audio video professionals during the planning stage and onstage.

Setup of event equipment

 Such professionals also give advice on venues suitable for your event. They should provide all the details of if a place is good for the equipment setup and if presentations will look good given the venue’s lighting. If they will suggest you if there is a need for setting up another lighting equipment to create a dramatic effect for the presentation. Hiring a good audio video solutions provider will help you focus more on your event.

Technical experience

This is a crucial consideration to make when it comes to hiring an audio video professional. Reliable professionals are not just well trained but also sufficient hands-on with audio visual equipment. When you need efficient operation of intermediate event technology equipment, hiring such professional means you have the right person to man equipment properly and attain seamless execution of the event. These specialists also provide proper guidance on the space requirements for the equipment setup.

Better value proposition

It is better to get all the audio visual solutions and events management from one source. Engaging many professionals for different work diverts your attention. And this distracts you from the focus on your event. Also, there is a problem with coordination, and takes to find and fix out if there occurs any problem during the event. So when you hire a audio video solution provider, make sure he is capable and experience of taking care of everything related to the production of video during the event.

4 Major Reasons Why You Should Hire An Audio Video Service Provider!!

Most conferences and events consist of entertainment, presentations and slide shows accompanied by the speech. All these aspects of an event require easy to use and top quality audio video solutions that will offer a reliable and smooth experience throughout the event. While most of the conference and event venues offer their in-house audio and video arrangements, it’s a better idea to hire an external Audio Video Solutions provider to handle all the related tasks.

That being said, audio and video arrangements are one area in which a qualified Audio Video Solutions in Dubai is always preferable: there are various more reasons you should hire an experienced and professional company to assist you in your next event.

Here are some of the major reasons why you should leverage an external Audio Video company for your upcoming event or conference.

1.    Professional audio video company has all the latest technology and equipment:

Reputed and experienced audio video solution providers constantly buy new and advanced equipment for processing their work, and with this, you’re more likely to get advanced equipment and technology when you partner with them. Even if you don’t require the latest laptops or projectors for your event, a third party AV Company will have a number of different options so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

2.    They will offer last-minute services:

Regardless of how much you prepare and arrange everything for your event, last minute issues and changes can certainly happen. You might require additional tools, technicians, more projectors, etc. While your in-house AV provider will be able to handle some of these issues, a reputed and professional audiovisual company is far more productive. An external company can quickly arrange for all the additional facilities so you don’t need to stress at the last minute to make further arrangements. This definitely isn’t possible with an in-house service provider.

3.    Professionals have good experience in coordinating and arranging multiple events:

Though the in-house audio and video providers sometimes offer the best support and assistance for different events, yet the best way to ensure you are attaining consistent and efficient services is to hire a third party AV company that specializes in multiple event coordination and arrangements.

4.    They don’t have any hidden cost or additional fees for their services and facilities:

One of the most troublesome aspects of working with an in-house AV provider is the hidden costs and additional fees included at the end of the event, which can throw your total budget off track and also cause a lot more trouble. A professional audio video service provider in Dubai, on the other hand, will disclose all the related costs in the starting itself so you don’t have to deal with any unexpected hidden costs and other charges at the end. The pricing of these companies is also consistent so there is absolutely no concern for hidden costs and additional fees on the score as well.

As you can see there are several reasons why you should consider opting for a third party audio video solution provider in Dubai instead of picking the in-house one. However, just remember to research well and make sure you hire the one that is worth.

Choosing The Best Audio Video Solution Provider In Dubai: Important Factors To Consider!!

The demand for Audio Video Solutions has been rapidly growing day by day and especially in the educational, commercial and healthcare industries. But the question here is, why the demand is growing and what is the importance of Audio Video Solutions to your specific industry?

The answer to these questions is very simple. Audio Video Solutions make things easier and more convenient. In the previous times, you might have faced issues like PPT not displaying correctly on the screen or the voice of your client was not audible. So, for such issues, Audio Video Solutions played an important role and tackled all these problems.

How to choose the right Audio Video Solutions provider in Dubai?

When it comes to choosing the right Audio Video Solutions in Dubai, you must remember that not all AV companies are made equal, and their technology, services as well as working capabilities are all different. So, due to this, selecting the most suitable Audio Video Solutions provider in Dubai will be one of the most crucial and challenging decisions you’ll need to take. But there are certain considerations with the help of which you’ll be able to choose the right company.

