Importance of Hiring SIRA Approved CCTV Installer!!

The trend of deploying CCTV surveillance systems is increasing throughout Dubai. Everybody wants to make their homes, shops, companies, warehouses, and factories safe and secure. However, having a CCTV installed in your premises is not enough. Unless it is installed correctly at the right place and can cover the vulnerable area appropriately, it is just a showpiece and wastage of your time and money. To ensure that your building is properly secured through CCTV technology and other security systems, you should look for SIRA approved CCTV installers in Dubai.

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What is SIRA?

SIRA stands for Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA). SIRA is a regulatory authority established by the Dubai government in 2016 to ensure the highest levels of safety and security in the Emirate of Dubai.

Why should I hire SIRA approved CCTV installers for my building?

SIRA has laid down specific guidelines on CCTV installation for important commercial sectors in Dubai which are required to follow these guidelines through yearly audits, maintenance, certifications, and upgrades if required.

Examples of Commercial Sectors:

Hotels, financial institutions, large department stores, sports clubs, jewelry shops, SIM card traders, and all other places which are highly vulnerable to risks or threats due to the type or value of commodities

All such businesses are mandated to hire only SIRA approved CCTV installers in Dubai. Besides, the installation of CCTV systems is also compulsory for all multi-inhabitant buildings and villa compounds. Similarly, various organizations are mandated to install an intruder alarm system. Non-compliance with SIRA guidelines and improper CCTV installation will attract huge fines.

When someone starts a new business with any of the above activities, it cannot get permits and approvals until it doesn’t complete the installation of an electronic surveillance system in its premises as per the SIRA guidelines. Thus, for many buildings and institutions, hiring a SIRA approved CCTV vendor in Dubai has become a necessary step rather than a choice.

Make sure the IT support company has a solid history of work with other businesses. They should also have experience in the area that you need them for. Ask them for referrals or reviews from previous clients.

Considering all the above points, you will able to work with the right IT support team. For a well-established IT support services in Dubai, the managed IT support and IT consultancy services is one the most crucial parts of their relationship with an organization.

SIRA provides approval for two types of services:
  • Security systems sales, services, and installation.

  • Security audit and certification.

It is important to note that one company cannot hold approvals for both certifications. In other words, one company can get only one type of certification. So, when you hire one, be wary of any company that claims to hold both certifications.

VAS Technologies LLC – A SIRA Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

We are a trusted SIRA approved company in Dubai, committed to ensuring a safe environment for homes as well as businesses. We have SIRA’s approval for:

  • Security systems sales, services, and installation.

  • Security audit and certification.

Since we have a team of SIRA certified engineers, we can better equipped to understand your CCTV installation requirements and provide the most hassle-free SIRA approved CCTV installation solution so that you can get the SIRA NOC quickly.

We undertake CCTV installation projects of all sizes for all types of organizations and buildings across Dubai. We help you reinforce the security of business as well as residential premises with the most advanced technology at competitive prices so that you can minimize or eliminate your manual security team at all.

Are you looking for a SIRA approved CCTV installer in Dubai? We, VAS Technologies, are listed among the reputable CCTV based SIRA Certified installers in Dubai, UAE. Our innovative security products help strengthen the security of your businesses and homes. We are a one-stop-shop for all your needs as we offer services right from consultation to tailored CCTV installation solutions to expert maintenance of CCTV systems under one roof. Security is something that comes with loads of challenges. With us as your security partner, you can rest assured and enjoy peace of mind as we take care of all your security needs, including inspection, documentation, vendor quotes, submission on SIRA portal, AMC and final certification within timelines.