It is true that in this age of internet communication, businesses that operate on a global platform need to stay in constant communication with their teams that are spread over different locations. This implies there could be major business expense on communication unless your business decides to switch to the use of VoIP services. If you are considering to move your business communication and data exchange to VoIP, this is perhaps the right thing to do as well as forward thing. Going by statistics, a few years down the line every business would be using Internet Protocol as their primary means of communication with IP-PBX or Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange becoming a commonplace in modern business communications.

At VAS Technologies, we offer you a dependable NEC PBX System with the use of some of the most trusted equipment for communication available in the market such as AVAYA 1403 Digital Phone, NEC PBX System, Avaya IP500, KX-NS500, KX-TDE600 among others.

When moving to IP, consider NEC PBX System from VAS

At VAS Technologies, we understand the need for seamless business communication in the interest of business growth. When you are looking for IP PBX service, it is important that you choose a technology partner that can deliver your company a full portfolio of service along with the basic products you need to integrate the technology into your business operations in a cost effective manner. With our full range of products that include AVAYA 1403 Digital Phone. NEC PBX System, Avaya IP500, KX-NS500, KX-TDE600 among others, we at VAS Technologies, are equipped to serve you right.

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