Why Switching to IP PBX is a Wise Decision

In recent times, businesses are focusing on the significance of enterprise communication systems. Yet, some organizations are still using the same intercom system that lets you do internal calling and offers some call management features. There are many challenges that a company can face by not having the proper communication setup.

If you’re thinking about setting up a new business phone system, you should consider an IP PBX, like the Avaya IP office 500 in Dubai.

The Avaya IP Office 500 is a modular communication solution that can scale and support any SMB or medium business. It comes with a set of features that allow you to manage call center reports, voice mail messages, instant messaging (IM), offer interactive voice interaction (IVR), conferences and computer-telephony integration (CTI), and much more.

Reasons to Switch to an IP PBX:

Adopting an IP-based communication system comes with many benefits, so here are a few reasons to consider switching.

  • More Manageable, Easy-to-Use System: It’s the web-based dashboard that manages the IP PBX. That means technicians can easily maintain, customize, and fine-tune your phone system according to your needs. Even you can manage the PBX system easily, meaning you can save your IT teams’ time and money on outsourcing dedicated technicians.

  • Quick and Easy to Install: With an IP system, you can install and configure the solution quicker than when excessive hardware is involved. It will save you money and minimize the costly downtime of installing a new system.

  • Save Money on Communication: If your telephone bills are too high or your business makes overseas calls regularly, an IP PBX can save you a significant amount on your monthly bills. With an IP system using a VoIP service, you can reduce your monthly phone bills considerably. Moreover, if you have a multi-site office structure, you can connect the systems, allowing you to make free phone calls.

  • Reduce Phone Wiring Around the Office: The VoIP phone system can connect to your phones directly into a standard computer network port. Changing and adding the numbers and extensions for each endpoint becomes much easier with IP PBX. Also, when relocating, you can eliminate the excessive need for unsightly phone wiring.

  • Lay the Foundations to Scale: If you have outgrown your on-premises system and plan to grow your business, you should switch to an IP phone solution. With IP PBX, you can stay dynamic and add more phone extensions whenever you want. This is particularly beneficial for a small business looking to expand.

  • Consolidate Your Communications Channels: You should consider consolidating your tools if you use different applications for instant messaging, file storage, fax, phone, and video conferencing. Today’s businesses want unified communications as they look to reduce their patchwork of different applications, streamline processes and save money by using IP PBX for all their communication needs.

  • Better Mobility: In recent months, remote working has increased, and it sets to continue. With an IP phone solution, mobility will become much convenient. Also, your team members can connect with colleagues and customers from anywhere with a hosted IP telephony solution.

Whether you want to lower your telephony and communication cost, offer better reliability, or scale-up, switching to Avaya IP office 500 is an excellent decision.