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Are you worried that all those complicated locks might fail to keep out the burglars? Are you concerned about the safety of your children while you are not at home? A simple CCTV camera installation can resolve all of these issues. With increasing cases of crimes, installing surveillance cameras in Dubai is no longer a luxury that you can miss out on. VAS Technologies is devoted to providing excellent services for CCTV installation in Dubai. Our well-experienced and expert executives will assist you in finding the best home security cameras. Thereafter, our professionals will also install them correctly to completely secure your premises. By having a home camera system in place, you can do away with the need to hire on-site security staff for monitoring your premises. We, at VAS Technologies, prioritise the peace of mind of our clients, so our focus is to offer customized security solutions that serve your specific needs.

Know more about our services

Complete security solution – VAS Technologies is your one-stop solution for all home security needs! We offer a wide range of CCTVs for home in numerous brands. Besides that, we also ensure the proper installation of home security cameras at reasonable prices.

CCTV installation – If you only require services for the installation of a home surveillance camera in Dubai, we will happily do that for you. Our experts will make sure they place each one of the CCTV cameras strategically for maximum protection.

Repair and maintenance – Encountering troubles with your home camera system? Just reach out to our experts for proper diagnosis and resolution. Our professionals are highly skilled and fully trained to tackle any and every issue that may arise in your surveillance cameras.

Why Choose VAS Technologies as your home security partner?

Each of our experts is committed to serving the clients by offering them customized solutions for CCTV camera installation. If you wish to view the footage from your CCTV camera on mobile, we will make it happen for you by offering you the CCTV with such functionalities. Simply discuss your requirements with our expert executives to find the best possible solution. We are highly acclaimed for:

Reasonable prices

Genuine products

Guaranteed consumer satisfaction

Experienced and expert professionals

Assured security and safety

24×7 customer support

No matter where you go and for how long, the thought of your home security should not constantly worry you. You can count on professionals from VAS Technologies to fortify your home by providing excellent for the installation of a home camera system. Call us now!


Are you an authorized service provider in Dubai?

Yes, we are an authorized service provider for CCTV in Dubai. We are registered under the Department of Protective System in Dubai and follow the guidelines given by them. You can check the official attestation of the authority on our website.

How are your CCTV solutions different from others?

We deal with top-rated brands for CCTV cameras that give the highest security to your premises. We work on the latest technology where you can connect the cameras with your Wi-Fi network. With just a connection, you can keep an eye on your premises even if you are away.

How do you decide the placement during the CCTV camera installation?

Our experts follow the guidelines released by the DPS and also consider the client’s request during CCTV camera installation. We try to place the cameras in such a way that you get maximum coverage and control of your premises.

Do you offer CCTV camera maintenance services?

Yes, we do provide CCTV camera maintenance services in Dubai. Along with our installation, we also provide maintenance service to the customers who have already installed the CCTV camera system from other service providers. We analyse the system and accordingly proceed with the maintenance service.

Who installs the camera and how much time it takes to install?

We have CCTV camera installation experts for installing the cameras. They know the particular for camera installation and complete with the process with accuracy. And, installation time depends on the area of the site.

How to choose the right CCTV cameras?

You should consider a few points like day/night support, camera resolution, network support, and distance from the camera for recording for choosing the right CCTV cameras. Our experts will suggest a suitable camera as per your needs and requirements.

Do you provide a product and service warranty?

Yes, we provide a warranty for our product and services. Our warranty period varies for different products and services that you will come to know once you connect with us. Our experts will provide all the details.

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