The AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is an effective solution for managing your business network systems to function properly and take note of any red flags much before they become a serious concern for your business operations.

Importance of IT AMC

With technology becoming an essential aspect of almost every business, the fact remains that businesses today depend a lot on their machines, computers, accessories, and VoIP phones like SPA502G Cisco. Maintenance of all these equipment is necessary as failure or damage to these can disrupt the business operations extensively. There is always a danger of an unexpected breakdown of business systems and to keep that in check, the IT-AMC works best.

What We Offer

With VAS Technologies, the AMC contract in usually for 1 year and can be renewed thereafter to 3 years or 5 years, based on the service relationship. VAS Technologies can secure your business operations and systems in a smart and refined way with the IT-AMC services. With this service, you get continuous support for your IT systems and its associated activities in your organization. To be true, maintenance of your business systems is as important as managing your business operations. We believe that consistency is the key in maintenance of business systems and hence the AMC service.

Our services function like your in-house IT department and we assure you that our maintenance service will have a direct impact on the speed, quality and accuracy of your business systems thereby ensuring improved productivity in your overall business operations and communications, including VoIP devices like SPA502G Cisco.

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