Mentioned below are a few factors that you must look for when making your final decision on choosing the best Audio Video Company.

The reputation of the company

The reputation of the audio video company itself is a mark of trust and is one of the right ways to know about the company’s approach, ethics, and working style. Based on the reputation of the company, you can easily decide whether you ought to hire them or not.

How can you check the company’s reputation? You can do this by:

–    Reading their online reviews and feedback

–    Visit their website and go through their portfolios

–    Try and talk to their previous clients and ask whether they were fully satisfied and happy with their services.

If it’s a well established and reputed solutions provider in Dubai, they’ll proudly show off their portfolio and also provide you with a list of good references. All in all, this will give you the confidence to take a firm decision.

Expertise and knowledge of the team

When finding the best audio video solution company, you should go for the one which has a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts. This is because a team with the right expertise as well as technical knowledge can provide you with innovative solutions that’ll prove to be good for your overall business.

Technical certification of the company

Needless to say, technical certifications are very important for any organization whether it’s an audio video solution provider company or any other business. Having all the required certifications mean a company offers on-time delivery, long term, and reliable quality services, and also uses standard and suitable equipment for accessing their work.

So, if an audio video company has all the above-mentioned qualities then you can definitely put trust in it and hire them for your business.

FortiGATE Firewall Solution: It’s Amazing Features And Effective Advantages!!

If you want to safeguard your business’s local network then FortiGate firewall solution is one of the topmost solutions to opt for. FortiGATE has a firewall comprising of a nice web management interface that’ll protect each and every aspect of your businesses’ local network. It has a UTM (unified threat management) feature that makes its hardware devices extremely strong and powerful.

Characteristics and features of FortiGATE firewall solution

There are a good number of features that a FortiGATE firewall solution has. Mentioned below is a list of all those features that come along with this firewall solution.

–    It has WAN optimization and VoIP security features

–    Virtual private networking (VPN), Intrusion Prevention, and web filtering

–    Email filtering that also includes protection against gray ware and spam

–    Application control features

–    Data leak prevention

–    ICAP

All these above-mentioned features of FortiGATE firewall solution give the users the ability to view the applications that are acting as a threat and are crossing the network. These features enable the administrator to make decisions whether or not to allow or deny the traffic solely based on this information. On the other hand, one of the important things that many simplest and common firewall, as well as router-based hardware, misses is the ability to see those applications that are crossing the threat networking and making the right decisions based on these details. Most of the common firewalls are the destination, port-based and simple source firewalls that lack all the features that a FortiGATE firewall solution comprise of.

 Apart from these features, there are also many benefits that a FortiGATE firewall solution offers to its users. Below we’ve listed down a few of those major benefits that you should be aware of.

–    FortiGATE firewall solution has multiple layers of security that make it the most preferred firewall solution.

–    The combination of traffic optimization, VPN technologies, and multi-threat security offers an accelerated, clean as well as secured communications between the networks.

–    This firewall offers you the ability to incorporate VoIP security on your network.

–    It provides you with acceptable and optimized use policies so that you can easily limit your browsing needs to certain sites if required.

–    This firewall solution also provides you with comprehensive protection combined with different and useful business policies.

–    The choice of the right anti-virus in this firewall balances the performance and further offers security options for your required environment.

A few technical benefits of FortiGATE firewall solution

Other than these benefits, there are many technical advantages of FortiGATE firewall solution as well. Some of the benefits are as followed:

–    FortiGATE firewall solution has a leading unified threat management solution that is not common in other protection firewalls.

–    It has a silicon-based ASIC CPU that process firewall transactions faster than its counterparts.

–    It has end to end security solutions that assist in the compliance of PCI-DSS regulations.

All You Need To Know About Fortigate Firewall Solutions!!

If you want to ensure complete protection and safety that detects all the hidden threats, you should surely select a firewall very carefully. As one of the key components of your company’s IT security, a firewall acts as a guard against traffic, safeguarding your data as well as preventing any unauthorized access.

FortiGate firewall solution is particularly a very good option for IT and other businesses that are coming to a conclusion that enterprise level, intrusion detection systems, as well as anti-virus solutions, are not that appropriate and suitable for today’s high-level network security attacks.

But what exactly is a FortiGate firewall solution?

