Point to Point

The point-to-point wireless topology (also called P2P) is the simplest network architecture you can set up in order to connect two locations using a wireless radio link. Point-to-point wireless links can go from a short-range link connecting two locations just a few hundreds meters apart to a long range point-to-point wireless link that connects two locations tens of miles away from each other. In a point to-point-wireless link, distance is affected by the height of each Ethernet radio device, the frequency used, the power level, and environmental interference.
In security and public safety projects, point-to-point outdoor wireless connections are deployed to backhaul outdoor wireless video-surveillance systems. The video streams coming from outdoor field cameras are collected using a point-to multipoint wireless network to a central location, often located on a high point (e.g., a tall building or a mountaintop). From this central location, all the video streams are transmitted over an outdoor point-to-point wireless link to the control room.

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