When your organization uses IP telecommunications, the internet or cloud computing, it is not sufficient to merely secure the network. You also need to take security measures to keep your communications and storage devices secure. It is prudent to remember that while VoIP and cloud computing aid in seamless communications, they also can be a security risk, leading to cyberattacks. This is primarily because the systems are connected to the internet. At VAS Technologies, we help secure all devices connected to the internet with the right firewall.
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Importance of Firewall

Cyberattackers and hackers use brute force attacks to get access to passwords and gain control over servers. These attacks are automated and follow a trial-and-error method. Hackers can also resort to DDoS attacks to render the device inoperative. For example, the SIP protocol in the SPA502G is not encrypted and this can result in cybercriminals getting access to the audio. However, with the right firewall in place, it is possible to avert such incidents.

However, a strong firewall or router can block voice audio as well as phone signals from getting to the VoIp adapter. To ensure this does not occur, our technical staff open two ports on the router or network device. Similarly, we ensure optimal functioning of all connected devices even with robust firewall in place.

Using the Right Technology

Any connected device needs protection from the incoming traffic from the internet. We ensure that a firewall functions as the first line of defense to protect the network and the device. We also use a firewall with packet filter that restricts outgoing data traffic. This helps to protect the device and keep it from becoming part of a bot network.

Since there are different types of firewalls, we assess your requirement and accordingly suggest the right one, so that you enjoy IP telephony, cloud computing and online communications without worrying about the systems being taken over, Trojan, viruses and infected IT systems. It also prevents a negative effect on customer relations.

Get in touch with VAS Technologies today to secure your network and devices with the best fit firewall.

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