I Want To Set Up Wi-Fi for My Large Office

Before the era of wireless technology, the internet signals used to be transmitted through wired connections. Therefore, there were a lot of limitations in utilizing wires for connectivity. Firstly, it stopped the mobility of the computer systems as the system could not be moved further than the length of the wire. When the laptops’ popularity quickly escalated, engineers and technicians of that time considered systems’ mobility as a prime concern.

Then, wireless networking systems were developed in order to provide mobility. Today, Wi-Fi systems have become an important part of several places, well, majorly in workplaces. With the advantages of wireless networks, our systems not only got mobility but the cost has also fallen down by cutting off the cables. Wi-Fi installation and internet service through it are way cheaper than wired internet connections.

A friend of mine last week came to me in worry asked for my advice while saying I want to set up Wi-Fi for my large office. Of course, I recommended him the best thing. If you’re also planning to set up an indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi device, then read this blog further as I have discussed a few things which will make you understand why you should use Wi-Fi because this is more important before installing one.

Collaboration along with productivity

Employees these days majorly depend on Wi-Fi networks to stay productive. Moreover, junior, as well as senior employees, can use Wi-Fi networks to send emails, can link to online content from the company server, or can view someone else’s web-based presentation. With the help of Wi-Fi networks, employees don’t require being gathered in a common meeting room as they can meet each other using video conferencing software on their laptops, tablets or personal smartphones. They no more have to stay tied to a desk just like a computed tied with a wired network.

Employees can also provide quality work by being productive even while sitting in the lobby, cafeteria or any other place inside the office premises. The only thing you as a company owner should be concerned about is security; Wi-Fi devices can be put on highest security settings to protect the confidential information of your company as your employees will be sending and receiving emails, documents, quotes, etc.

Internet access for guests

Guests being able to access the internet in your office building will be happy and chances will be more of them signing an agreeable business deal with you. In case your business partners and vendors require using the internet to open some important files they would be able to use your guest Wi-Fi, this would be best if your office place experience poor cellular network coverage.

With this, you can have a private Wi-Fi with high security for all the employees and other open Wi-Fi for guests and all. This way, you don’t need to disclose your Wi-Fi password to people outside your business. At last, I can say that Wi-Fi has become vital in every workplace regardless of the size in order to productively and efficiently work with more freedom from wires.

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