Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business thrives on data and losing them can cost a lot to its growth.The lost data can takeseveral months to be replaced. This why backup and disaster recovery are of utmost importance in any business. At VAS Technologies, you are assured the best Acronis Backup Solution and disaster recovery services.

Why is backup and disaster recovery (DR) crucial?

Acronis Backup and disaster recovery are very important in the field of IT. You can backup your data by storing a copy the files to a spate storage location. Whether the data is attained from your VoIP phone or elsewhere, backing up the data can help it get restores if it gets lost or damaged. Disaster recovery is the act of restoring all these backed up data. Though both are two entities, we combine the two for faster and easier restoration.

Quick backup and restoration

You need not wait for several months to replace your lost data in case of an unfortunate event. We restore the data quickly as not to affect your reputation in from of the customers.

Stay in the competition

VAS Technologies have always helped you to stay in the competition with respect to disaster recovery. The chances of your competitors overtaking you increase if you have lost the critical data in case of downtime or major disaster, be it natural or man-made. We help you retain your existing clients before your competition.

Be it for Acronis Backup Solution and disaster recovery, do not hesitate to contact our customer care service and to expand your business.

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