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IP telephony, or VoIP, is the latest information communications technology. However, cybercriminals often get access to VoIP devices to collect valuable data and confidential information and records. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about information security for school and office in Dubai, as VAS Technologies is here to protect your confidential and sensitive information and data.

Don’t Let Complacency Cost You

IP phone system can yield financial and productivity benefits. However, security vulnerabilities can wipe out these benefits within no time. Whether you have a hosted IP phone or an on-site VoIP system, it is essential to protect your organization’s voice network.

Engaging a VoIP expert like VAS Technologies will help to strengthen the information security of your organization. We provide you a customized solution with the best Fortinet firewalls and antivirus application supplier in Dubai.

How We Secure Your Voice Network

We adopt a number of information security measures when integrating SPA502G to your voice network. We ensure you can control access to the network through device certificate and/or user name and password. We also limit the type of calls that can be made on the network. This can be done by the device or user. We can also incorporate other criteria, including taking into account the time of the day.

While the SPA502G comes with SIP and SPCP protocol, we apply encryption by the device, user or segment. This prevents network latency and does not result in operational overhead. We also encrypt the signaling with SIP and SPCP to ensure any sensitive voice traffic is encrypted and cannot be accessed by an unauthorized party.

Any network is a possible target for hackers. Cybercriminals look for backdoor entry into a network or use phishing and other means to get access to the network. The network can also fall victim to malware and viruses. This primarily occurs because the application runs on a user’s system and if the system gets infected, the application can get access to valuable data and sensitive information. This is the reason VAS Technologies provides you with anti-virus software to help strengthen your network and ensure you keep it safe and secure at all times.

We are partnered with world’s leading vendors such as Bitdefender, kaspersky, eset, macafee, Symantec are named few

Protecting Your Network

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your network is safe from hackers and malicious software. Our anti-virus helps to keep every aspect of the network a secure.

The anti-virus can be programmed to automatically update itself and perform weekly scans to ensure your network is safe at all times. This enables you to log onto the internet for communications and anything else without worries and concerns. Our technical staff are experts in securing networks, using the latest anti-virus program that is designed for contemporary systems.

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The pace of digitalization is rapid and organizations need to safeguard their sensitive data and information. To protect our clients, we, at VAS Technologies, install and integrate the latest anti-virus that is compatible with PCs and other connected devices. Our technicians will assess the risk and accordingly suggest the best anti-virus for your network. This will provide with an all-round security.

When your organization uses IP telecommunications, the internet or cloud computing, it is not sufficient to merely secure the network. You also need to take security measures to keep your communications and storage devices secure. It is prudent to remember that while VoIP and cloud computing aid in seamless communications, they also can be a security risk, leading to cyberattacks. This is primarily because the systems are connected to the internet. At VAS Technologies, we help secure all devices connected to the internet with the right firewall.
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Importance of Firewall

Cyberattackers and hackers use brute force attacks to get access to passwords and gain control over servers. These attacks are automated and follow a trial-and-error method. Hackers can also resort to DDoS attacks to render the device inoperative. For example, the SIP protocol in the SPA502G is not encrypted and this can result in cybercriminals getting access to the audio. However, with the right firewall in place, it is possible to avert such incidents.

However, a strong firewall or router can block voice audio as well as phone signals from getting to the VoIp adapter. To ensure this does not occur, our technical staff open two ports on the router or network device. Similarly, we ensure optimal functioning of all connected devices even with robust firewall in place.

Using the Right Technology

Any connected device needs protection from the incoming traffic from the internet. We ensure that a firewall functions as the first line of defense to protect the network and the device. We also use a firewall with packet filter that restricts outgoing data traffic. This helps to protect the device and keep it from becoming part of a bot network.

Since there are different types of firewalls, we assess your requirement and accordingly suggest the right one, so that you enjoy IP telephony, cloud computing and online communications without worrying about the systems being taken over, Trojan, viruses and infected IT systems. It also prevents a negative effect on customer relations.

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We, VAS Technologies, deliver high performance FortiGATE firewall solution for ensuring optimum network security with greater visibility and superior performance. Our team of adroit professionals is well-versed with every aspect of FortiGATE network security appliances that are necessary for a secured corporate environment and know-how of installing, configuring and functioning procedures. For better management and smooth operations, we also accompany our clients with the full support of our skilled and experienced professionals who are ready to provide assistance at every step.

As a leading FortiGATE firewall solution provider in Dubai, we also facilitate your organization with hassle-free installation and maintenance services. So, dealing in FortiGATE firewall solutions with us means getting a complete package of best-in-class network security devices without any worries of installation and routine maintenance and that too at affordable prices.

Keeping in mind the different requirements of different businesses, we are equipped with optimum quality security solutions that are fit for not only small to medium businesses but also for distributed enterprises and large organizations.

Why FortiGATE Firewalls

FortiGATE firewalls are counted amongst top network security appliances which protect businesses against cyber threats and attacks by strengthening advanced security and networking capabilities. These firewalls are featured with system-on-a-chip (SOC) security processors and provide industry’s best IPsec VPN, threat protection and SSL-inspection performance. The built-in SD-WAN capabilities of FortiGATE firewalls also allow the different branches of a company to distribute the traffic across several locations to seamlessly incorporate cloud and digital transformation.

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