Servers And Storage Solutions

VAS Technologies helps you build and manage a dynamic & optimized infrastructure that supports your business operations using our server and storage services.

Annual Maintenance for Datacenter 1


VAS Technologies provides Server services to minimize your IT complexities, hence improving the performance and optimizing the Total Cost of your Ownership and Management, therefore increasing your revenue.
VAS Technologies intends to provide performance basedsystem’s utilization and system’s management for your Server environment.

Our Services are,

  • Server implementation
  • Server hosting
  • System integration and Virtualization services
  • Data center consolidation

Rack Design and Rearrangement


As a company grows, the volume of data grows simultaneously; making storing and managing data an indispensable need.

Our Services are,

  • Storage implementation
  • Storage consolidation
  • Storage management
  • Storage virtualization
  • Data protection

VAS Technologies provides Storage Management Services that address all your storage needs, right from Designing to Implementation to Support, etc. keeping in mind your current and future storage needs. Thus, helps you to achieve greater optimization and performance.

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