Datacenter Solution

Datacenter Solution

A business functions successfully only if the IT services and products it uses runs smoothly. These products (such as routers, servers, storage systems, generators, firewalls, cooling systems, batteries, and cabling) and services (such as configuration, installation, and technical support) comprise a datacenter solution. Your business relies heavily on these elements,and therefore it is necessary to purchase the highest quality. This is where we step in.

VAS technologies understand the importance of data centres and offer the best. Be in the products or the services such as installing it, we ensure that your business runs smoothly and customers are never dissatisfied.

Uninterrupted power supply

Your business can function in all its glory as data centres have a power supply system which never fails. Continuous power supply leads to higher server uptime and thus helping your business.


Data center are continuously under attack as the major check of the business revolves around it. VAS Technologies provide utmost protection to your data centers whether it is with regards to physical access verification or continuous video monitoring. Datacenter solution is crucial, and we take care of it.

As business needs to keep expanding, so does it’s IT requirements. You want to ensure that your business is secured, efficient, scalable, and meets the availability standards. This calls for server deployment and migration where your current system needs to be upgraded or migrated to the cloud. This process is critical and needs to be handled by trained professionals. This is where we step in.

VAS Technologies offer world-class server deployment and migration services. We move your one database or server to another seamlessly. This process is critical as the workload management, architecture, functionality needs to be maintained and taken care of.

Server deployment and migration services by VAS Technologies

We evaluate all your system from small business servers to SPA502G before beginning the process. We do not process unless the current database is evaluated and we until we understand your future goals clearly. We will then recommend smart options befitting your needs. After we migrate all the systems (servers, SPA502G, data, HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10, Dell PowerEdge R730), we test the new technology to ensure its deployed correctly. We check if the deployed technology is running at optimal levels.

server deployment
server migration
Benefits of choosing VAS Technologies for server deployment and migration

We evaluate your current infrastructure thoroughly from servers to SPA502G. Moreover, we have Expert server deployment and migration management along with its troubleshooting.

Business thrives on data and losing them can cost a lot to its growth. The lost data can take several months to be replaced. This why backup and disaster recovery are of utmost importance in any business. At VAS Technologies, you are assured the best Acronis Backup Solution and disaster recovery services.

Backup and Disaster Recovery img
Why is backup and disaster recovery (DR) crucial?

Acronis Backup and disaster recovery are very important in the field of IT. You can backup your data by storing a copy the files to a spate storage location. Whether the data is attained from your VoIP phone or elsewhere, backing up the data can help it get restores if it gets lost or damaged. Disaster recovery is the act of restoring all these backed up data. Though both are two entities, we combine the two for faster and easier restoration.

Quick backup and restoration

You need not wait for several months to replace your lost data in case of an unfortunate event. We restore the data quickly as not to affect your reputation in from of the customers.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Backup and Disaster Recovery img1
Stay in the competition

VAS Technologies have always helped you to stay in the competition with respect to disaster recovery. The chances of your competitors overtaking you increase if you have lost the critical data in case of downtime or major disaster, be it natural or man-made. We help you retain your existing clients before your competition.

Be it for Acronis Backup Solution and disaster recovery, do not hesitate to contact our customer care service and to expand your business.

The first impression is the last impression. Often, the first impression your customers have is gained by your email address. Customers see different levels of professionalism by a company with an email address as ‘’ and another company with an email address as ‘’. This is one of the main reason why email hosting is important for your business. Apart from professionalism, email hosting provides several safety measures which are beneficial for your company’s growth.

You are likely to send and receive several emails which are relevant and sensitive to your business. Would you risk your bills, invoices and customer contacts by storing it in regular google or yahoo account? Also, what if you are not satisfied with the hosting company and want to move your website? Having your own domain does not require you to migrate while moving your website. This saves a lot of precious business time.

Email archiving by VAS Technologies

Apart from offering email hosting and SPA502G, we also provide email archiving. What if someone steals your password or hacks your email? What if you end up losing your essential customer emails somehow? Email archiving saves the data containing in email messages to allow faster retrieval. In email archiving, emails are retained for an unlimited time. This requires low cost of ownership and is highly profitable to the business.

Email Hosting and Archiving

The benefits of virtualizations have persuaded several companies to opt for it. If you are planning to invest in virtualization too, you are in the right place. VAS Technologies offer Vmware and Hyper-V, whether you are have already invested in it or are planning to migrate to the clouds.

  • Save money – If you have not already given a thought to server virtualization, this is an excellent time to consider it with almost every company reaping its benefits. Imagine the amount of power saved by migrating all your physical servers into virtual ones. Maintaining servers requires a lot of money and alleviating them can help your business invest the money in other things. Apart from the UPS costs, diesel generator costs, network switch costs, and cooling costs; you can save on floor and rack space.

  • Save Time – Who else will know the value of time than a business person? Apart from reducing the data center footprint, virtualization will help you save time the administrator had to invest in physical servers and SPA502G. Also, due to the reduced downtime, each user can be more productive.

  • Increase Uptime – The virtualization of your business helps it tremendously with respect to its uptime and continuity. You can avail of several features form virtualization platforms that weren’t available on physical servers.

  • Ensure security – with your very own server, data and applications are more secure

Server Virtualization

The arrangement and design of your rack playas very important role in saving space in addition to several other benefits. Whether you want to connect SPA502G or stack other IT equipment, racks are of utmost importance. VAS technologies offer a wide range of rack designs to help you utilize your office space to the maximum.

Optimal use of space with VAS Technologies

VAS Technologies is a renowned name amongst the industries. We cater to the needs of every business with our products and services. Quality racks are very important for the smooth functioning of any company, and therefore, we cater to these needs by offering you the highest quality racks. Design of any structure plays an essential role in the amount of space it takes up in the data centre. Office space is essential, and wastage of space can lead to several complexities. The design also helps you install all your vital business supplies such as SPA502G without any wastage of space. Our racks offer a one-stop solution to this problem.

Rack Design and Rearrangement
Rack Design and Rearrangement img1
Accommodate growth effectively with the racks

As your business expands, so will you need for infrastructure. The growing need of infrastructure demands more space. By using these racks, you can now not only manage space smartly, but also accommodate the growth effectively. You need even plan for the future if you purchase these racks as they already come equipped with the required arrangements of the future needs.

Regardless of the size of your data centre, it is bound to waste a lot of money. Right from maintaining the infrastructure to the spending on energy, data centres leave you with a hole in your pocket. But VAS Technologies can help you decrease your annual maintenance for datacentres.

Decrease your annual maintenance for data centres with VAS Technologies

We virtualize your servers to help you reduce the cost associated with setting up and maintaining physical servers. Each application has a dedicated server which consumes a lot of energy, especially during the peak time. Virtualization improves hardware utilisation and allows you to reduce the number of power consuming servers. Applications can run on separate virtual machines which are being shared with other applications. Also, the amount of storage space utilised by the data centre is enormous. Half of this space can be reduced by virtualization.

Annual Maintenance for Datacenter
Annual Maintenance for Datacenter 1
High-efficiency power supplies IT equipment

VAS Technologies is known for providing good quality products. We offer IT equipment that can help you decrease the annual maintenance for data centres while keeping your data safe and secure. The high quality IT equipment we provide are highly beneficial in the long run. Several companies have made use of these supplies to save the budget.

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