A next-generation firewall, FortiGate provides super threat protection for businesses of all types and sizes. Using the purpose-built security threat intelligence from FortiGuard, the FortiGate firewall provides unmatched protection and performance while simplifying your IT network. It offers different models to satisfy any requirement from the entry level FortiGate 20 series for small offices and business to FortiGate 1500 series for large industries.

Some important features of FortiGate firewall solutions

There are plenty of features that come with FortiGate firewall solutions. Mentioned below are a few of them.

–    Web filtering

–    Data leak prevention

–    Intrusion prevention system

–    Email filtering

–    ICAP

–    Application control and so on.

What does this firewall solution protect against?

The FortiGate firewall solution can eventually protect against plenty of security threats such as:

–    Spyware

–    Malware

–    Email and intrusions

–    Instant messaging threats and viruses

–    Pharming attacks

–    Peer to peer network threats

–    Phishing

–    Blended network attacks and so on.

Working of FortiGate firewall solution

A FortiGate firewall solution mainly works by determining the data that flows into your network and further verifying if the data is safe to pass through your business workings. The lower specification firewall solutions typically figure out this data by different information such as its source and location. The information received then is evaluated against a set of permissions in order to assess whether or not it can be allowed through.

A firewall offers a front line defense against different cybersecurity threats, however, as cyber crimes become more sophisticated and challenging, it becomes equally more complicated for a firewall alone to provide protection against the myriad of cybersecurity issues.

Why choose FortiGate firewall solutions?

IT security and network threats are rapidly evolving, and your business needs to grow with them too. As we go deep in any business environment that is more sophisticated and connected as compared to before, one threat could be enough to create serious consequences and issues for your entire organization. So, in order to avoid these situations in the workplace, there is an absolute need for a firewall solution.

A FortiGate firewall solution thus can offer you and your business the peace of mind and satisfaction that your entire business is safeguarded and protected from the latest harmful threats and cyber attacks. 

Benefits Of Installing Structured Cabling System In The Organization

When you visit any modern facility these days- be it a school, residence, office complex, data center, or a multistorey building- there are 100s of network cables intact in place there to keep the communications running smoothly.

The structured cabling system is just what is needed for supporting phone lines, telecommunications, and other network systems. They are responsible for transferring data across different devices and they also connect different rooms or offices to fiber optic networks. Structured cabling is what enables audiovisual communication and the best part is that they do all this with minimal or nil interruptions. This is why structured cabling is highly crucial for seamless networking and communication. Read on to know the benefits of structured cabling for your organization.

Easy manageability- By hiring a structured cabling supplier you can ensure that any changes that are required to be made in the network architecture can be inculcated easily and quickly. An easy to manage structured cabling system is a one-time investment that yields numerous benefits for a very long time. A modern structured cabling system is equipped to support numerous hardware types and applications from many vendors all at once. Furthermore, it will require minimal maintenance efforts from the staff to manage it.

Flexible solution- A properly installed structured cabling system offers much higher flexibility than its predecessors. Modern cabling solutions often come with specialized patch cords which have LED ends for the purpose of tracing connections to devices such as fax machines, PCs, and more. With the availability of patch cords, troubleshooting issues in the cabling network become efficient and easy. For data center environments, you can find specialized and lockable power cables. All in all, this is a future proof investment for your business.

Less risk of downtime- Modern structured cabling systems have made it easy to determine and isolate network issues and also to solve them. Since the entire system is divided into easily manageable blocks, it becomes easier to detect faults without causing interruptions to other devices. A responsible structured cabling supplier will ensure that they provide you the latest technology of the cabling system.

Cost-effective solution- A well engineered and properly installed is one of the most cost-effective decisions that a company can make. This has many tangible and intangible benefits of making daily moves and changes more rapidly. The enhanced productivity, the quick rollout of strategic business applications, and efficient troubleshooting capabilities are truly what is required for an organization to become more successful. Furthermore, with a decline in maintenance charges, productivity enhances considerably.     

These are a few noteworthy benefits of structured cabling system for your organization. Modern structured cabling systems enable to end confusions which were apparently present in earlier network and cabling systems. Hire a reliable and reputed structured cabling supplier so that you can put an end to all your worries in this regard.   

Mobile Device Management: Need and Features to Look For

Mobile Device Management (MDM) term is used in the corporate world for administration of mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. The field of MDM is continuously evolving as more and more professionals are working on their mobile devices and bringing them to their workplaces and interacting to secure corporate networks. There comes the need for solutions that allow employees of a company to access information at any time regardless of the location.

