Entry of unauthorized people in the workplace is a major concern. The workplace is home to all the sensitive and vital information related to the business. If the data falls in the wrong hands, it can cause severe damage to your business. VAS Technologies is a reputed access control solution provider in Dubai and strives towards assisting organizations to solve every critical issue related to access control.

Allow only authorized people

With the aid of access control systems, you are now in control of who enters the workplace. It might be the entire office or certain cubicles. You can protect all the sensitive information cubicles contain by allowing only authorized and reliable people in it.

Restrain certain areas

There might be certain areas in the office which contain confidential data. You might not want every employee knowing about the details. You can now protect them by allowing access to only certain employees with the help of a competent access control solution provider.

Deter duplication of keys

Duplication of keys is extremely easy and a major threat to the company. But our access control systems cannot be duplicated and hence, you can prevent duplication related concerns. Moreover, you can also change the code if you feel there is a need to do so. This further ensures protection to the business.


Our primary motive is to simplify employee turnover with the help of the right access control system. There is no need to change the keys and provide it again to all the employees for having access to the workplace in case of a lost key.

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