BARCO Meeting Room Solutions

BARCO Meeting Room Solutions

Barco’s meeting room solutions stand as a beacon of innovation, transcending the boundaries of traditional conference setups. Today’s meetings are diverse, taking place in spacious boardrooms and smaller, dynamic huddle spaces. Barco recognizes and addresses this shift, offering flexible, secure, and intuitive solutions tailored to any meeting environment—be it a compact huddle space, an everyday meeting room, or a large, high-impact boardroom

Barco’s meeting room solutions are designed to adapt seamlessly to the size and purpose of any meeting space. From the intimacy of huddle rooms to the grandeur of boardrooms, technology is flexible enough to support effective collaboration in various settings.

Initiating a video conference has never been easier. With Barco’s solutions, you can start a video call and share content with a single click. Whether in the meeting room, huddle space, or connecting remotely, the meeting experience mirrors the natural flow of face-to-face interactions.

Turn your meeting room into a modern conference hub with ClickShare Conference. This wireless conferencing solution eliminates cable hassles, providing flawless, one-click video collaboration. Connect wirelessly to room cameras, microphones, soundbars, and speakers, fostering inclusive hybrid meetings with popular video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

  • Seamless Integration: It wirelessly connects to essential peripherals for a hassle-free meeting experience.
  • Inclusivity: Ensure everyone is seen and heard, promoting engagement and participation.
  • Smart Meeting Flows: Enhance meeting efficiency with intuitive and effective collaboration processes.

Barco’s wireless presentation system, ClickShare Present, revolutionizes content sharing in any meeting room. Say goodbye to the complexities of wires, cables, or adapters—just present them from your device with a single click.

  • Instant Connectivity: Connect to the room screen without the hassle of cables.
  • Interactive Features: Engage your audience with touch-enabled support, blackboarding, and annotation (available on C-10).
  • One-Click Collaboration: Start your collaboration within seconds, making every presentation smooth and impactful.
  • Device Compatibility: Access screen sharing from any device, supporting various screen mirroring protocols

Embrace the future of collaborative efficiency with Barco Meeting Room Solutions. Whether you’re aiming for a more interactive presentation, a seamless video conference, or an inclusive hybrid meeting, Barco empowers your team to collaborate effortlessly, making every meeting a catalyst for success.

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