5 Key Benefits of VoIP Video Conferencing

Many businesses in Dubai use video conferencing to communicate and collaborate, especially those employing remote workers and serving international clients. Video conferencing can bring several benefits to companies.

The popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems that incorporate video conferencing as a collaboration feature is the most convenient and cost-effective video conference solution in Dubai.

VoIP Video Conferencing

What is VoIP video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a feature often available with many VoIP phone systems that allow you to connect with employees and clients in real-time via audio-visual communication over a broadband network.

VoIP video conferencing cannot replace face-to-face meetings completely; however, there are many benefits of using this feature.

Let’s take a look at the five key benefits of using video conferencing.

1: Cost Savings: One of the most obvious advantages of video conferencing is the ability to cut travel costs. With the help of video conferencing, businesses can save a chunk of money in travel expenses. This is very effective for small and mid-sized businesses and the companies in Dubai that are struggling to juggle their cash flow. Such cost savings can let them reinvest in their business in other areas.
With the vast improvement in call and video quality, on top of its ease of use and availability, the solutions offered by most VoIP service provider makes the video conferencing the closest thing to being face-to-face.

2: Maximum Engagement: Maintaining remote employees and client engagement is a struggle for many businesses. When you utilize video conferencing features, such as screen sharing and interactivity, employees and clients are more likely to stay alert and focused on what is being discussed.
Video conferencing provides higher employee engagement. Companies with higher levels of employee engagement report significantly better profitability and customer ratings.

3: Increased Productivity: Recently, there have been significant improvements in technology, which has seen the benefits of VoIP video conferencing grow to various capabilities such as sharing media, documents and many other types of information.
As a result of improved communication, participants are more in sync, decisions are able to be made faster and better, and thus the productivity increases.

4: Support a Dispersed Workforce: Having a geographically dispersed team presents many challenges to companies with the primary challenge being lost, slow or non-existent communication. Although several communication options such as email and phone calls are available, these methods are often prone to misunderstanding and confusion.
But in video conferencing, team members can be seen as well as heard clearly, thus eliminating any misunderstanding or confusions.

5: Employee Retention: The mobility provided by video conferencing positively contributes to employee retention. Mitigating travel and the ability to work and communicate from virtually anywhere allow a better work/life balance.
Video conferencing isn’t just a feature on the VoIP phone system. It is a valuable technology that improves overall business operation by offering cost savings, maximizing engagement, enhancing productivity and increasing employee satisfaction.