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VAS Technologies is a distributor of Samsung CCTV products in Dubai, UAE. They offer a wide range of Samsung CCTV solutions, including cameras, recorders, and accessories, that are suitable for various applications and industries. Vas Technologies provides installation, maintenance, and technical support services for Samsung CCTV products, ensuring that its customers have a reliable and secure surveillance system. They also offer customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements, such as integrating Samsung CCTV with other security systems or integrating with analytics software to enhance the capabilities of the surveillance system. With their expertise and experience in the field, Vas Technologies is a trusted partner for businesses looking for Samsung CCTV solutions in Dubai.


Samsung CCTV camera system provides superior performance and time to meet with the quality. The feature SSD (Samsung Super Dynamic Range), in the Samsung security camera, offers the best image quality under all ambient conditions.DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) in Samsung CCTV  eliminates unwanted vibrations and video distortion that may occur in the image and achieve a stable image. In addition, this feature allows to increase the video recording capability of the digital recording device.
Samsung SV-V / A1 can avoid image loss resulting from backlight with DSP technology. Samsung WDR (wide dynamic range) enabled stable output from cameras under light changes, and reverse light.

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Discover the ultimate deals on the latest Samsung CCTV camera systems with us. Our Samsung CCTV security camera systems in Dubai guarantee the highest level of safety for your project. As a authorized Samsung CCTV Distributer in Dubai, trust us to deliver a reliable and secure CCTV system using the latest Samsung products

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