What is the need for Mobile Device Management Solutions?

Especially, if you are a small to medium sized company, it is important for you to understand the importance of using mobile device management solutions so that you can focus on expanding and growing your business rather than worrying about managing mobile devices.

The trend of using mobile devices at work is resulting in the need for new considerations for security, connectivity, privacy and management. Given the consistent advancement in technology and increasing need for mobility, today’s companies also need to operate efficiently outside the four walls of their premises. In addition, they also need to directly interact with customers and employees whenever and wherever they are.

All such issues can be easily resolved through MDM solution which is specially developed for monitoring, managing and securing employees’ mobile devices which are making way into your company.

The best thing about mobility in business is that it increases efficiency as well as productivity of employees. Your business enjoys a competitive advantage by having all time access to information and applications which are necessary to act quickly. Furthermore, managing mobile devices also assists in protecting and optimizing business operations.

When you incorporate mobile device management solution into your business, it will provide you some or all of the following capabilities such as:

  • Even distribution of software updates and necessary patches
  • Easy tracking of software and hardware devices
  • Proper distribution of data and information
  • Tracking software to remain in license compliance
  • Support and control devices for dealing with troubleshoot issues
  • Taking backup and restore critical data
  • Securing wireless communications by encryption
  • Disabling devices which are not in current use, lost or stolen
  • Management of passwords and access security

What to look for in an MDM software?

Since MDM is a type of security software used by the IT department, business owners buy it and implement its usage. Here are a few features with which an MDM software solution should be equipped.

  • Cloud-based so that updates are automatic and hassle-free
  • Should be fully managed and capable of 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote configuration as well as monitoring
  • Enforcement of passwords, blacklists and other security policies
  • To block unauthorized access, passcode enforcement or remote data wiping
  • Geofencing in order to restrict access to specific data applications based on the location
  • Backup and restore capability for corporate data
  • Logging and reporting for compliance
  • Rooting and jailbreaking alerts for users who attempt to bypass restrictions
  • Disconnection of unauthorized devices and applications remotely
  • Scalable to accommodate new users and sophisticated devices

So if you want to take full advantage of the trend of mobile devices and don’t want to diverge your attention from core business operations and planning on how to move the business forward, obtaining mobile device management solutions from a reputed company is the only best way.

Multiple Uses of CCTV Cameras In Today’s Society!

Ever wondered what your children are doing at home in your absence or how your employees are spending their break times? Are your children involved in any wrong doing? Are your employees chatting, relieving stress, taking refreshments or making out with their colleagues in a dark corner? Well, the only surefire way to find out the truth and stay confident about their doing is to install CCTV Cameras for Home and office. By just taking this small step, you can catch them red-handed in their indulgence and check your kids from going astray.

What Are The Places Where The Use Of CCTV Cameras Can Be Proven Useful?

  • CCTV cameras are ideal for surveillance at home and in office spaces to keep tabs on every activity going in and around behind you.
  • Homeowners can use them for spying on their philandering spouses or cheating partners.
  • Also, they can be used at departmental stores to keep an eye on the activities of staff and customers. It will help you to see if any customer gets an itchy palm and stuffs their pockets with goodies, hoping not to pay for them.
  • They can also be installed at clubs and casinos to monitor every nook and cranny to find out feasible fraudsters or any under the table dealings that might be going on.
  • For various security reasons, military also uses CCTV cameras.
  • The use of CCTV cameras at dark streets, crossroads, parks and other public areas can be of great help to prevent crime occurrence. Many developed countries already use CCTV cameras to monitor the public in order to decrease incidence of traffic violations and put a stop to crime.
  • Other places where the use of close circuit television can be of great help are at banks, railway stations and airports where security is a major concern.

Ill witted people are often caught on camera executing their evil activities. Their villainous act is recorded that can be later used as evidence to show in the court. The recorded video can be very helpful to send the culprit behind the bars and bring the victim to justice.

Conclusion –

 So, if you are really serious about the security of you, your loved ones and your employees, you must consider getting CCTV cameras installed at your home, office space and other possible places. CCTV cameras are something we see everywhere we go and it is definitely for good reason.

Aruba Access Point: Create seamless internet connectivity for all

Whether it is a college, hospital or an office, there must be a seamless access to internet.  Majority or you can say almost all of the work depends on the internet connection. But it is time of mobility and you cannot keep glued to a place to use internet. It is time of wireless connectivity which is making a great impact on our lives.

