Server Virtualization (Vmware and Hyper-V)

The benefits of virtualizations have persuaded several companies to opt for it. If you are planning to invest in virtualization too, you are in the right place. VAS Technologies offer Vmware and Hyper-V, whether you are have already invested in it or are planning to migrate to the clouds.

Save money

If you have not already given a thought to server virtualization, this is an excellent time to consider it with almost every company reaping its benefits. Imagine the amount of power saved by migrating all your physical servers into virtual ones. Maintaining servers requires a lot of money and alleviating them can help your business invest the money in other things. Apart from the UPS costs, diesel generator costs, network switch costs, and cooling costs; you can save on floor and rack space.

Save time

Who else will know the value of time than a business person? Apart from reducing the data center footprint, virtualization will help you save time the administrator had to invest in physical servers and SPA502G. Also, due to the reduced downtime, each user can be more productive.

Increase uptime

The virtualization of your business helps it tremendously with respect to its uptime and continuity. You can avail of several features form virtualization platforms that weren’t available on physical servers.

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