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The first impression is the last impression. Often, the first impression your customers have is gained by your email address. Customers see different levels of professionalism by a company with an email address as ‘’ and another company with an email address as ‘’. This is one of the main reason why email hosting is important for your business. Apart from professionalism, email hosting provides several safety measures which are beneficial for your company’s growth.

You are likely to send and receive several emails which are relevant and sensitive to your business. Would you risk your bills, invoices and customer contacts by storing it in regular google or yahoo account? Also, what if you are not satisfied with the hosting company and want to move your website? Having your own domain does not require you to migrate while moving your website. This saves a lot of precious business time.

Email archiving by VAS Technologies

Apart from offering email hosting and SPA502G, we also provide email archiving. What if someone steals your password or hacks your email? What if you end up losing your essential customer emails somehow? Email archiving saves the data containing in email messages to allow faster retrieval. In email archiving, emailsare retained for an unlimited time. This requires low cost of ownership and is highly profitable to the business.

So be it for SPA502G or email hosting and archiving, you can call us and get your questions answered. Get ready to expand our business.

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