Structured Cabling System

Structured Cabling System

Structured cabling is a standard way of managing and utilizing your enterprise building’s connectivity to facilitate moves, adds and changes on your network without causing unnecessary downtime or interruptions.

It’s also a smart, easy-to-manage network infrastructure that supports applications such as sensor-driven technologies, Wi-Fi, cloud computing and much more.

Whether your network is ten computers or ten buildings in a campus environment, VAS Technologies can provide the copper and fiber cabling needed to connect voice and data across the LAN.

VAS Technologies is available at structured cabling supplier in Dubai and service with any queries regarding the structured cabling system. Our trained professionals will install all the cables correctly and efficiently. The enhanced flexibility and reduced downtime offered by structured cabling system help your business grow considerably.

Optical fibre networks have become quite common and form the backbone of several enterprise networks. Your company networking depends on it for high-speed transmissions, be it for internet or communication through SPA502G. So you might have often come across fibre optic cabling with slicing that can help your business in many ways. Our professionals are trained in splicing and are equipped with all the latest devices which are needed for splicing.

  • Experienced professionals – Our professionals are experienced in this field and experts at everything related to networking. We understand the importance of fibre optics for the smooth functioning of your business and therefore, provide you with the best of services.

  • Trust VAS Technologies with your splicing needs – Your company needs fibre optics for many things starting from SPA502G to networking. Your fibre optic cable might either be cut off, or your supplier has given you divided one long fibre optic cable for easy transportation. Whatever be the case, our professionals will join several fibre optic cables to make a single communication link.

  • Why choose VAS Technology? – We use high-end equipment to reduce the optical loss incurred during splicing. While you might get your fibre optic spliced elsewhere for a lower rate, our equipment will reduce your optical loss. The reduced optical loss will benefit you in the long run.

Structured Cabling Supplier in Dubai

Every industry relies on copper cabling for their networking needs. The most important step for installing a cable network is its termination. Copper cabling termination is the physical termination of the cable into many types of connectors. Whether you intend to install copper cables are using it from a long time in the company, cable termination is a required process.

Structured Cabling Supplier in Dubai
Why choose VAS Technologies for copper cable termination?

VAS technologies is a renowned name in the field of networking. Our networking products are popular and applauded for its quality. We understand the elements needed for networking in and out. Our services are thus tailored to your business needs, and we know how to optimise the components of networking to benefit your business. Our professional technicians are experts in cabling and trained in termination. They have several years of experience in copper cable termination, thus reducing any error or cable loss.

Your business might often come to a halt with faulty wiring. Even a single fault can bring down the greatestbusiness in minutes and cause substantial losses to the company. Cabling systems are delicate and need to be handled by professionals. Regardless of the size of the issue, VAS technologies can help you design and test the cabling system to optimise your business.

The importance of quality design and testing of the cabling system

Every wire is essential for the smooth functioning of your company. Your company depends on the cabling system from scratch. Be it concerning VoIP phones or higher level networking; your business cannot run efficiently without your data centre connected correctly. Your data centre needs to be designed and connected efficiently for the company to deliver even at the peak time. Therefore, negligence towards the cabling system can lead to massive losses and damages to the company.

Structured Cabling Supplier in Dubai
Structured Cabling Supplier in Dubai
Why choose VAS Technologies for your needs related to the design and testing of cabling system?

Our professionals are highly experienced and trained in their field of work. They understand the damage of faulty wiring and cabling. We have the latest equipment to test why something is going wrong in your company related to cabling. The material used caters to our professional’s safety as well as the employee’s security.

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