Out Bound Dialer for Debt Collection Company

Out Bound Dialer for Debt Collection Company

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Our client is one of the largest, fastest growing and fully licensed collection companies in the UAE and specializes in all types of debt collection services ranging from delinquent accounts to write-off debts . Client uses Avaya IP telephony solution to make and receive calls. The ever growing demand to make thousands of outgoing calls every day and maintain reports of the calls made out became very crucial for their business


Our open source asterisk based outbound dialer is scalable and easy to integrate with any platform. We provide to the business with a platform to execute voice marketing campaigns that drive traffic to the call center , website or event, while increasing customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction. Announce special sales, cross sell complimentary products or services, and generate incremental sales. It allows business to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people with a single telephone call. Simply put, it’s a pre-recorded message people can hear when they pick up their landline or mobile phones

  • Multiple survey of IVR nodes

  • Play pre-recorded audio or use text to speech to a contact on answer

  • Get your feedback with best rate
  • Send the SMS to the contact during the call

  • Extensive call data and survey reports exportable to CSV

  • Cost effective

  • Scalable for any requirements

  • 24/7 support without dedicated manpower

  • Help organizations to make voice broadcasting , send reminder calls, take customers feedback and ratings and debt notification

  • Simple to use, create a phone book, upload contact list , upload voice files create a campaign to start sending calls