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As the world is quickly pacing towards digital transformation, every company, be it small, medium or large, is striving to stay abreast with modern technologies. They require high-end software solutions that help in improving their performance, increasing efficiency and enhancing productivity directly or indirectly. To achieve that with least hassle, we, VAS Technologies, provide end-to-end software development solutions that encompass every aspect right from concept to development and deployment to maintenance.

Whether you need to customize or modify an existing application or you need a new application for your company, we are able to help you in every scenario. We are empowered with a pool of dexterous software developers that enable us to deliver cutting-edge software solutions within scheduled time-frame. Our team is highly innovative and well-aware of how to make the best use of agile practices so that developed software is fully aligned with your business needs.

Our Services

Vas Technologies is dedicated to offer diverse software development solutions including custom software development, cloud-based web application development, cloud-based enterprise application development and mobile application development. However, our services are not limited to these only.

If your requirements are different, feel free to contact us at +97142594822. Our team would be happy to conjure up a solution for you that will not only best fit your current requirements but will also be scalable for your future business needs.

How We Do It

To provide a software solution that exactly matches your expectations, we tread through a rigorous procedure that includes the following steps:

  • Listen to You – Contemplate your requirements for a software solution

  • Feasibility Study- Figure out whether you need an entirely new application or just some modifications in an existing application

  • Market Evaluation – Analyze which latest technology in the market is best for your software requirements

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis – Gather information essential for making amendments in existing application or developing new software

  • Design Planning – Plan and design how to achieve the target solution

  • Development & Implementation – Translate software design into the source code and implement all components

  • QA and Testing – Thorough testing of the developed software to determine if it meets your business goals

  • Deployment and Execution – After client’s approval, the software is deployed at the desired platform

  • Maintenance and Error Handling – Regular updates and enhancement are made and any encountered issue is fixed instantly

This well-structured process ensures that you will get a software solution from us that is matchless in the industry and contains the most advanced features.

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