Temperature Screening Solutions

Temperature Screening Solutions

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 virus has caused widespread concern worldwide and every country is actively fighting against the virus. Everyone is following all the norms like social distancing and proper hygiene to fight the coronavirus pandemic at their levels. Businesses and organizations are getting themselves ready again for the normal activities after the lockdown and work-from-home situation. It is very essential for them to be equipped with all the safety measures to contain COVID-19 cases.

As the early symptoms of this disease are a fever and a dry cough, temperature screening is an effective way of finding the person with abnormal temperature to prevent the possible spread of the virus. Proper Temperature Screening Solutions at the offices, buildings, schools, and other places can play a significant role by timely monitoring of people with a fever in public. This is the most effective and accurate way without close physical contact to contain and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Here at VAS Technologies, we help businesses and organizations to set up the effective temperature screening solutions with our thermal camera technologies. It is the practice to safely screen all your employees and visitors as they walk into a building. The system will trigger an alarm when someone with a pre-defined temperature threshold is entering the defined area. It will provide confidence to the workers and employees to return and resume their normal activities.

Advantages of temperature Screening Solutions

  • Thermal camera technology provides the contactless monitoring
  • Automatic alerts for above-average temperature
  • Easy and reliable integration between the thermal camera and video management software
  • Fast and accurate body-temperature measurement
  • Highly accurate when compared to traditional temperature detection techniques
  • Easy installation and deployment as per the business requirements
  • Time-saving and cost-effective solution
  • Data collection and reporting available for safety log

What do we offer?

VAS Technologies offers flexible product choices for different scenarios to set up a temperature screening solution as per your requirements. You can choose from different product types and a wide range of applications for the thermal camera-based monitoring solution. We guarantee you the most effective, accurate, and safe screening in public areas as per your specific demands.

As a complete technology solution, our thermal camera technology is the best choice for your organization. With AI detection technology, it is safer, faster, and smarter. Our thermographic camera ensures that there is no false alarm by detecting only human skin-surface temperature.

Our Solutions

  • Thermographic Bullet Cameras
  • Thermographic Turret Cameras
  • Thermographic Handheld Cameras
  • Fast and accurate body-temperature measurement
  • Blackbody Calibrator
  • Monitoring Screens
  • MinMoe Terminals
  • PoE Switches
  • Temperature Screening with Access Control
  • Temperature Screening on Patrol
  • Group Temperature Screening
  • Temperature Screening and Mask Detection

VAS Technologies can offer you the best Temperature Screening Solutions in your budget as per your business requirements. We offer the latest thermal sensor technology with effective and accurate monitoring solutions. We help you with easy setup and installation at your place to get your screening solution up and running. For any further query or more information, Contact us for more details and a quote as per your business needs.

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