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Top 2 Trends in Managed IT Services: Standardization and Customer Success Function

Managed IT services continue to be the fastest-growing area in the technology industry. More and more companies in Dubai are indulging themselves in offering managed services as they comprehend its significant link to technology-as-a-service and the Cloud. On the other hand, for some companies in Dubai, these services are a natural extension of their cloud solutions and vice-versa. 

Not only are manufacturers embracing this new approach but also many IT outsourcing professionals are adopting this innovative way of handling IT infrastructure and its different operations. In this post, today, we are going to share a couple of trends that are emerging across all managed IT service providers and explain what they might mean to your business. So, let’s take a look at them. 

  1. Standardization

At the end of 2016, about 43% of managed IT service providers were offering standard managed IT services but at the beginning of 2018, the percentage has risen to 68%. The trend is followed this year too, as 2019 is also witnessing a considerable hike in the numbers. The OPI (Observed Performance Improvements) revealed that offering a standard set of Managed IT services has a direct impact on the financial success of a business.  

There are certain services that help in strategically positioning your business such as:

  • Monitor services
  • Operate services
  • Optimize services
  • Transform services
  • Managed XaaS

More than two-thirds of managed IT service providers even provide XaaS as a part of their standard package. Thus, this is also something to consider while devising standard offerings. 

  • Customer Success Function

Managed IT services are distinct from every other product and service line in a portfolio because the customer isn’t just interested in buying technology but the operation of technology. In other words, they are not just investing in solutions but they prefer to have peace of mind. Therefore, they want the assurance that their managed service providers (MSPs) understand their business in addition to their tech. 

Though general sales reps are good at selling technology and solutions, they are not in accordance with the customer’s day-to-day issues, long-term objectives, or financial challenges. But, this can be achieved through customer success rep. Thus, having a dedicated customer success manager for managed services is a must in today’s time. Their job is not just to understand the technology being used but also act as a trusted advisor to the customer on helping them achieve their ultimate goals and identify potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 

In fact, in many cases, the Customer Success team is becoming the front-end interaction for customers. Therefore, more and more companies are investing in dedicated customer success roles for managed services. It is a fact that managed IT services that have a dedicated customer success function not only help in attaining higher contract renewal rates but also experiencing higher recurring revenue retention and revenue growth from the existing customer base. 

In the IT outsourcing industry, dramatic growth is recorded in the demand and supply of managed IT services in Dubai and this momentum is continuously building. If you also want to be on the top of these trends, seek expert advice to learn more about managed IT services.  

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