Mobile Device Management: Need and Features to Look For

Mobile Device Management (MDM) term is used in the corporate world for administration of mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. The field of MDM is continuously evolving as more and more professionals are working on their mobile devices and bringing them to their workplaces and interacting to secure corporate networks. There comes the need for solutions that allow employees of a company to access information at any time regardless of the location.

What is the need for Mobile Device Management Solutions?

Especially, if you are a small to medium sized company, it is important for you to understand the importance of using mobile device management solutions so that you can focus on expanding and growing your business rather than worrying about managing mobile devices.

The trend of using mobile devices at work is resulting in the need for new considerations for security, connectivity, privacy and management. Given the consistent advancement in technology and increasing need for mobility, today’s companies also need to operate efficiently outside the four walls of their premises. In addition, they also need to directly interact with customers and employees whenever and wherever they are.

All such issues can be easily resolved through MDM solution which is specially developed for monitoring, managing and securing employees’ mobile devices which are making way into your company.

The best thing about mobility in business is that it increases efficiency as well as productivity of employees. Your business enjoys a competitive advantage by having all time access to information and applications which are necessary to act quickly. Furthermore, managing mobile devices also assists in protecting and optimizing business operations.

When you incorporate mobile device management solution into your business, it will provide you some or all of the following capabilities such as:

  • Even distribution of software updates and necessary patches
  • Easy tracking of software and hardware devices
  • Proper distribution of data and information
  • Tracking software to remain in license compliance
  • Support and control devices for dealing with troubleshoot issues
  • Taking backup and restore critical data
  • Securing wireless communications by encryption
  • Disabling devices which are not in current use, lost or stolen
  • Management of passwords and access security

What to look for in an MDM software?

Since MDM is a type of security software used by the IT department, business owners buy it and implement its usage. Here are a few features with which an MDM software solution should be equipped.

  • Cloud-based so that updates are automatic and hassle-free
  • Should be fully managed and capable of 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote configuration as well as monitoring
  • Enforcement of passwords, blacklists and other security policies
  • To block unauthorized access, passcode enforcement or remote data wiping
  • Geofencing in order to restrict access to specific data applications based on the location
  • Backup and restore capability for corporate data
  • Logging and reporting for compliance
  • Rooting and jailbreaking alerts for users who attempt to bypass restrictions
  • Disconnection of unauthorized devices and applications remotely
  • Scalable to accommodate new users and sophisticated devices

So if you want to take full advantage of the trend of mobile devices and don’t want to diverge your attention from core business operations and planning on how to move the business forward, obtaining mobile device management solutions from a reputed company is the only best way.

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