Mobile Device Management (MDM): What is it and why should a company use it?

No matter what rules, regulations and policies you set in your company, your employees are going to have and use their mobile devices. Some circumstances may also tempt them to use their mobile devices for business work. While the use of personal mobile devices for business processes was once a concern, now companies are using this tendency as leverage in the form of BYOD i.e. bring your own device strategy. This leads to an increase in the need for an efficient mobile device management solution.

Since all solutions are not created equal, it is a must for you to know what this solution exactly is and why use it. So, let’s check out.

What is Mobile Device Management Solution?

Mobile device management is called MDM in short, which is widely preferred abbreviated form. MDM is simply software that allows the company management and IT administrators to implement certain policies on mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets that are going to be used as productive tools for business related tasks.

These policies are made to protect the business’s network and data from any breach and threats. All an IT administrator need is to install this software on the intended device and then the administrator can easily enforce policies and even add certain applications for company purposes.

Why should a company use Mobile Device Management Solution?

A company needs Mobile Device Management Solution mainly for three primary reasons and all of them promote the business security. They are as follows:

Improved visibility: The biggest advantage of successfully implementing MDM is to create and enforce comprehensive compliance policies related to use of mobile device’s capabilities which usually requires the understanding of other applications that run on the device. This knowledge will help you protect your business by securing your data from both, external as well as internal threats.

Access: Another benefit of using an MDM solution is that your employees can access resources that they need without making your business vulnerable to threats. In fact, this is the main reason why a company needs mobile device management. It helps its employees to use whatever resources needed for work without putting business at risk. Otherwise, there is no point of implementing MDM unless it is effective.

Security: The purpose of using a mobile device management is to implement general security measures so that use of mobile devices doesn’t pose any risk at the data and infrastructure of business. Therefore, it makes sense to use MDM only if it provides baked-in data protection and anti-malware to detect anything that tries to sneak in.

Thus, if you allow your employees to use their personal mobile devices for work or if your employees tend to use their devices even without permit, it is high time for you to use mobile device management solution so that your business security doesn’t get compromised in any way.

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