5 Vital Questions to Ask your Security Camera Installation Company

5 Vital Questions to Ask your Security Camera Installation Company

Video surveillance systems have been a vital part of securing properties for years. And when it comes to your security camera system, working with a well-established CCTV camera installation company is as essential as the cameras you choose to monitor your property.

With the cost of equipment, installation, and management, it is imperative that you get all the details before installing home security cameras. So, there are a few questions that you, as a property owner, should ask the service provider.

Security Camera Installation
Now, let’s look at the questions you should be asking your CCTV camera installer.
1. What type of hard drives do you use?

You can invest in the latest IP network cameras, but if the installation company uses a subpar hard drive, you may face some performance issues. Make sure that you know what type of hard drive they use and that they are equipping you with appropriate tools for your project.

You should use surveillance-grade hard drives or better for surveillance recording. Although there are several options available, ensure that the installation company uses the right hard drives for your project to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

2. How are you going to Weatherproof our Connection?

The security camera system is a huge investment for your property. So, safeguarding the connections running to and from your CCTV is vital to maintain your system.

IP rating classifies the degree of protection provided by the camera’s housing. Consider a camera with a high IP rating, as outdoor cameras are easily exposed to moisture, wind, dust and other debris.

Make sure that if the camera doesn’t work properly or doesn’t work at all, the camera installation company has replacement and repair services as well.

3. What kind of cable do you use?

Your system will experience failure sooner than you expect if the installer doesn’t use the right network cables.

Your CCTV camera is a significant investment, so you need to ensure that the cable the installation company uses is sufficient for next-gen security cameras.

4. Can I add equipment after the initial CCTV installation?

Things don’t stay the same; everything grows and changes. So, make sure it is also the way of your security camera.

You can ask these specific questions:

  • How hard is it to add hardware?

  • Will the software work with other camera brands?

  • Can I expand my system after CCTV installation?

5. What are Monthly Costs?

Some CCTV systems come with monthly contacts for system maintenance, or software licensing. Make sure you understand all the cost associated with your security cameras. However, some CCTV camera system comes with no monthly fees, you just need to pay your installation, and you have all the access to live viewing options, recording or both. Deciding to install home security cameras is a significant investment, so it is vital to perform your due diligence. After doing proper research and clearing all your doubts, you will be able to find a system that’s perfect for you.