Thermal Imaging Camera Supplier

Thermal Imaging Camera Supplier

Thermal Cameras have become an important part of modern-day security & surveillance system. They are also termed as thermal imaging or thermographic cameras to see areas of heat through smoke or darkness. Thermal cameras are also very helpful in video monitoring setup for the reliable screening against the spread of COVID-19. VAS Technologies is the leading supplier of all kinds of thermal cameras for different kinds of uses.

As a reputed thermal camera supplier, we supply the best thermal imaging equipment to individuals, leading contractors, and businesses and organizations of all sizes. We are capable of fulfilling all kinds of demands as per our customers’ requirements for a variety of markets. We believe in high performance, versatile visualization, and quality hardware and software products for your thermal imaging system. We are a certified thermal camera supplier for quality system requirements for your organization, offices, homes, industries, or any other commercial or residential buildings.

A thermal camera is typically handheld or wall-mounted depending on the requirements and purposes. If you are looking for thermal imaging cameras for the surveillance system at your place then the wall-mounted cameras are the best choices while for the screening of individuals’ body temperature a handheld thermal imaging camera will be the best choice.

How they work and where can you use it?

A thermal imaging camera uses infrared and thermal imaging technology that translates thermal distribution (heat) of the target object into a visible image through signal processing and photoelectric conversion. This technology is used to analyze a particular object or scene and displayed the captured thermal image on a screen. A thermal camera accurately quantifies the heat image of any object in real-time for the surveillance, monitoring, screening, detection, and evaluation purpose for the suspected object or individual.

Modern-day thermal imaging cameras and equipment have evolved from a bulky machine into a lightweight, portable device for different purposes. You can use them in:

  • Surveillance System for monitoring purpose

  • Firefighting Industry to see the heat signature of visually obscured victims

  • Defense industry

  • Search for victims outdoors on a cool night

  • Screening and monitoring of individuals for temperature or fever condition

  • Detection of overheating electrical wiring

Things to look for in a Thermal Camera?

For the quality and high performance, you should always consider getting them from a certified thermal camera supplier. Here at Vas Technologies, we help you find the best quality thermal imaging cameras for your needs. Some of the factors that you should consider while selecting the right one for your purpose:

    • Handheld or wall-mounted: Depending on your purpose of use

    • Detector resolution: Describes the number of pixels of your image quality

    • Thermal Sensitivity: The smallest temperature difference it can detect

    • Temperature range: The minimum and maximum temperature it can measure

Apart from these factors, you should also look for four adjustments and settings in your thermal imaging cameras that are focus, thermal tuning, reflective temperature setting, and emissivity setting for the tuning purpose.

If you are looking for thermal imaging cameras and equipment for your needs, you can contact us for all kinds of requirements. With years of experience as a thermal camera supplier, VAS Technologies is best for high-quality products from reputed brands in the business. Just contact us with all your details and requirements and we will help you find the right thermal imaging equipment for your needs.

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