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Top 5 Reasons Why IT Companies Should Get IT AMC (Plus 5 Bonus Tips)

In Dubai, competition is intensifying in the IT sector. This means every time one or some of the systems/servers break down in an IT company, it is losing potential customers and the opportunity to stand out in the market. Whether it needs repair, installation, replacement, upgrade, or removal of a system or a device, having an instant backup and support is quintessential. IT AMC Dubai is the most suitable solution an IT business can look for ensuring well-maintained and updated IT infrastructure. 

A Brief Discussion on IT AMC

An IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is a legal agreement that covers terms and conditions and specifies the services, the service provider will perform for the business for a specific period. 

During the contract tenure, the service provider caters to the regular IT maintenance needs of a business at a fixed fee (mentioned in the contract). The duration for AMC is generally six months, one year, or three years. Each contract varies slightly based on what a business needs in particular from the service provider. 

5 Solid Reasons Why IT Businesses Should Have IT AMC

1. Cost-effective and Easy Budgeting

When a business pays for IT AMC services (it availed) in a specific period (such as one year or three years), it saves more money. It’s because hiring an IT professional every time it encounters some IT issues costs significantly more than paying at once. Besides, paying the bill one time rather than many times makes budgeting and maintaining financial records far much easier. Plus, there is no uncertainty that prices will unexpectedly rise within that duration. 

2. Properly maintained and updated IT infrastructure 

The best way for an IT company to ensure that it gets the most out of hardware and facilities is to properly maintain and upgrade them on time. IT AMC is a practical way to make this possible. The professionals pay visits regularly and inspect whether each system in the IT department (included in the contract) is working properly or not. There is nothing to worry about inefficiency problems with regular and proper maintenance of IT systems. 

3. Frees up the company employees from tackling IT-related issues

If the company’s IT department doesn’t get assistance to resolve hardware and software issues, it spends a lot of time identifying problems and troubleshooting them. However, when a company purchases IT AMC, they can focus on other important aspects of business and become more productive in achieving goals. Plus, signing IT AMC is much cheaper than hiring an in-house professional to take care of stuff on a full-time basis. 

4. Access to Expertise 

What is more beneficial – hiring one in-house professional or having several IT professionals at disposal for IT maintenance needs? The answer is obvious. Knowing that a range of IT experts will be available to solve IT problems whenever the company needs is a big relief. Most IT AMC service providers have a pool of talented IT professionals who are tech-savvy and have years of experience and in-depth knowledge in their area. 

5. Emergency Support

Emergencies are inevitable and always come at unexpected times in the world of IT businesses. Thus, companies need IT AMC to stay prepared at all times and combat all IT problems that may arise due to faulty, malfunctioning, or outdated equipment, software, or human errors. IT AMC providers take care of all the problems a business might be having and restore the operations. 

5 Bonus Tips to Customize an IT Annual Maintenance Contract

A company (that is purchasing IT AMC) can be very specific during the creation of the contract. For instance:

  • It can delineate the equipment and devices for regular servicing.
  • It can require the service provider’s professionals to come with their tools and materials for servicing.
  • It may mention whether the company will or will not provide extra hands to servicing professionals.
  • It can ask the service provider to have the replacement parts and equipment available instantly when there is a breakdown.
  • It can specify what happens in case of a breakdown between scheduled service visits and how it will pay for it. 

Planning everything in advance and having a reliable IT AMC provider in touch means taking business one-step ahead from its competitors.  

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