FortiGATE Firewall Solution: It’s Amazing Features And Effective Advantages!!

If you want to safeguard your business’s local network then FortiGate firewall solution is one of the topmost solutions to opt for. FortiGATE has a firewall comprising of a nice web management interface that’ll protect each and every aspect of your businesses’ local network. It has a UTM (unified threat management) feature that makes its hardware devices extremely strong and powerful.

Characteristics and features of FortiGATE firewall solution

There are a good number of features that a FortiGATE firewall solution has. Mentioned below is a list of all those features that come along with this firewall solution.

–    It has WAN optimization and VoIP security features

–    Virtual private networking (VPN), Intrusion Prevention, and web filtering

–    Email filtering that also includes protection against gray ware and spam

–    Application control features

–    Data leak prevention

–    ICAP

All these above-mentioned features of FortiGATE firewall solution give the users the ability to view the applications that are acting as a threat and are crossing the network. These features enable the administrator to make decisions whether or not to allow or deny the traffic solely based on this information. On the other hand, one of the important things that many simplest and common firewall, as well as router-based hardware, misses is the ability to see those applications that are crossing the threat networking and making the right decisions based on these details. Most of the common firewalls are the destination, port-based and simple source firewalls that lack all the features that a FortiGATE firewall solution comprise of.

 Apart from these features, there are also many benefits that a FortiGATE firewall solution offers to its users. Below we’ve listed down a few of those major benefits that you should be aware of.

–    FortiGATE firewall solution has multiple layers of security that make it the most preferred firewall solution.

–    The combination of traffic optimization, VPN technologies, and multi-threat security offers an accelerated, clean as well as secured communications between the networks.

–    This firewall offers you the ability to incorporate VoIP security on your network.

–    It provides you with acceptable and optimized use policies so that you can easily limit your browsing needs to certain sites if required.

–    This firewall solution also provides you with comprehensive protection combined with different and useful business policies.

–    The choice of the right anti-virus in this firewall balances the performance and further offers security options for your required environment.

A few technical benefits of FortiGATE firewall solution

Other than these benefits, there are many technical advantages of FortiGATE firewall solution as well. Some of the benefits are as followed:

–    FortiGATE firewall solution has a leading unified threat management solution that is not common in other protection firewalls.

–    It has a silicon-based ASIC CPU that process firewall transactions faster than its counterparts.

–    It has end to end security solutions that assist in the compliance of PCI-DSS regulations.

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