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IP telephony, or VoIP, is the latest information communications technology. However, cybercriminals often get access to VoIP devices to collect valuable data and confidential information and records. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about information security for school and office in Dubai, as VAS Technologies is here to protect your confidential and sensitive information and data.

Don’t Let Complacency Cost You

IP phone system can yield financial and productivity benefits. However, security vulnerabilities can wipe out these benefits within no time. Whether you have a hosted IP phone or an on-site VoIP system, it is essential to protect your organization’s voice network.

Engaging a VoIP expert like VAS Technologies will help to strengthen the information security of your organization. We provide you a customized solution with the best Fortinet firewalls and antivirus application supplier in Dubai.

How We Secure Your Voice Network

We adopt a number of information security measures when integrating SPA502G to your voice network. We ensure you can control access to the network through device certificate and/or user name and password. We also limit the type of calls that can be made on the network. This can be done by the device or user. We can also incorporate other criteria, including taking into account the time of the day.

While the SPA502G comes with SIP and SPCP protocol, we apply encryption by the device, user or segment. This prevents network latency and does not result in operational overhead. We also encrypt the signaling with SIP and SPCP to ensure any sensitive voice traffic is encrypted and cannot be accessed by an unauthorized party.

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To enjoy state-of-the-art information security, get in touch with VAS Technologies today. We provide the latest security measures to make IP telephony secure and protect sensitive voice calls and traffic.

Any network is a possible target for hackers. Cybercriminals look for backdoor entry into a network or use phishing and other means to get access to the network.

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When your organization uses IP telecommunications, the internet or cloud computing, it is not sufficient to merely secure the network.
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