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ZKTeco Access Control in Dubai

At Vas Technologies as a ZKTeco partner, we offer ZKTeco access control in Dubai to businesses of all sizes. Our access control systems are designed to provide a high level of security and convenience, allowing businesses to control access to sensitive areas and manage employee attendance with ease.

ZK Access Control System


ZKTeco is a leading global provider of security and access control solutions, including biometric and RFID-based access control systems, time and attendance systems, turnstiles, and security cameras. ZKTeco access control solutions are used by businesses and organizations around the world to secure their facilities and manage employee access. It is difficult to keep track of an employee’s check-in and check-out every day, let alone hundreds of employees. Not only is it essential to keep track of time and attendance to calculate salary but also due to ‘time-theft’. Many employees are seen messing up entry and exit management to provide fake time. Hence we provide our time and attendance system for your company’s growth.

Key Features of our ZKTeco Access Control Systems in Dubai

Detect faces and fingerprints

Our devices verify the employees in less than 1 sec by identifying the face or fingerprints (or both). User-friendly interface and accurate extraction of information are top highlights of such devices. Data is transferred either by TCP/IP or manually through USB.

Hybrid systems

We have several time and attendance hardware that combine the power of both face detection and fingerprint detection. We also integrate these features to provide control access to the employees.

Portable devices

It is not possible to install time and attendance system if your business is carried out on off-site. Therefore, we provide portable systems through which you can use technology on off-site such as construction sites and mining area.


You can also check out our cloud-based time and attendance system which uses the SPA502G network. These systems offer the benefits of the app and SPA502G cloud network.

Our Products

We bring to you the very best deals on the latest products from ZK Teco. We are offering you the safe project with ZK Access Control System and ZK Time Attendance System in Dubai.

ZK F18 img

ZK F18 Based Finger+PIN+Card Access control & Time Attendance

ZK Access Control System

ZK BioPro SA40 IP Based Finger+PIN+Card Access control & Time Attendance

ZK Access Control System

Attendance only with Face+Finger+Card, support 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Mask Detection

ZK Access Control System

SF300 IP Based Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance

ZK Access Control System

ZK Bio Cloud web based Access Control System – ZK Onpremises Web software for upto 10 devices

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