Dubai Businesses Need IT Support and Cyber Security Now More Than Ever. Why???

Dubai Businesses Need IT Support and Cyber Security

Most businesses and organizations in almost every industry in Dubai, UAE, and other parts of the world have implemented work-from-home practices in the hope that they stay safe, and their workflow also doesn’t interrupt. Though the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is waning slowly and things are returning to normal, many businesses in Dubai are still sticking to the remote working model while many are combining the strategy of remote work and in-office work. Yet other businesses are opening fully with the full strength.

However, during the past couple of years, the need for IT support services in Dubai has increased along with cyber security tremendously.

Why do Dubai businesses need IT support and Cyber Security more than ever?

The best way to understand the need for a robust cyber security solution and IT support is to know what studies and surveys say about cybercrime and IT issues around the world and in the UAE.

According to a 2021 Market Research Report by Velocity, 70 percent of remote workers reported that they had faced IT problems while working from home.
Another benchmark report released in 2020 by CISCO stated that mobile devices are the major challenge for 52 percent of respondents when it comes to cyber security.
If we take a look at the survey of Deloitte conducted during the pandemic, a significant number of people reported an increase in fraudulent emails, phishing attempts, and spam to their corporate email since the beginning of Covid-19.
Unsurprisingly, around 42 percent of endpoints are unprotected at any given time, as per the Absolute 2019 Global Endpoint Security Trend Report.
What’s unfortunate is that cybercrime is booming not only just because of a lack of cyber security during the work-from-home trend, it was already flourishing badly during pre-COVID times. It tells us a lot about how lightly businesses take cyber security.

According to the Kaspersky Lab report, the META region faced more than 150 million malware attacks in the first quarter of 2019. The number has increased by 108 percent when compared to Q1 2018. That’s not all. The report also revealed that the region faced consistent attacks during the first three months of 2019 in different areas, such as crypto-mining malware that boosted by 146 percent and phishing attacks that increased by 334 percent.

The UAE alone experienced 1.1 million instances of phishing and 23 million instances of malware during Q1 2019.

In 2020, when most employees were working from home, the UAE saw a 250 percent increase in cyber attacks with phishing and ransomware becoming more common.

When employees work from home, they have minimum cyber security resources compared to what is normally available to them. As working from home is becoming the new normal, cybercriminals are targeting remote workers as there is a lack of knowledge and awareness about cybercrime among employees. Besides, cybercrime is not going to limit itself to remote employees. Cyber attacks in the office work culture will still prevail as they have increased with fierce intensity before the pandemic.

Thus, it has become more paramount for UAE businesses to seek IT support services for a more streamlined workflow and introduce robust cyber security solution to ensure that their data and employees both remain safe and secure against the clan of cybercriminals.