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Yealink IP Phone T31P Dubai

Yealink Business IP Phone T31P 

The Yealink IP Phone T31P is a VoIP phone that is designed for use in business environments. It is a desk phone with a monochrome display and a range of features that make it easy to use and manage.

  • Support for up to 2 lines with separate phone numbers
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Speakerphone with HD voice
  • Call hold, transfer, and forwarding
  • Speed dialing
  • Redial and call waiting
  • Call history and contact list
  • Headset support
  • Volume control

The Yealink IP Phone T31P is a reliable and easy-to-use phone that is well-suited for use in a variety of business settings. It is a popular choice for companies in Dubai and around the world.

The Yealink T31P is a SIP-based IP phone designed for use with a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system. It is a mid-range phone that is suitable for use in small to medium-sized businesses and offers a range of features including HD voice, multiple lines, and support for a range of audio codecs. The T31P is also expandable, allowing you to add additional modules such as an LCD expansion module or a Bluetooth module. In Dubai, the T31P can be purchased from a number of suppliers or directly from Yealink. It is important to ensure that the phone is compatible with your VoIP system and that you have the necessary infrastructure in place to support it.

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