Privacy Policy

VAS Technologies is a technology and business service provider company that caters to the information of the services offered to the customers around the globe. We also display the portfolio of the works successfully accomplished along with their necessary information, and share informative blogs on some of the major technical concepts. VAS Technologies is very protected and fine-tuned about its privacy policies and issues and has absolutely no objection to viewers and audience who are accessing its website.

Some of our major privacy policy includes:

Website visit details:

We are not at all responsible to confirm the source from which the viewers’ personal details are shared to us.

Viewers’ information sharing:

To access a few of our website’s section, an individual may need to enter their personal information; else they won’t be allowed any access. We ensure not to share your personal details to any of the third party.

Protection rights based on GDPR:

For our EU-based customers, privacy and security are guaranteed by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) terms and rules. We have successfully modified our privacy policies in correspondence to the GDPR for gathering, processing and storing of personal details. This complies with both- development aspects as well as email marketing.

Information protection:

Customers’ personal information is only available to VAS Technologies employees responsible for client communications and correspondences. Our website has appropriate industry-standard security efforts so as to overcome the loss of misapplication and data.

Processing out of any communication channel:

At VAS Technologies we first verify to get your permission before collecting, processing and storing your personal data and information. You can also take back your consent anytime you wish to. All the data subjects have the power to terminate transfers from VAS Technologies.

Amendment in the privacy policy:

VAS Technologies has the authority to change, adjust or amend this privacy policy from time to time. So, we request our viewers to go through this page regularly to know about all the new updates and modifications.