How Surveillance and Access Control Technology Can Help Businesses Comply with Pandemic Guidelines!!

Like other parts of the world, Dubai has also faced the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, the situation is better than before, and Dubai is getting back to run its wheels and encouraging businesses to reopen given that they follow pandemic guidelines to ensure everybody’s safety. While many businesses have already resumed their operations, many are still in confusion about how they would manage everything and comply with the new business guidelines.

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Surveillance Cameras – More powerful Tools than Before

The best solution businesses have to manage and monitor things better is to have surveillance cameras installed if they haven’t already or if their surveillance systems have outdated. How? At present, surveillance cameras are powerful tools that are not only helping with surveillance, loss prevention, and access control but also helping businesses to enforce social distancing, sense body temperatures, and manage crowds more effectively.

Their importance in places such as retail outlets, large open markets, supermarkets, offices, government offices, shopping malls, and hospitals has dramatically increased. They are helping all kinds of trades and businesses comply with pandemic safety guidelines, protect the health of employees and customers, and reopen to resume business operations and stay open without compromising safety.

IP Security technologies have proven to be valuable as they can be easily adapted to provide innovative solutions to problems posed by regulations to curb the spread of COVID-19. While Dahua and Hikvision are two of the most popular IP camera brands in Dubai, Samsung is also a reliable brand when it comes to IP security cameras.

What are the other measures that Dubai businesses can take to make their premises more secure?

In addition to IP surveillance cameras, businesses should install:

Advanced Access Control Systems for Touch-Free Door Operation

Access control systems, such as BioStar 2 from Suprema, provides you with comprehensive functionality for access control, time and attendance management, visitor management, and video log maintenance. Users can use this web-based platform remotely using a mobile app designed for BioStar 2. It comes with all access control features, such as door, elevator and zone control, graphic map, server matching, video logs, image logs, and so on. In short, with this device, the mobile app authenticates the user remotely, allowing them to open the door with a smartphone.

Facial Recognition Systems for Keyless Access and Temperature Detection

Various businesses can also benefit from facial recognition technology. Through this technology, they can provide authorized employees with keyless access to specific secured areas, such as cash rooms, lockers, cabinets, etc.

One great example of such a device is FaceStation 2. It not only identifies employees from the facial recognition database and automatically trips the door lock but also comes with temperature detection technology.

Its Suprema Thermal Camera can detect users with elevated skin temperature and limit the access of users with a higher temperature than the threshold. You can also install this type of device at the entrance from where your employees and staff people enter. Investing in and installing the right kind of surveillance cameras and access control systems will help businesses in Dubai and the rest of the UAE to navigate the challenges that emerged due to the pandemic. Only businesses with a proactive and smart approach are and will be successfully operating in the future and can recover from the unprecedented loss better than the ones that are not coming forward to use technology that can address current issues and make their operations better and secure.