If you are a business organization which has a number of employees, you cannot rely on cable enabled internet. You need to have a powerful wireless internet connect system. Thanks to advances in information technology, today, there are many wireless internet access solutions. Take for example, Aruba Access Point –one of the most sought after wireless WLAN solutions.

For a centralized network, you can use Aruba Mobility Controller that will allow you to set policy enforcement, data encryption, network configuration, network services Wireless WLAN Solutiond even distributed and centralized traffic forwarding.

Aruba Access Point comes with a number of incredible features that make connectivity easier, faster and more reliable.  Aruba Instant Mode is such a feature that allows you to configure an access point and replicate configurations automatically to new access points added in the WLAN.

The best of all, Aruba network devices are available in both single and dual radios thereby providing better connectivity. Pricing options may vary from supplier to supplier. However, there are various other brands providing quality network devices for different purposes.

Aruba, as a leading network solutions provider, has constantly improved its solutions. It also owns a patented technology called ClientMatch which queezes more throughputs for 802.11ac.  The technology continues to gather session performance metrics even from mobile devices. With all the APs in the WLAN, you will get the high connectivity speed from the most appropriate access point to your location. But for this technology, you would more often rely on non-optimal speeds and cutting out to 802.11n.

To protect malicious threats, it uses RFProtect uses wireless intrusion protection inside your network infrastructure. It consists of automatic threat mitigation, customizable security policies, and automated compliance reporting.

If you are looking for a wireless WLAN solution, you do not need to settle for anything provided there are more advanced and sophisticated options available like Aruba Access Point. However, there are other brands such as Cisco, Brocade, Extreme Networks, Juniper, Sonicwall offering quality network devices. All you need to do is find a good reputed supplier of different types of wireless WLAN solutions at competitive price.

Challenges Faced by IT Organizations for Digital Transformation

IT outsourcing services have acquired a stronghold around the globe in all industry verticals. Right from small to medium to large IT organizations, the concept of outsourcing services for patching, managing, monitoring and optimizing infrastructure is proving to be highly beneficial. Since IT environment requires constant attention and availability of highly skilled staff, such services are playing a major role to support organizations in a cost effective way.

However, even when people understand the attributes of digital infrastructure, they often overlook some of the challenges that are necessary to be addressed. So, what are these challenges? Let’s take a look.

No automation culture

As businesses are going under digital transformation, the main result that needs to be achieved by IT infrastructure is delivering greater business agility. Being an IT business owner, you have to be able to support the faster launch of new products and services as well as to deliver constant updates and improvements.

To achieve that, your underlying infrastructure needs to become fully automated so that you can carry out instantaneous delivery of services. If you are not cultivating Automation culture in your company today, there are major greater chances you will struggle in your business in the future.

However, to attain all these features, you need highly skilled staff. The most suitable and easy solution for all of this is to hire IT outsourcing services where automation culture can be implemented easily.

Difficulty in adaptation

With the change in the expectations of the IT infrastructure, there arises the need for processes that make acquire new infrastructure a lot easier than it is today. No one can deny that IT procurement process is long and tiresome and often comes with lengthy delays. These are all accompanied by painful technical conversations which are not tolerated by the business leaders of today who have their focus on agility. On the other hand, outsourcing service providers have the ability to easily adapt.

Incomplete virtualization

At the present time, digital infrastructure is dominated by the requirement of agility. It means the speed at which you can provision your existing services and respond to the changes in demand. The speed of the response is one of the factors which determine your success. The journey towards a more agile and automated environment must begin with proper and comprehensive virtualization. So, if you hand over the management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure to an outsourcing company, all these challenging things will be handled by that company, not by you. By doing this, you can easily focus on your core business operations.

These are one of the great challenges which will be faced by your business in the future. If you keep ignoring them for a long time, your business may not be able to keep a strong foothold in the market. Thus, leave all your worries behind and hire IT outsourcing services from one of the reputed companies and start enjoying all associated benefits from today.

Considerations To Make When Buying Antivirus Products From Antivirus Application Suppliers!!

With more than thousands of new and dangerous malicious programs and viruses being detected every day, it’s already very clear that people need the protection and safety of a good antivirus product. Viruses are something that poses constant risks to the safety and security of important information saved in your laptop, mobile devices or computers, and the best way to keep all the devices away from malicious threats is to use good quality antivirus software.  

