Sangoma SBC

Sangoma SBC

Sangoma SBC (Session Border Controller) is a device or software that manages and controls the flow of voice and video communications in a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network. It acts as a gateway between different IP-based communication systems, providing security, quality of service, and other features to ensure reliable and efficient communication. Some of the key features of a Sangoma SBC include call routing, firewall and NAT traversal, codec transcoding, DTMF relay, and SIP normalization.
Sangoma SBC (Session Border Controller) is a network element that controls the flow of voice and video communications between different networks.


  1. Media and signaling protocol normalization: It can convert between different protocols used by different networks, such as SIP and H.323, to ensure that calls can be successfully established between different systems.
  2. Security: Sangoma SBCs can provide security features such as encryption and authentication to protect against unauthorized access and fraud.
  3. Quality of Service: It can prioritize voice and video traffic to ensure that calls have the best possible quality.
  4. Least Cost Routing: It can route calls based on cost, allowing organizations to optimize their telecommunication expenses.
  5. NAT Traversal: It can allow devices behind a NAT firewall to connect to other networks and make calls.
  6. Session Management: It can track and manage active calls and sessions, providing real-time call statistics and call records.
  7. High Availability: It can provide redundancy and failover mechanisms to ensure that calls can be established even if one of the systems goes offline.
  8. Scalability: It can handle a large number of concurrent calls and sessions, making it suitable for large organizations or service providers.
  9. Management and Monitoring: It provides a web-based management interface and SNMP support for monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting.

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