Switching To Microsoft Office 365 From Google Apps Is A Profitable Move!

Do you dream of expanding your business but don’t have enough finance to pay for more servers?  Do you find yourself compelled to turn away some certain projects as your IT can’t keep up with the needs of these advanced projects? If you are nodding in Yes, you will be glad to know that there is a solution to the situation! Now you no longer need to turn away of the coming projects. Now you can expand your business and keep pace with today’s technologically advanced age. Thanks to Microsoft office 365! This cloud based technology will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Microsoft office 365 –

Microsoft Office 365 is simple to use as well as provides you with ‘virtual’ anywhere access to your documents, emails and people. Consequently, you can respond quicker to your clients and customers. With Microsoft office 365, you can work even on the move with greater ease than ever before.

Microsoft Office 365 provides –

  • A secure environment for your business to operate.
  • A low maintenance approach to your IT provision.
  • A cost effective way to run your IT services by only paying for what you use.
  • Powerful tools that can be scaled up or down as per on your business needs.
  • The support you need to handle any problems that may arise.

The Difference between Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps –

While both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps provide the same sorts of tools, there are some significant differences between these two.

  • Microsoft Office 365 offers different versions at various prices to fit into everyone’s needs and pockets as well as a wide variety of businesses from the large corporations to small startups.
  • Office 365 has more powerful and useful features such as Word and Excel as compared to Google Apps.
  • Microsoft Office 365 provides larger storage space like 25GB on Skydrive and 50GB on Outlook, which is an integral consideration for businesses that regularly deal in large files.
  • The provision of Office 365 offers a more robust privacy policy than Google Apps. Office 365 does not use any of the information or data you store for third parties. On the other hand, Google may use your information for advertising purposes.
  • Office 365 can be installed and accessed on any desktop whereas Google Apps is entirely online based.

A cloud-based office environment is now the product of choice for many businesses. So, being aware of the various benefits of the cloud-based technology, make your move to Microsoft Office 365 now!

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