Samsung SCB-9050

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Samsung SCB-9050

The Samsung SCB-9050 High Performance Thermal Night Vision Camera with 0.08°C temperature resolving power measures the surface temperatures of the field-of-view and displays the resultant data through temperature distribution images (thermal images). Equipped with IR imaging technology, the night vision camera works under 0 lux illumination and allows you to detect objects, people, and incidents even in complete darkness. The thermal camera has a detection range up to 360m.
With an uncooled microbolometer image sensor, the thermal camera displays bright and intense color images, created digitally to help distinguish details in the scene. Offering 8-14 µm long wavelength sensitivity, the IR camera delivers 320 x 240 pixel resolution thermal images with minimum impact from sunlight as well as during outdoor daytime monitoring in clear weather. The camera features a 14mm fixed focal length lens with maximum aperture of f/1.4, and offers 2x to 4x digital zoom

Long wavelength sensitivity (8-14 µm)
320 x 240 resolution
Fixed focal length lens of 14mm (f/1.4) and digital zoom ratio from 2x to 4x
Operating temperature ranges from -22 to 131º F (-30 to 55º C)
Polarity function – When B&W is selected, high temperature areas will be shown in white, while low temperature areas will be displayed in black
IP66 rating makes the thermal camera dust/waterproof and suitable for 24/7 surveillance

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