But choosing the right antivirus software in 2019 is not that easy. It’s easier said than done. From fake products to overloaded security suites, and everything in between, there are so many different types of options available on today’s market that it can be challenging to know which antivirus software is the right one for you. Also, there are so many Antivirus Application Suppliers available out there that it can be really daunting to determine which one to choose. Most of the people, actually don’t know what to determine in antivirus software, making them fall victim of some of the harmful security threats.

So in order to protect you from the increasing cyber dangers which are targeting your systems, we have listed below a few important tips for you to choose the right antivirus software from a reputed Antivirus Application Supplier.

Consider the price of the antivirus

Price is one of the topmost things to look for when buying antivirus software. When purchasing, you’ll come across all types of features and versions priced across a wide variety. While some antivirus software is free, others are a bit more expensive than you expect. You should always go with something that is affordable; it’s not at all compulsory to purchase the most costly program to keep your systems secure. Check the features, and go with the one that fits your budget.

Choose the one that offers a free trial

You can even consider buying an antivirus that offers a free trial for a month or so for you to get a better idea of how it works and whether it suits your purpose. Go with the one that allows you to have access to all the features in the trial version itself.

Consider the user-friendliness of the antivirus

The antivirus software you choose should be user-friendly so you don’t need a manual to translate features when you open a report. The antivirus should be easily usable and understandable, even when it is processing complex works in the background.

Many people generally have antivirus software already installed in their computer systems, but getting the advanced version for your mobile devices and laptops is equally important. Additionally, it is also inevitable to consider the reliability of the Antivirus Application Supplier and the reviews of its customer’s online. The above-mentioned tips are an easy guide of some prudent considerations that you must surely factor in your final decision.

Seven Tasks an Antivirus Must Be Able To Perform

When you run a business that involves computer systems, software and online work, it is imperative to protect systems from unexpected cyber threats, intrusion and break-in. No doubt that there are countless websites on the Internet which promise to deliver the best antivirus applications but it is not so. Only some of them stand tall on their promises. You cannot always blame them. The fault is on your part too as you don’t research beforehand or usually don’t know the traits of good antivirus software. In this blog, we will discuss a few tasks which a good antivirus must be able to do so that you know what you are looking for whenever you contact an antivirus application supplier.

Perform static scan as well as dynamic scan

Viruses can be fixed injections in a code as well as insertion that appears episodically or only when the infected website is shown in a specific browser or when the user finds the website through search engine.

Thus, a good antivirus must be equipped with a built-in function that allows the system to emulate any web browser and every possible interaction with the website in order to simulate every situation that may occur.

It also must check the code for changes, navigate through the website and scan every page after loading. Only a thorough scan can ensure that the website is clean.

Actual signatures and up-to-date database

These days so many developers are coming in the market with the viruses that signatures are getting outdated in the blink of an eye. Therefore, an antivirus must care about the information it is working with and use several indicators for malicious code.

Detect malicious content and check the blacklist

A mobile device or a computer can be infected even by just downloading a picture from a website that distributes malicious content. So, a good antivirus should be capable of restricting the access to web resources that distribute scripts, styles, etc.

It must also be capable of making sure that your website is not contained in blacklist by performing blacklist checks. If your website has managed to get in one of those lists, know that you really have a serious issue with your website’s security.

Detect spam content and external links

Many hackers can crawl into your system and embed it with spam content. So, antivirus application must be able to check your website for external links and spam content.

Detect dangerous widgets

Webmasters and website owners, generally, don’t know that a widget they have placed can be spoiled by hackers as they frequently leave an ad code to promote suspicious programs with hidden redirects. So, your security application must also detect dangerous widgets and unscrupulous advertisements.

Differentiate a real malicious object from the harmless object

A badly programmed antivirus can be very annoying for you as it pinpoints you every time it finds any iframe insertion even if it is not harmful. A smartly programmed antivirus can determine whether or not an object is harmful. Apart from this, it can also differentiate between critical threats and warnings. This, in turn, minimizes the false alarms and makes diagnose more meticulous.

Save the results

An antivirus program should also provide a link where saved results can be found so that when a website owner cannot understand what to do with the results, he/she can send them to a specialist.

If you also need a good antivirus application that can protect your network and system in the best possible manner, contact one of the reputed antivirus application suppliers today and get all-round security.

Important Considerations To Make When Choosing The Right Wireless Access Points!!

