On Premise and distributed cloud Call centers

Cloud based call center

You probably understand that being “in the cloud” means something is accessed by the internet. For a call center, it simply means that’s where all outbound and inbound customer communications are handled, rather than on local machines at a company’s physical headquarters.

With a cloud-based call center, all customer interactions over voice, text, email, and social media take place online, and they can happen from anywhere with an internet connection. Instead of being stored in one place, the data needed to make these interactions happen is stored in many places–remote data centers on business servers–and is called up, pieced together, and delivered instantly when agents need it.

cloud call center solutions
IP Telephony Services and Benefits

On-premise phone system

Traditionally, businesses have relied on on-premise call centers to handle their customer interactions. These centers are location-based, with all of the hardware, software, and infrastructure needed for the call center to function located in one place on dedicated servers owned by the company. An organization’s own IT team is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of these servers as well as updating them every few years or as new functionality is needed.

With an on-premise call center, agents typically work onsite using the company’s hardware, like a desktop computer and headset, and accessing their work software via a hardwired connection.

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