Manual Boom Barriers

Manual Boom Barriers in Dubai

VAS Technologies is the leading supplier of high-quality, manual boom barriers in Dubai, UAE. Our barriers are designed to provide superior security, control, and safety for a variety of applications, including:

  • Parking lots
  • Gated communities
  • Construction sites
  • Toll booths
  • Other restricted areas
manual boom barrier in dubai

Why Choose VAS Technologies for Your Manual Boom Barriers?

  • Wide selection of products: We offer a wide variety of manual boom barriers to meet your specific needs, including telescopic, fixed-length, manual, and automatic barriers.
  • Durable construction: Our barriers are made from high-quality materials and are built to last in the harsh Indian climate.
  • Expert installation: Our team of experienced professionals can install your manual boom barrier quickly and efficiently.
  • Competitive prices: We offer competitive prices on all of our products and services.
  • Exceptional customer service: We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale.

Benefits of Manual Boom Barriers

  • Security: Manual boom barriers can help to deter unauthorized access to your property.
  • Control: You can control who has access to your property and when.
  • Safety: Boom barriers can help to improve safety by preventing vehicles from entering restricted areas.
  • Durability: Manual boom barriers are made from high-quality materials and are built to last.
  • Cost-effective: Manual boom barriers are a more affordable option than automatic boom barriers.

Our Most Popular Manual Boom Barriers

manual boom barrier types
  • Telescopic Boom Barrier: Our telescopic boom barrier is perfect for applications where you need to block a wide range of opening sizes.

  • Fixed-Length Boom Barrier: Our fixed-length boom barrier is a cost-effective option for applications where you need to block a specific opening size.

  • Manual Boom Barrier: Our manual boom barrier is easy to operate and is a great option for applications where you need a simple and reliable solution.

  • Automatic Boom Barrier: Our automatic boom barrier can be operated with a button or remote control, making it ideal for applications where you need hands-free operation.

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