Building Maintenance Complaint Management Automation

Building Maintenance Complaint Management Automation

Building Maintenance Complaint Management Automation


Our client is a well known real estate developer having 40 plus high rise towers (mix of residential and commercial) in UAE. The process in place to handle customer complaint was not adequate and they were facing issues. Tenants used to call their land line and the calls will be attended by the coordinator and then register the call manually in an excel sheet. The coordinator then passes the information to the maintenance in charge in the respective building by calling them to their mobile. Maintenance in charge inform back to the office after attending the complaint and same is updated in the excel sheet by call coordinator. The major challenges they faced,

  • Nobody takes the ownership when escalation occur

  • Difficult to find the fault with client or staff if in case something goes wrong.

  • Profitability, Productivity and customer satisfaction in stake due to lack of communication system
  • Communication between management team, store, maintenance staff, and client is become slow due to manual operations in place


We offered a seamless communication platform to overcome the situation. Our Interactive Voice Response System removed all obstacles of manual operations. VAS helped customer to achieve below,

  • Automatic registration system with multiple language (English/Arabic) without human intervention

  • Every customer complaints are recorded and stored in the server for future verification

  • Voice clips send to maintenance staffs email for quick review and action
  • Real time complaint notification in mobile / email for 24/7 support

  • User friendly web portal for managing the whole process

  • Cost effective

  • Scalable for any requirements

  • Dedicated support to your clients
  • 24/7 support without dedicated manpower