Thermal Cameras: A Contactless Solution to Screen People against COVID-19 Infection

The number of COVID-19 cases is exponentially increasing worldwide. As a result, Dubai is adopting several measures to curtail the spread of coronavirus in its territory and thermal cameras are playing a substantial role. Now, it becomes essential to make sure that the staff, clients, and customers are not infected with COVID-19. Installing a thermal camera at entry points to measure abnormal body temperature is of great help in isolating potential carriers without coming in contact.

Thermal Cameras

At present, temperature sensing cameras and fever detecting infrared systems are at the core of diagnostic technology. They help you identify people with elevated temperatures even in crowds. Also, they come with additional benefits of safety. They are entirely hands-free. Since fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 infection, thermal cameras are deemed to be one of the best and safest ways to curtail this infection. So, no matter if you have a small shop, restaurant, hotel, or big office, contact a reputed thermal camera supplier in Dubai right away to make your workplace safe and secure.

How Does a Thermal Sensing Camera Work?

A thermal sensing camera, also known as a temperature screening solution, is equipped with a special lens that focuses on the infrared light emitted by all the objects coming in its field of view. Then, the focused light is scanned by infrared detectors to produce a detailed temperature pattern called a thermogram.

Most quality thermal sensing cameras just take 1/9 second to produce a thermogram from the temperature information. Once a thermogram is produced, the system converts this thermogram to electric impulses that are directed towards a circuit board. Then, these impulses are converted into data for display. The data is displayed in the form of various colors based on the intensity of infrared emission.

With the help of a controlled access system, one can set a temperature threshold to isolate people with the temperature that crosses this threshold.

How Is Thermal Camera Beneficial During the COVID-19 Crisis?

No contact required – The biggest advantage of installing thermal cameras is that they allow you to measure the temperature of everybody entering or exiting your building/facility without any contact. Thus, there is no scope of cross-contamination.

No paranoia – Since no touch or contact is required, it avoids paranoia among screening personnel and people being screened. It is a completely non-interfering and frictionless process; therefore, it results in less fear that ultimately reduces the psychological impact.

Effective in busy areas – The ability of thermal cameras to measure the temperature of multiple people at once makes them an ideal solution for busy and crowded areas too.

Don’t pose a financial burden – Unlike other advanced security and screening devices, you can buy thermal cameras in Dubai at competitive prices. Besides, they are also cheaper when compared to employing an exclusive squad for checking and screening people at entrances.

Enhanced data collection capabilities – Modern thermal sensing cameras are highly advanced. They can be easily connected to video management and CCTV systems and therefore, can help in data collection and analysis. Besides, they can also be integrated with other systems, such as alarm systems, facial recognition systems, and access control management systems.

So, find a reliable thermal camera supplier in Dubai online right away and get thermal cameras installed in your premises to enhance the safety of people during these challenging times.