Wireless technology has improved rapidly in recent years. It has a great impact on the lifestyle and work habits of people. As a beneficial element in this technology, wireless access points have become more important than before. This is because they can offer more convenient ways to wired networks.

What are wireless access points?

A wireless access point is mainly a device which is used to receive and transmit radio signals through the use of antenna and transceiver. They are usually installed in places where many computers and other systems share broadband internet connection. With the advent of new technology products with better and improved performance, the wireless broadband technology has also developed tremendously.

However, when it comes to choosing the right wireless access point, it is certainly a challenging work as the technology is increasing rapidly, and needless to say, with the introduction of so many wireless access point suppliers, the task of selecting the right access point has become quite difficult. So, to help you narrow down your selection, we’ve provided below a list of some of the major considerations that you must make while choosing a wireless solution for your requirement.

Important factors to look for when choosing the right wireless access point

Consider the price

Price is one of the major factors and plays a beneficial role in the selection of wireless access points. An important point to remember is that an access point that has a higher price may also include some sort of support tools. So, you should carefully look for the installation of high-priced wireless access points as they could surely be worth the money.

Never ignore to consider its range

Wireless access points that have range enhancements are more advantageous as they help to lessen the cost and numbers of access points. The overall cost of the wireless access point can easily be lowered with the use of longer range as they require a few numbers of access points. 

Will the access point supports the upgradation?

When looking for a wireless access point, always make sure to choose the one that supports firmware upgrades as the LAN standards are increasing rapidly and you want the one that has the latest feature. It is also a beneficial thing if the access point’s upgradation can be done from a central access point that automatically allocates the upgrade to all the other access points of the network.

Check whether the wireless access point supplier is certified or not

You must always remember to invest in the installation of access points which are certified by the regulatory authorities. Make sure to check whether the access point supplier you are considering offers certified products and also ensure all the necessary licenses.

Apart from these, another very important factor to consider is to make sure the access point will be able to withstand your office temperature. Note that wireless access points must be installed only in offices spaces where the neutral temperature is regularly maintained. Sometimes, industries and warehouses can have an extremely hot or cold temperature and this can affect the workings of the access points. So, ensure that the wireless access point you are choosing can withstand different temperatures and will not have an impact on its working.

I Want To Set Up Wi-Fi for My Large Office

Before the era of wireless technology, the internet signals used to be transmitted through wired connections. Therefore, there were a lot of limitations in utilizing wires for connectivity. Firstly, it stopped the mobility of the computer systems as the system could not be moved further than the length of the wire. When the laptops’ popularity quickly escalated, engineers and technicians of that time considered systems’ mobility as a prime concern.

Then, wireless networking systems were developed in order to provide mobility. Today, Wi-Fi systems have become an important part of several places, well, majorly in workplaces. With the advantages of wireless networks, our systems not only got mobility but the cost has also fallen down by cutting off the cables. Wi-Fi installation and internet service through it are way cheaper than wired internet connections.

A friend of mine last week came to me in worry asked for my advice while saying I want to set up Wi-Fi for my large office. Of course, I recommended him the best thing. If you’re also planning to set up an indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi device, then read this blog further as I have discussed a few things which will make you understand why you should use Wi-Fi because this is more important before installing one.

Collaboration along with productivity

Employees these days majorly depend on Wi-Fi networks to stay productive. Moreover, junior, as well as senior employees, can use Wi-Fi networks to send emails, can link to online content from the company server, or can view someone else’s web-based presentation. With the help of Wi-Fi networks, employees don’t require being gathered in a common meeting room as they can meet each other using video conferencing software on their laptops, tablets or personal smartphones. They no more have to stay tied to a desk just like a computed tied with a wired network.

Employees can also provide quality work by being productive even while sitting in the lobby, cafeteria or any other place inside the office premises. The only thing you as a company owner should be concerned about is security; Wi-Fi devices can be put on highest security settings to protect the confidential information of your company as your employees will be sending and receiving emails, documents, quotes, etc.

Internet access for guests

Guests being able to access the internet in your office building will be happy and chances will be more of them signing an agreeable business deal with you. In case your business partners and vendors require using the internet to open some important files they would be able to use your guest Wi-Fi, this would be best if your office place experience poor cellular network coverage.

