What is AMC, how is it important?

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract; it is a repair and maintenance service rendered by manufacturers and service providers to the customers. You can get free AMC if it is included in your manufacturer’s warranty; however, you have to pay for it once the warranty expires. AMC is usually an annual contract that offers maintenance of the efficiency of the products for the year without any additional charges. There are different types of IT support AMC in Dubai that can be signed between service providers and customers. Let’s know more about them.

Types of AMC available 

The two major types of Annual Maintenance Contract are Comprehensive AMC and Labour AMC. You can choose any of the AMC based on your requirements and preferences. 

The Labor AMC allows the customer to get free labor and spare parts in a fixed amount, based on the requirement. If the customer needs specific parts made up of plastic and rubber then they might ask for user-defined specifications in the AMC. Additionally, customers can also render systematic AMC for effective and efficient maintenance of the products. 

What are the advantages of AMC?

  • One of the very crucial advantages of the Annual Maintenance contract is that it can save you from unexpected stress on the budget caused by repairs. 
  • It is easy to achieve a systematic and well-executed repair on time with an AMC.
  • AMC offers qualified and trained technicians for your services which ensures quality repair. 
  • Annual maintenance contracts have some effective advantages such as pre-planned maintenance and repair schedules for particular heavy machinery such as Air conditioners at regular intervals. 
  • You can ensure that you are receiving only authentic spare parts for the machinery that results in improved durability and performance if you get an Annual Maintenance Contract. 

How is an IT support AMC important?

Most of the IT companies focus on the interiors of offices and other innovative tactics to generate more revenue, but they fail to consider the importance of the well-being of a company’s most important resources that are its machinery, computers, internet servers, and more. Failure to maintain these resources will result in frequent malfunctions and, eventually, loss of business. This can result in a negative impact on the growth of the start-ups and it might cause massive financial losses in the major corporations as well. Hence, it is important for every IT firm to have an active IT AMC and they must focus on safe IT solutions. Also, it is crucial to understand that an Annual Maintenance Contract is more than simply getting your problems fixed for free; it is also about regularly maintaining the efficiency of the IT devices to avoid difficulties. 

Most companies that provide IT support AMC in Dubai can help you fix your IT-related issues for free but they cannot help you recover the lost productivity time. Hence, it is important to ensure that you find an AMC service provider that provides expert IT servicemen during a breakdown without any extra cost and also assists frequent system inspections to check that your servers and systems are functioning well in order to avoid failures in the future.  

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