With this, you can have a private Wi-Fi with high security for all the employees and other open Wi-Fi for guests and all. This way, you don’t need to disclose your Wi-Fi password to people outside your business. At last, I can say that Wi-Fi has become vital in every workplace regardless of the size in order to productively and efficiently work with more freedom from wires.

Which Phone System Can Be The Best For Your Business?

It may become an overwhelming task when you have to choose a phone system for your business, especially in this era when we have numerous options such as wired telephones and the phone systems that run through a wireless access point. With a wide variety of phone systems and their unlimited models, how would you be sure about the right one?

In this blog, I have covered a couple of most trending telephone systems which you should consider while upgrading the communication systems in your company.

First things first

When it comes to upgrading the telecommunication system in your office, the very first thing you would need to do is ask your employees for the complaints and suggestions they have. For instance, ask them about the types of issues which are occurring in the currently installed phone system and I am sure most of them would give you a lot of recommendations. Listen to your employees carefully and choose the best for them as your company will only grow if your workforce can work without me help you with this; Following are the two most popular types of corporate phone systems you can consider.

  • Digital phone systems
  • Internet (VoIP or Cloud) phone systems

Digital phone systems

Digital phone systems are small box-looking phone systems that are generally mounted on a wall or placed on the desk in a cabinet. They are typically connected to your phone lines and all the handsets you own for your business purposes. Tough they are highly reliable phone systems they can’t be called a very future proof solution since they work using fixed lines. Now, as these phone systems can only be used in a particular place, they can become costly by involving the cost of equipment, installation fee, and maintenance cost.

Moreover, you would need to pay the complete amount in advance in most cases which can be heavy damage to your finances. This is something you should be concerned about if you are planning to install digital phone systems. 

Internet phone systems (VoIP or Cloud)

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is a virtual phone system which is commonly known as Cloud phone system. Instead of your office building, this system will be based in a data center somewhere and the calls will be routed in and out of your business using a wireless access point. These may not be compatible with the phone system you already have and that’s why they can be a little expensive but consider it as a onetime investment.

Since they run on the internet it is vital to hire a reliable wireless access point supplier because as fast as the internet speed is your company’s productivity will not be hampered by interruptions in the phone line.

VOIP phone systems are better for medium to large size business firms who have a leased line (a typical high-speed internet connection) that is compatible with this phone system.

Some Noteworthy Benefits Of Utilizing A Wireless Telephone System For Your Business

The consequences of losing an important line of communication with your clients or co-workers will not only affect productivity but your business can also lose trust in the telephone system your business relies on. Fortunately, solutions are there to get better efficiency in your business premises.

The conventional phone lines era is gone due to the limited efficiency of those phones. Today, a majority of firms have started relying on wireless telephone systems that are capable of supporting all kind of fast-paced communication requirements of any business.

Complete Monitoring

Probably, there’s nothing more beneficial than having a telephone system that can be monitored for the whole day and night and that also for all days. In fact, this can be the best advantageous system that you can install in your business, especially if your employees experience frequently occurring issues which are not identified.

User-friendly Solution

A good wireless system supplier would always provide you with more reliable equipment for the employees working in your company, such as a telephone system based on VoIP technology that can be connected through your internet connection and IP address. Having this type of powerful calling system can help to prevent the risk of external technical issues that disturb phone lines of your business.

Efficiency Enhancer

Using a telephone system that includes VoIP technology would surely increase productivity as such phone lines generally function using the internet; resulting, the communication transmission would be faster, reliable, and more cost-efficient.

Apart from that, using wireless systems allows your employees to move around on the floor. For instance, your employees can easily carry the phone along with them while talking, in case they need to get up and move from their seats to another desk.

Security Factor

Once you get your business a well-integrated wireless telephone system along with the ability to record and keep the call records that are made within the office or to outside, you can keep a watch if your employees are making efficient use of the lines or if someone misusing it for personal use.

Ease of Use

Since these latest telephone systems offer a long list of features including auto attendant, automated directories, call forwarding, conference calling, etc, your company will obtain various tools and features to enhance the work environment and a communication system that can easily be adapted.


If you have ever been through a feeling of frustration when an important call gets dropped due to whatsoever reason, it is time to consider improving the telephone system in your company.

You can get the wireless telephone system installed in your office so that your employees can never miss an important call or message in it. These systems are widely available but it is advised to purchase them from a reliable wireless system supplier so that to get top-quality phones at genuine prices. These wireless systems can become a powerful tool for your business growth in 2019.

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